Shin Megami Tensei Talking (and bragging) about custom demons

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    Greetings and salutions!

    As some of you might know, customizing demons is pretty much the most fun thing to do for me in SMT games, at least the ones that I played so far. I just finished another of my creations in Nocturne and I thought it might be worth a topic to discuss fusion fun. Feel free to comment, share your own creations or just talk about ideas or fusion in general. I don't think we need to limit ourselves to one game in a topic that can apply to many games just fine, but make sure you clarify which game you are talking about when you do.

    Here's what I just made: (Nocturne)


    This guy should absolutely break the game. He was nowhere near as time-consuming as some of the stuff I made in Persona 3 FES, but it did take a while to get everything just right. Of course he is not at his full potential yet. He has to level up once to replace the first three skills with Elec Drain, Attack All and Ragnarok. Then, he'll be at max level (255) and a real beast.

    There's quite a bit of other cool stuff that I could share, or I coul tell more about how I made him and why I chose this particular skillset, but I'd first like to see if anyone is interested at all.
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    Um, well I have every persona in the compendium at level 99 in P4G

    Oh wait this is the SMT section

    *Walks out in shame*
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  4. ProNine

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    I really am interested. Please do post more about the details.
  5. Fulmenel

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    I have created pretty fucking OP team for Lucifer on hard ( without using guides mind you - it was a lot of fun figuring out what to fuse and how to pass some skills) and for quick grinding in general

    Metatron lvl 115 (max stats)
    -Fire of Sinai
    -Victory Cry

    Beelzebub lvl 112 ( max stats)
    -Hades Blast
    -Death Flies
    -Elec Boost
    -Victory Cry

    Shiva lvl 115+ or smth (max stats)
    -Victory Cry

    MC lvl over 9000 ( 115) max stats ( With Masakados ofc)
    -Life Surge
    -Spiral Viper
    -Gaea Rage

    Lucy died in like four minutes or smth.
    BTW i can confirm that if your MC has 40 Luck then Lucy`s "Root of Evil" attack won`t hit you ( but if your demons have 40 luck they will get hit)

    I am really interested in this topic bc soon i`m gonna try to kill Lucifer in DeSu 1 and from what i`ve heard he`ll be a real fucking pain in the ass...Which means lots of fusing.
  6. massive post incoming
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    Okay, I'll talk about that Surt some more.

    Why Surt?

    Surt is unique in that his normal attacks deal fire damage instead of phyiscal. I'll explain later how this is a very powerful advantage.

    What is this Surt for?

    Dealing massive damage both against random encounters and bosses.

    Why this particular Skillset?

    Natural skills:

    Surt has 3 skills by default: Hellfire, War Cry, and Heat Wave- none of them really great for what I intend to do with him. With levelups, he learns Drain Elec, Attack All, Wooing and Ragnarok. Of those 6 natural skills, I only Attack All is a no-brainer because it's excellent to clear random encounters and multiple bosses. Drain Elec is unnecessary but additional resistances are always a welcome bonus. Ragnarok I can't judge yet. I read that unlike other spell attacks, it actually scales with level, but my current Surt has yet to learn it so I don't know if it's powerful enough to rival Surt's physical attack (it has a few disadvantages: It only hits one enemy, Pierce doesn't apply so fire resistances work against it, it can't critical and it doesn't benefit from Tarukaja, needing Makakaja which I rarely use instead- however, it can bypass Tetrakarn which is at least a situational advantage). But since Hellfire is incredibly weak in comparison because it doesn't scale with level, War Cry is a waste of turn for a demon that could deal massive damage instead, Heat Wave is fairly weak and only useful against the very few enemies that repel fire and Wooing is completely useless on a combat-oriented demon, Drain Elec and Ragnarok had very few competition. Ultimately, Drain Elec, Attack All and Ragnarok where the 3 skills I chose to keep.

    Inherited skills:

    To exploit Surt's anomaly in regular attacks, I naturally gave priority to skills that increase its effectiveness. One key skill, Attack All, is already covered by default. Others are Pierce (it allows Surt's regular attack to ignore fire resistances in the same way it usually does for physical attacks against phys resistances), Fire Boost (works as it would for fire spells) and Focus (another damage increase). 3/5 possible inheritance slots were already taken with these. For the remaining two, I first chose Bright Might which increases the damage even further during Full Kagutsuchi, making Surt an even more efficient bosskiller thanks to guaranteed crits. For the last skillslot, I wanted to cover Surt's only formal weakness, Ice. In oder to burn enemies' press turns, I wanted either Drain Ice or Repel Ice. Neither of their side-effects are really significant since the healing of Drain is hrather small, as is the damage that Repel causes (if the enemy doesn't outright void the elemental damage it causes itself which is common). I thought that a little healing has more potential usefulness than a little extra damage, so I chose Drain Ice as my final skill.


    The first thing I created was an Element Aquans:


    This thing would come in handy to snowball experience which I need to boost Surt to Level 254 (you can calculate a demon's level this way: Mana-(Magic*3)/3=Level, assuming it has no skills that grant additional mana). Then, the plan was to find a demon as a starting point for the snowball so Surt will end up as close to as possible but still below Level 255 (if a demon is boosted to max level immediatly, it cannot level up again and thus can't learn the skills it normally gets for levelups, like Elec Drain, Attack All and Ragnarok for my Surt). I chose to use the above Aquans to upgrade a (base) Fairy Jack Frost to a Fairy Pyro Jack, sacrifice a demon for the initial XP. Then, I use the same Aquans to upgrade a (base) Fairy Kelpie to Fairy Troll, sacrificing the Pyro Jack I made earlier. Then, I use the same Aquans to upgrade a new Jack Frost to Pyro Jack, using Troll as sacrifice and so on. After some trial and error, I found that actually my old Surt boosted the resulting Surt to Level 247 after 10 sacrifices which is pretty good. Based on the XP that were shown to be required for a level 255 demon to level up (something above 400k I believe) and the fact that I needed 10 sacrifices, each multiplying the XP by 1,5, I manually grinded the old Surt for a few thousand more experience and eventually landed straight at Level 254. I could have gotten just a little more experience to end up closer to the final levelup, but I thought it was good enough.

    The next step was to select a demon to use as the final sacrifice for the Surt fusion itself, one that would receive all the XP from the snowball. After going through the demon list in the Heretic Mansion app, I selected Wilder Nue. It has only two skills by default that Surt can't inherit and thus won't get in the way: Stun Claw which Surt can't inherit because it's a claw skill and War Cry which Surt already has in his own starting skillset. I don't have a picture of that Nue, I didn't take one when I made it and I didn't register it because I wanted to keep the record of the healer Nue from the shady broker.

    Finally, here's the two demons that I used as ingredients for Surt himself:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    It should be noted that this combination does not always result in Surt. If you already defeated one of the two higher-leveled tyrants (Beelzebub and Mot), the fusion will result in one of them. However, in my case I made Surt before fighting any of them so he was the highest-leveled tyrant, that's why the combination worked.
  8. sorry for low quality (vita camera)
    call me fusion king!

    Raidou vs souless army, did not have time yet to grind lvl

    Devil Survivor: OC, pretty standard, but great

    Nocturne, awesome team (i want to lvl them even higher)
    ~lv 150 full fokus, tarukaja and debilitate in 3 turns(with MC)
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    extremly OP, never gonna die sanat, extreme phys attackers aniel and kazfiel (no time to grind stats yet)
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    i also got some extremly awesome personas for every installment, and i also have an awesome Astaroth for Raidou 2 but i won´t show him till i got lucifer (they work together pefect with their skills once fused)
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  9. Fulmenel

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    Nah i ditched Iron Claw for Beelzebub ( and all demons MC included) BECAUSE IT MISSES ALL THE FUCKING TIME.
  10. KroganCharr

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    When you manipulate the odds in your favor with Fog Breath/Debilitate and/or Sukukaja, they hit pretty reliably and critical a lot. I'm using Focus+Pierce+Hell Fang with my Lilith and she was the main bosskiller until I got my improved Surt done.
  11. Fulmenel

    Fulmenel Guest

    ^ It still misses a lot for me and it`s infuriating on Hard.When i missed TWICE in a row against fully debuffed Beelzebub with fully buffed MC ( i wanted to burst him in three rounds so that he wouldn`t dekunda himself , dekaja me and OHKO me with Focus+Crit and then eat away what little hp he would`ve had but bc i missed with my main damage i got stuck with using Tetrakarn every fucking turn ) I gave an oath to never use it again ( i had 27 agility and 25 luck btw)