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    I thought about this for awhile and why not.A quick dumb trial about us on Megami Fuse let me know what you want to be The 1st trial will be about The murder of @Jakku the position of Judge is already taken by @Cemmos.

    Just let me know in this thread what you want to be and I will let you know, I will also already be on Defense.

    Ace Attorney: Megami Fuse

    Trial 1: Turnabout Edgy



    Judge: @Cemmos

    Bailiff: @MasterOfTartarus

    Defense: @SashaBraus

    Prosecution: @StarryPS

    Detective: @SilverHiiragi

    Optional Defense Aide: @aquaticneko

    Optional Prosecution Aide: ???

    Witnesses: @Carryduffp @RionAgrias @Brassy @Furudo Erika

    Victim: @Jakku

    Culprit: ???? Will not be revealed in thread

    The Cast:


    For reference: The trial will be like this


    Delayed May 1st-May 5th


    Full Trial

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  3. Carryduffp

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    I don't think you get alerts if you mention many users at once.

    I'll be a witness

    Edit: Or not. Objections don't work for me on mobile, can't do anything until I'm at a computer :(
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  4. SashaBraus

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    Oh it won't be objections, I'll be making an actual trial like @Clicheanimevillain did
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    It's kind of hard for me to be involved since he wasn't here by the time I joined.
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    I'm going to make a Megami Fuse trial...

    Would you like to be prosecution, a witness, detective or wha?
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    Witness it is then.
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    I dunno whats going on.