Persona 3 The 4 Persona 3 Movies

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    Better than your hand yo.
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  3. SashaBraus

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    We aren't in SPAM anymore, so tone it down with cursing in every post.
  4. SilverHiiragi

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    Didnt curse in every post tho. And im not the only one anyways.
  5. Aranea

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    I was going to say the F bomb instead of saying hell,but changed my mind in the last minute

    Praise @SashaBraus
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  6. Aranea

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    Better than your pillow
  7. SashaBraus

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    I edited @OGNinja post as well, but he only did it once, so there was no need to point it out.

    Thank you, no need for the praise though.

    But let's stay on topic, this is about the Persona 3 movies.
  8. SilverHiiragi

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    Cursed in every post.

    Literally just 2. Wut
  9. Aranea

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    Delete everything

  10. Censoring what is this baby site
    The fuck is this gamu Faqz
    edit this you cheeky bitch
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  11. Shiiiro

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    I'm disappointed with the second and third movies. The pacing is terrible and made the movies not very enjoyable. I really did like the first movie though but it kinda went downhill after that. @SashaBraus mentioned there might be a fifth movie but I doubt it considering the Persona 3 Finale Event was announced and they've reiterated that there was only going to be four movies.