PSN ID Exchange Thread & Game Discussion

Discussion in 'Melting Pot' started by Yosuke, Jan 18, 2015.
  1. Yosuke

    Yosuke Member

    Hello MegaTen fans!

    The purpose of this thread is:
    1. Exchange PSN IDs
    2. Discuss games to play together
    3. Get to know other MegaTen fans

    My PSN ID is Masume_Kasatawa. I believe the only online game I play at the moment is Persona 4 Arena (I still don't have the second game).

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  3. Carryduffp

    Carryduffp Moderator Team Member

    My PSN ID is 'Carryduffp' - as is my Steam ID. The online games I;m playing at the moment are Grand Theft Auto V and Persona 4 Ultimax - but I am genuinely terrible at fighting games so I haven't done it for a while now.
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  4. PSN is Imperator_Nocte.
    i mostly play on vita, Soul Sacrifice Delta, Freedom Wars, Dragons Crown
    but i´m also in if anyone want to have some fun in GTAV, Red Dead Redemption or Saints Row4
  5. Yosuke

    Yosuke Member

    I added both of you.
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  6. MangoBox

    MangoBox Member

    xLithiumFlower I believe, don't play much on it now, will mostly likely be on it all the time when I get P5 :P
  7. Yosuke

    Yosuke Member

    I'll add you later.

    Woo, I just beat Lingering Will in Kingdom Hearts 2.5 on Critical. Screw that boss.
  8. Ridge

    Ridge Member

    I'm Sir_Ridge. All I've been playing lately is Destiny and Dying Light. But feel free to give me an add.
  9. DigitalNinja

    DigitalNinja Member

    Anyone create an official MegamiFuse PS4 community yet?
  10. Carryduffp

    Carryduffp Moderator Team Member

    Not yet, that's not a bad idea though. I can go and try and create one now.

    There's not much you can really do with a community though. Sony need to start updating.
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  11. ClicheanimeAmerican

    ClicheanimeAmerican Moderator Team Member