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SMT News Feed

Persona 5 E3 2016 plans announced

According to Gematsu, Atlus have announced some of their plans to show off Persona 5 at this year’s E3. Persona 5 character designer Shigenori Soejima will appear at the Atlus booth to participate in fan Q&As and signings, as well as give a talk on the character designs in the game. Atlus also plans to… Read more

Hate To Break It To You Kid – You’re Dead.

Some people have trouble waking up in the morning. Nanishi? Well, the Hero from Shin Megami Tensei: Apocalypse has trouble waking up to life. Angels vs. Demons and familiar faces. The world is flipped upside down. All you know is that you are alive… for now, but will you stay that way? Preorder to play SMT:… Read more

Are You A Retail Hero!?

Does life have you down? Well, Atlus has a solution to give yah a little boost.   Introducing: Retail Hero Armor courtesy of Best Buy. Annihilate demons in style. To become a Retail Hero, you have to preorder the upcoming SMT: Apocalypse. The game is bound to be difficult and test your strength of heart. So, how… Read more

English-Translated Persona 3 Manga Announced

UDON Entertainment have announced plans to release the Persona 3 manga in English. According to Siliconera, the first volume of the manga is set to release in September 2016. The first volume is expected to cost $13.99 at retail. The Persona 3 manga closely follows the story and events of the game. The protagonist of the… Read more

New Persona 5 Party Member Info [Update]

The latest issue of Weekly Famitsu has introductions to three of the new party members first shown in the Persona 5 trailer released last week. Gematsu has provided translations of these introductions. ■ Characters Makoto Niijima (voiced by Rina Sato) A third-year high school student who attends the same Syujin High School as the protagonist. She… Read more

Persona 5 Anime Release Date Announced

During the stream for Persona 5 by Atlus today, the release date for the anime has been announced. ‘Persona 5 the Animation: THE DAY BREAKERS‘ will release in September 2016, where it is aimed to release just before the game, according to a post on the Persona 5 Website. It is reported to be a prologue… Read more

Persona 5 20th Anniversary Edition Announced

Atlus hosted a stream earlier today that showcased a new trailer and release date for Persona 5. During the same stream, Atlus also announced that Persona 5 will be sold for 8,800 yen, and that they will be releasing a 20th Anniversary Edition for 13,800 yen. According to Gematsu, the 20th Anniversary Edition will include:… Read more

Persona 5 Release Date and Fourth Trailer Revealed

The fourth Persona 5 trailer was released recently during the today’s stream by Atlus. It shows many characters and more gameplay footage not previously seen. The Japanese release date is set to be September 15 2016, when it will be released on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. It was also announced during the stream… Read more