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Discussion in 'Melting Pot' started by Clicheanimehiatus, Dec 3, 2016.
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    @Pho-sizzle there are some trailers to watch here if you want
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  3. ClicheanimeAmerican

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    @Pho-sizzle there are some trailers to watch here if you want
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    Nice. I just got the game today on PS3, and so far it's been awesome.

    Early impressions: I am just going to talk about first hour or two after the 18min footage that was out. I think they did a much better job on the exposition this time. It's still very long and it takes time for the world to open up, but you get first taste of the action almost right away. The game also does a really good job showing how much odds are stacked against you and it really hits you with this idea that you are an outsider; an unwanted kid who is one step away from going to a juvenile hall. You hear people and teachers talking about you in the background, and so far Soujiro is the only person who has shown any sign of compassion.

    BTW, holy cow TLOU2 trailer, and the new Kojima game. I just got PS3 and I guess I'll have to buy PS4 soon. I was a little worried that TLOU sequel will taint the legacy of the original, but it looks like they are willing to go to some seriously dark places in this one too.

    I might do more trailer analysis, but judging by context, something made her decide she wants to kill the fireflies. The last game showed that the fireflies weren't much different from bandits, aside from Marlene, whose leadership and sanity was slipping away quickly. Maybe it was something to do with what happened afterwards, but it could be something that happened before, perhaps something to do with her mother. whatever the case that line "I can't walk on the path of the right because I am wrong" shows things are not going to end well.
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    The Original song from the TLOU2 trailer song


    this is such a fitting song for the game. The 2nd verse(not sung by Elle),

    "Well I came upon a man at the top of a hill,
    call himself the savior of the human race.
    Said he come to save the world from destruction and pain,
    but I said how can you save the world from itself."

    that perfectly describes the Fireflies, the last line, "and but I know when I die my soul is damned." just shows how fucked Ellie and Joel are going to be at the end of their journey. The lyric is about someone who completely lost faith and accepting damnation, because of the things he/she has to do to survive in this world(relying on their guns). This all sounds like it's going to be about Ellie and her losing any semblance of hope and innocence in the world.
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    even doing great breakdowns on other games thanks @Pho-sizzle
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    Yea looks like TLOU2 is going to be my next pet project... as far as Death Stranding is concered, it's Kojima so I just expect it to not make much sense :D
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    Naughty Dog shared new information about its newly announced The Last of Us Part II during a PlayStation Experience 2016 panel.

    While the developer was largely tight-lipped about the still to be dated PlayStation 4 title, the following details were divulged:

    • You play as Ellie.
    • The Last of Us Part II takes place a few years after the events of the first game. Ellie is now 19 years old.
    • Ellie plays different from Joel.
    • There will be some things in the game that are evolutions, while other things are reinventions.
    • A gameplay reveal is down the road.
    • Gustavo Santaolalla, who composed the first game, is composing the sequel.
    There were debates within Sony to premiere the game at E3, but Naughty Dog wanted to do it at PlayStation Experience because they love the event so much.

    Listen to the new theme from Gustavo Santaolalla below.
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