Shin Megami Tensei Talking (and bragging) about custom demons

Discussion in 'Shin Megami Tensei Series' started by KroganCharr, Apr 6, 2015.
  1. Jakkufurosuto

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    Absorb Elec is for Margaret so she doesn't heal herself, I rarely if ever get hit with Hama and mudo

    I could switch out Arms Master for Repel Dark. Be truly invincible
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  3. Oh so it's a Margaret focused 'shitsune.

    True, when she spams Jihad you need to make sure she doesn't heal herself for a thousand hp or something
  4. KroganCharr

    KroganCharr Member

    It's done!*


    Here's what they do:

    Orpheus Telos: Ice Attacks, Mind Charge, Healing (items)
    Attis: Fire Attacks
    Alilat: Wind Attacks
    Lucifer: Elec Attacks
    Forneus: Cast Best Friends
    Decarabia: Needs to be present for Best Friends (no pic because I don't use any special one)
    Ananta: Equipped at the beginning of the battle for Auto skills. Also needs to be present for Infinity.
    Vishnu: Casts Infinity.
    Helel: Brought out in the Ailment turn to block those. Can be used for healing (with items), Mind Charge or Primal Force (although I doubt I'm going to do that last one because it costs too many HP). Also needs to be present for Armageddon.
    Satan: Casts Armageddon.

    *Actually, some of them still need a bit of statboosting (Attis, Alilat, Lucifer, Helel) or a lvlup (Attis), but the fusion part is done and that's definitely the hardest thing in the process.
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  5. only 1 week, i feel awesome
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  6. KroganCharr

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    I'd so love to play some of the handheld SMT games. I don't have the systems and can't spend so much money on gaming right now though =(
  7. KroganCharr

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    One thing I just recently learned about Nocturne is that demons keep their level when they evolve if it is higher than the new demon's base level. That means I can actually create a high-level version of one of my favorite demons, Lilith, and so I did. Well, not quite, but the Lilim for that is done and all that remains is to level her up.


    I altered this version from my old one that was equipped with the 3 ailment voids and prayer, instead I added Dekunda, Dekaja, Debilitate and Mediarahan. When she learns them, Hell Fang and Life Drain will replace Rakunda and Sexy Gaze. I also made a full-support Sarisvati, partially to replace Lilith as the voids-ailments-and-instadeath-healer.


    Recarm should replace Mute Gaze and then upgrade to Samrecarm.
  8. dunno if it is a bug or anything but i cannot evolve demons in nocturne to a higher level then my own in the EU version :(

    btw i´m almost done with my 24 super demons in SMT 4, i´ll show them off when i´m done with leveling them all to 99
    although that will not be there final form, gonna incense grind :)
  9. KroganCharr

    KroganCharr Member

    Oh yeah, Demons don't evolve if their next form is more than 4 or so levels higher than D-F. I just assumed that NG+ gets rid of that rule like with fusion, may not be the case. I'll see.
  10. Krogan you should get youreself SMT IV +DLC
    you can build quite a bunch of awesome demons :D
  11. KroganCharr

    KroganCharr Member

    I would love to, but I only have PC and PS2 and not enough money for a new system.