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Discussion in 'Melting Pot' started by Shimus, Jan 21, 2015.
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    I only put it good game since our conversation made me remember that you had the choice to bed a succubus at some point in the games. Also, other than Skyrim, which was weak storywise compared to Witcher, was the only other game were I got lost, being immersed in my surroundings. Having a VR headset playing this would be awesome. The ability do just see the world and not have some linear shit to do is freeing.
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    You really dislike those sex scenes, huh?Can't blame you.Yeah, most of the time it was very tasteless and just pure fanservice.
    And you don't even need to compare Skyrim's story to anything - it's very weak on it's own.And if you were to compare it to Witcher then it's even worse.
    I don't really know how you can get lost in Witcher 1-2, so I assume you're talking about Witcher 3.Although now that I think about it, you can get lost in Witcher 2 if you aren't very familiar with the map of the area.Can't say about being immersed in the world due to surroundings, but I sure was due to writing and due to gameplay.I was playing those games on my very shitty laptop, so they looked freaking ugly as hell - hard to get immersed when you are talking to a head that consists of 10 pixels =/
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    I have nothing against sex scenes or sex in general. Have you ever played the dragon age or mass effect series? The reason for this is that those games have sex scenes but it is usually relegated to a more of a build up of a relationship with a person of your choice. It doesn't quite give the man whore feelings like Gerard but more of a relationship. There are even mods to make them look better naked etc in dragon age that I know of. Dragon age in particular the first one, Origins, while the game is outdated now, it has some great character dialogues. Even if the gameplay was different than the most recent DAI hack and slash -esque.

    And yes, my bad, in my ramble I was comparing Witcher 3 and Skyrim. Witcher 1 and 2 was just pixelated as hell. When I said lost, I didn't necessarily mean that I didn't know where I was going. I meant that I would get "lost" in the game's surroundings, environments, in character etc.
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    I have played all DA games and all ME games.Loved all of them, with the exception of DA 2 which I liked, but didn't feel too strongly about.Believe me - I am the last person here who needs to be told what is the difference between mature sex content that has a place and fanservice.And hence why I agreed that those scenes in Witcher games ( most of them) are pure fanservice and nothing else.

    Yes, Witcher 1 is pretty ugly even for it's time.Witcher 2 though...That game is gorgeous if you have a machine that can handle that game.

    Okay, now I get you.
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    Well @Gale I've finally finished Atlas Shrugged. I did it much faster than I thought I would, even if it still look a very long time.
    It's fair to say it didn't disappoint on the story front. The scope of the story is something to behold, plot points I thought were going to be a major focus of the novel end up happening in less than a chapter. There was also a lot of philosophy (of course), that was really intriguing to learn about, though there were times when I would've appreciated more 'realistic/true-to-life' dialogue. Also, whilst very, very well written, the speech was certainly... something to get through.

    I feel like the book is overlong, but I then struggle to see what could've been cut out. Most scenes I can think of are very relevant to the story/characters/philosophy and the scenes that could've been cut out wouldn't make much of a difference to how long the book is. I will say, having bought another few books, that the 1,100+ page count was thankfully misleading. I presumed I was reading really slowly, but it turns out each page has about two or three times more content than standard books - so that's my excuse anyway >_>

    There were a few parts that disappointed me, some I presume were on purpose (like a certain redemption tease - like damn, that had me invested), others seemed like a missed opportunity. One aspect of the ending really struck me. It makes sense with everything that happens in the book, the philosophy of Objectivism, and I would presume the reader was meant to feel like I did, but it was rather jarring. No spoilers or anything, but what happens with the character I related most to, and I would presume almost every reader would relate to, just really stayed with me, even during the remaining aspects of the ending.

    Overall I really liked it. I'd recommend it to anyone that would have the time for it. And on a final note, the title is awesome, as is the whole meaning behind it. It really puts a spin on the kind of setting the book is about.
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    This is quite a great review if I do say so myself.
    I'll start reading it after I'm done with For Whom the Bell Tolls and Antidote ( which I haven't even bought yet)
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    Thanks a lot haha. The book isn't close to perfect or anything, the third act is a bit disappointing and if it wasn't for my mindset going into it, I think I may have had a much bigger problem with the book.

    Is Antidote meant to be the Happiness Advantage, for more negatice people?
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    I am back from the bookstore where a really nice girl just sold it to me with a 30% discount, hopefully not because I looked like I need that book ASAP ( although I totally do) but because she thought I'm cute.Might go ask her on a date actually =/
    And we work in the same bookstore.Might have something to do with that haha.

    Yeah, back to the question - the book is an opposite approach to a positive thinking altogether from what I can gather - ask @Brassy if you're interested in finding out more.I'll share my views after I read it, but I think it's fair to say that this book should do the trick for me - I doubt that it will give me something new to think of, but it most likely will help me systemize and apply my knowledge to practice.
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    The antidote just explores options. It doesn't give you a routine.