Persona 3 The 4 Persona 3 Movies

  1. SashaBraus

    SashaBraus Moderator Team Member

    Curious has anyone watched them and what are your thoughts on them, do you think there will be a 5th movie for the Answer? Do you think there will be a huge Persona 3 related announcement since they spent the time making multiple movies instead of just doing an anime like Persona 4?





    As this is involving 4 different movies and even though we may know the plot be careful to put whichever of the movies you are talking about in spoiler tags, as to not spoil someone who is interested, but not yet seen the films.

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  3. SilverHiiragi

    SilverHiiragi Member

    The movies apparently went to crap so I dont care.
  4. Carryduffp

    Carryduffp Moderator Team Member

    I liked the first movie but

    I liked the designs of the characters in the first film though. I still plan on watching the others at some stage, but I really am not rushing to see them.
  5. SashaBraus

    SashaBraus Moderator Team Member

    When and where I know the animation was at least always pretty.

    My problem is finding the 1st film, there was a fandub on Youtube, but it was removed due to copyright and only the 2nd movie is on Netflix for some strange reason.
  6. SilverHiiragi

    SilverHiiragi Member

    Im sure you can kiss anime it.

    I still think the movies are kinda failures to Atlus since there's still no word on it ever being dubbed.
  7. SashaBraus

    SashaBraus Moderator Team Member

    Well Persona 4 The Golden Animation still has yet to be dubbed, could just be super late like Hunter x Hunter which is just now finally getting a dub by Viz, that's true I probably can.

    I'm still curious if there will be an Answer OVA or some Persona 3 related announcement, cause you don't just make 4 big budget movies for an old game out of nowhere, right? Then again who knows with ATLUS
  8. SilverHiiragi

    SilverHiiragi Member

    Golden anime was reciced pretty poorly though. The first P3 movie not so much. HxH probably just didnt have a western publisher just like Jojo until recently. Thats not really the case with Aniplex.
  9. I like the first movie.
    Second movie's introduction was good the rest was k
    I didn't watch the third movie.

    F*** the answer.
    Ending in the rooftop is fine as it is.
  10. SilverHiiragi

    SilverHiiragi Member

    No you gotta have more worst girl pandering. Aigis sucks.
  11. Aranea

    Aranea Moderator Team Member

    It's okay for me

    Just lots of unnecessary scenes added (Though I did like the Shinji scenes in movie #2) and changed events

    It was dumb that aside from Hermes,no other Persona evolved into their Ultimate form

    They could have at least made Nemesis,Polydeuces and Penthiselia evolved
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