Shin Megami Tensei Who has played SMT for the SNES?

  1. SereneAngel88

    SereneAngel88 Member

    Since my friend handed me a flash stick with the patched roms of SMT 1 and 2, I was finally able to see how the game started the franchise (unless there is another game I'm not aware of). While I haven't touched the second one, I found the first game to be fun, if not a bit difficult to get used to at first. Has anyone else played these games and what are your thoughts on it?
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  3. Hah, SNES.

    I even played the NES games Megami Tensei 1 and 2. Guess what. I think that MT1 and 2 suck balls, and are literally terrible games, EVEN for their own time, there were some very good NES games back in my time, but MT 1 and 2 are not one of those.

    As for SMT 1 and 2, the grinding was hell. Gabriel (on chaos route when he's a boss) was hell. Some of the oneshot bosses were hell. Actually, both games were hell to play through, but had an okay story.

    I see no point at all in playing those extremely dated games.
  4. SereneAngel88

    SereneAngel88 Member

    I've never played the ones on the NES but they sound like something I should see for myself, even if what you say may be true. The only reason I'm playing the ones on the SNES was because my friend insisted on it, saying I needed to appreciate the original games if I wanted to call myself a fan of the franchise. He can be very...opinionated when it comes to stuff like that.
  5. Androu1

    Androu1 Member

    I have tried many times, but they are too dated for me and fail to hook me, sadly. I really want to push through, but there's too many games out there for me to force myself to play one that I'm not really enjoying...
  6. Damien Lee

    Damien Lee Member

    I played it several years ago and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I absolutely love the style and atmosphere of the game, with some awesome pixel art renditions of the enemies. What really impressed me is how excellently they fused the cyberpunk and occult themes in such an early stage in the series. I understand this will be a difficult game for modern gamers to get into, given the look and feel. But they are truly missing out on a gem of a game.
  7. Jakkufurosuto

    Jakkufurosuto Member

    I played it
    got bored of it
    Never played SMT 2 because I wanted to finish SMT 1 first
    I did play Megami Tensei 1 and 2 on the SNES remake and those were really fun
  8. I didn't know anyone actually found MT1 and 2 to be fun. Woah.
  9. Jakkufurosuto

    Jakkufurosuto Member

    Only the SNES remakes
    they were a lot polished than SMT 1 and 2 on SNES since they came out later

    Mind you I abused the FUCK out of save states to actually survive through the damn game, but I still enjoyed it overall
    so /shrug
  10. Oh my god thank YHVH you actually used save states.

    The NES games were cancer. Like literally, virtual cancer. Playing them for longer than an hour could end with retinal cancer for all I care.

    I finished both NES games when I was a kid on a NES. It was hell.

    15 years after, I came back to try them with shitloads of SMT experience, but this time on an emulator.

    Thank god for save states.
  11. Morgana

    Morgana Member

    My first every encounter was the SMT on Snes... fell in love with it right there and then. I have even gone back and played it occasionally to see if I'm still hooked. Yep.
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