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SMT News Feed

What did the ATLUS Livestream get us

Seems it gave us a sneak peak  at upcoming games and even a quick little tease of the upcoming SMT Switch Game! Deep Strange Journey Story Environmental destruction and ethnic conflict… on a future earth where various problems cannot be solved, it suddenly appeared. Schwarzwelt, the ruined land that appeared in the Antarctic, continued to… Read more

Sacrifice your Persona

To Enhance them or perhaps get a new skill, maybe you want a new Persona, no matter the choice it comes at a cost. Leave the weak Persona behind, to gain more power in this exciting mechanics trailer.    

Atlus is hesitant on releasing Shin Megami Tensei for Nintendo Switch outside of Japan

A recent Atlus presentation announced the Shin Megami Tensei series for the Nintendo Switch, but the company is hesitant on revealing whether the title will leave Japan. “A formal announcement will be made later for this title if a localization gets confirmed,” stated a note in the margins of the company’s press release. Interestingly enough, Sega… Read more


Check out the newest edition of the Atlus Annual Survey: The questionnaire asks a series of demographic questions, and interestingly, about the direction you would like to see the Persona series go into. Q24: Which genres do you want the Persona series to explore in the future? 7 possible choices consisting of: RPG Rhythm game Fighting game Simulation [i.e…. Read more

Persona 5 Livestream here on Megamifuse

Today ATLUS USA is having a Twitch live stream of Persona 5, that you can watch here on Megami Fuse, but until then here is a game play trailer. It shows off some of the mechanics, such as fishing.     Watch live video from AtlusUSA on www.twitch.tv

Off Topic: TGS 2016 Trailers

Fate/Extella Girls Trinary Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni Dragon Quest VII   Rise of the Tomb Raider Akashic:Re:Cords Akibas Trip Festa SaGa Scarlet Grace   Gundam Versus NieR Automata Hot Shots Golf Earth Defense Force 5 Danganronpa V3 Musou Stars Itadaki Street   V! No Heroes Allowed Granblue Fantasy: Project Re: Link Kingdom Hearts II.8 Idolmaster Dishonored 2… Read more

Welcome to the velvet room

This place exist between dream and reality, mind and matter.   ATLUS has released some Persona 5 artwork of the Velvet Room attendants and of course The Mighty Long Nose himself, Igor. Justine and Caroline Twin prison guards that accompany Igor. They both look the same, and each wears a solemn eye patch on one… Read more

Off Topic: Gamescon 2016 Trailers

Have a look at some of the games shown off at Gamescon! The Surge   Mafia III   Recore   Dead Rising 4   Halo Wars 2   Final Fantasy XV   Titanfall 2   Call of Duty Infinite Warfare:Zombies in Spaceland   Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocolypse   Sea of Thieves Killer Instinct: Shadow… Read more