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    Gwyn bossfight in Dark Souls 3 is pretty good.
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    You only killed two people, you thought you killed 4. spooky
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    @Sage Master Lolicon @Crow @BasementDude

    you see this shit!?

    • Development began around summer last year.
    • We were considering releasing a new Warriors Orochi, but we wanted to evolve the Warriors (Musou) series as a whole and looked at how we could do that in a way that makes users happy.
    • We had over 300 ideas for the title, but we figured we’d pick one that was straightforward. We put in “Stars” because wanted players to feel a sense of enjoyment.
    • It has a lot of characters even for aWarriors game, but if we put too many in it will end up like Orochi, so we’re narrowing it down.
    • As for participating works, we’re aware of the “What Warriors title would you like to see?” survey previously held by Famitsu.
    • Appearances from the Kou Shibusawa brand are planned, but the military commanders from Nobunaga’s Ambitionand Romance of the Three Kingdoms will not appear. The military commanders are those from the Warriors series.
    • Including original characters, around 30 characters will appear from across more than 10 works.
    • Compared to Orochi, we’re narrowing down the amount of characters to more deeply depict them.
    • Dialogue variations and events between characters are being prepared.
    • The story is a free scenario and has multiple endings. It is designed so that you can proceed in the order you prefer and change the player character at any time.
    • Action parts are the same as the Warriorsseries, but are different in that you’ll take along multiple allies who will support you with unique actions.
    • Currently, the characters that will appear are near finalized, but we want to have support for things such as downloadable content for characters that fans are vocal about. In the case they’re added, they’ll be properly involved in the story and ending.
    • We’re going to have a survey in Famitsu about which characters users want to see appear.
    • Development is currently 30 percent complete.
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    I already told you that it's about damage/healing numbers rather than about amount of people.Stop being so dense.
  7. don´t mind me, i just take a look
    at everything

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    I don't even get alerts any more ;_;
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    Because nobody gives a damn about you.
    Sorry to break it to you kid.
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