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SMT News Feed

Persona Q2, and 2 Persona dancing games Announced.

A Persona Q2 announcement website has been put up. You can find the website here. It appears that it will be released for the Nintendo 3DS. The ‘Phantom Thieves’ logo and the phrase “Take Your Heart” that appear on the website may be an indication that it will involve the Persona 5 cast. Of course… Read more

Persona 5 Anime Announced

A-1 Pictures will be making a Persona 5 anime. It does not yet have an air date, but we do know it starts sometime in 2018 at least. The world will be stolen by them The main cast will consist of Jun Fukuyama as the protagonist Mamoru Miyano as Ryuji Sakamoto Ikue Otani as Morgana Nana Mizuki as Anne… Read more

Blazblue Cross Tag Battle announced,releasing in 2018

Persona 4 Arena and Persona 4 Arena Ultimax developer Arc System Works has revealed Blazblue Cross Tag Battle after Blazblue’s Top 8 matches yesterday at EVO 2017. The game will feature characters from series such as Blazblue,Persona 4,Under Night In-Birth and RWBY. Five characters has been shown so far – Ragna the Bloodedge (Blazblue) Jin… Read more

Kaneko Vs. Doi redux

ATLUS has released a new Deep Strange Journey trailer comparing the two art styles of graphics of the Strange Journeys. Which art style do you prefer, do you see the improvements or disappointment between the two games, YOU DECIDE!    

Strange Journey Redux 2nd trailer

Here on Megami Fuse you can watch the 2nd trailer for Strange Journey Redux, who is this mysterious new character and what is it up to?

Famitsu scans details info on Strange Journey Redux

Famitsu has featured Shin Megami Tensei : Strange Journey Redux on it’s latest issue,which gives us some artwork and info about the remake. As shown above,various new artworks have been revealed,like Alex wearing a red/black mask which might be a Demonica variation and updated portraits of the characters from the original game. A returning Demon… Read more

Shin Megami Tensei : Strange Journey Redux to be released in early 2018

Atlus has announced that the 3DS title Shin Megami Tensei : Strange Journey Redux (Deep Strange Journey in Japan) will be released in early 2018 for Japan and the Americas and will costs $39.99 and contain the original japanese dub. As of now,there has been no announcement regarding a European release,which has yet to be… Read more

DEEP STRANGE JOURNEY to be released on 3DS


A remake of the 2009 (2010 North America) title Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey will be released for the 3DS, to the surprise of many SMT fans. Watch the reveal trailer below. Official website (Japanese): http://shin-megamitensei.jp/dsj/ Story Environmental destruction and ethnic conflict… on a future earth where various problems cannot be solved, it suddenly appeared. Schwarzwelt, the… Read more