Persona 3 The 4 Persona 3 Movies

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    Cool, the tissue box would go well next to my Persona 3 lunch box and pencil case!
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    Putting all 3 together will give you the answer to
    What happens with Elizabeth and her quest
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    Elizabeth becomes a door herself.
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    A relationship with a stone foundation
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    Door sex, just imagine.
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  7. 0:56
    @Carryduffp @SashaBraus @Brassy
    Shame I can't find the one where he says "We will not be oppressed" lol
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  8. SashaBraus

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    Well "We will not be hindered, onward to freedom" works as a pretty good replacement
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    I've seen 1-3. I liked them. They weren't anything super amazing, though. I also ended up noticing some problems with the lip movement in the third movie, which really bugged me, I don't know if they're anywhere else in the movies though. I think probably my favorite part of them are the scenes with Aigis and Ryoji. Ryoji ended up being a really cool contrast to Makoto, and it made me wish that the friendship between the two of them was a thing in the games instead of Junpei and Ryoji.

    I also really like the soundtrack, especially the Mass Destruction and Burn My Dread arrangements.
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    That's kinda hot