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SMT News Feed

Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux western release date announced

Atlus USA has just announced on Twitter the release date for Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux,which will be released on May 15th,2018 and May 18th,2018 for EU regions. Deep Silver has announced that the EU localization will feature an english dub,no mention of this for the NA release,which only have a JP dub. Press release – Calling all… Read more

Persona 5 the Animation PV 1

Thanks to Twitter User Moetron, we get our 1st look at the P5 anime, as well as the name to our main man Joker, which is Ren Amamiya. Persona 5 the Animation PV. The protagonist in the anime is officially named Ren Amamiya. It is scheduled April 2018 (A-1 Pictures)#ペルソナ5 pic.twitter.com/KOoqhZpCxV — moetron | pKjd… Read more

Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night and Persona 5 Dancing Star Night news livestream set for December 24th

Atlus has announced today on its official Twitter account that details regarding Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night and Persona 5 Dancing Star Night will be shown at the “Super Secret Information Reveal! Broadcast Special” live stream, which showcases details regarding Persona 5 The Animation on December 24th at 20:00 JST. Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night and Persona 5 Dancing Star… Read more

Persona 5 The Animation news to be detailed on December 24th

Atlus announced on its official Twitter account that details regarding Persona 5 The Animation, which will be airing in 2018, will be revealed at a live stream set for December 24th at 20:00 JST. Dubbed “Super Secret Information Reveal! Broadcast Special”,it will broadcast on Abema TV and simultaneously on YouTube as well. Japanese voice actors for Joker… Read more

Shin Megami Tensei V comes West

ATLUS has recently announced the Switch Exclusive Shin Megami Tensei V will come west. Along with this reveal was an English version of the earlier trailer.   You can view more as it’s added on the official SMT V website. https://www.atlus.com/smt5/  

Yukiko Amagi added to Blazblue Cross Tag Battle roster

In a new video, Arc System Works has revealed the addition of Yukiko Amagi (Persona 4), Azrael (Blazblue) and Gordeau (Under Night In-Birth) to the roster of Blazblue Cross Tag Battle. Yukiko will join the three previously revealed Persona 4 characters Yu, Yosuke and Chie. Trailer –

Shin Megami Tensei Favorite Demon Official Poll Results

From September 23rd to October 9th, Atlus held an official popularity poll where fans could vote for their favorite among the 345 Shin Megami Tensei demons appearing in Strange Journey Redux. (Official voting site link) The Strange Journey Redux live stream took place earlier, where a three hour countdown of the most popular demons were… Read more