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    No thread for SMT V, huh? Well, then...

    Trailer's short and doesn't actually show us a ton but I'm really digging what I see. Music, tone and atmosphere seem really on point and SMT-like which is reassuring considering I found Apocalypse lacking in two of those areas.

    I still speculate on what those words Shekinah Glory and Da'at will mean in the context of the story of this game, which I'm hoping doesn't disappoint. We'll just have to see.

    Interesting article on what Producer Kazuyuki Yamai is hoping to create.

    "Even in the current 2010s decade that will soon end, there ought to be many people who are frustrated with problems from the inside and outside, such as uncertainty on employment and pension, terrorism, and nuclear weapons. Because we’re in such an era, I want to create an SMT that can empathize with the thoughts everybody’s minds. We want to challenge that with SMTV."

    This part in particular has my interest. A Shin Megami Tensei game that can touch on the troubled times we live in could be fascinating.

    I've been hungry for news on this game since the trailer dropped, but it seems like Atlus will be keeping quiet about it for a while. The long wait goes on...
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    Well,we'll have to wait until 2027 anyways :AhaAhhh: