Shin Megami Tensei Who has played SMT for the SNES?

  1. kaiserflame

    kaiserflame Member

    I tried really hard to like the SNES games because I absolutely adore the franchise but it felt a bit too old? I didn't feel too engaged and I felt there were better games to have a go at instead. I probably didn't last long enough to get to the good bits so that's probably more my fault than the game's.
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  3. Morgana

    Morgana Member

    I could not play the SNES games anymore. Not today. I cannot get past the ... old? graphics. I did enjoy them back then when they were all the rage though! It's the same thing with final fantasy 7 and other games like Legend of Dragoon. They are great games, however they are now incredibly outdated and in need of updates so the newer generation can see what they are like.
  4. SashaBraus

    SashaBraus Moderator Team Member

    Final Fantasy VII and Legend of Dragoon, I can understand, those are 3D, but what's wrong with some good looking sprites??
  5. SMTxPersona

    SMTxPersona Member

    Megami Tensei 2 wasn't all that bad.