Persona 3 Persona 3 is an allegory for pregnancy (Spoilers)

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    Something I made half a year ago:

    "Let me help you out steve. Before Minato went to port island Pharos was dormant, basically an egg. When he enterd the dorm Pharos was able to talk with Minato. The first person Minato talks with is Yukari, and it's implied that Yukari is the official love interest of Minato, meaning Yukari is metaphorically the mother/father. To add on, Yukari doesn't want Minato to talk about "last night", and what happend "last night"? Pharos was beginning to be born. "Last night" is the catalyst for Pharo's birth, so "last night" is metaphorically sex. This is further reinforced by Junpei who immediately thinks "last night" is something sexual in nature. Another piece of evidence is the tape Yukari got from her father. After listening to the tape Yukari stormed out, to grief-stricken by the news. This tape represents Yukari first learning about the child, her dad being the doctor who was taking care of the baby. Once Fuka retrieves the original version of the tape Yukari views the tape and instead of being grief-stricken she is relieved, happy, and even motivated to help deal with the creature that her father helped bring into the world. This represents Yukari looking at the news in a whole different light. The change in her persona also signifies her becoming a worthy mother for the child. This is reinforced by the fact that her new persona is Isis, who was worshiped as the ideal mother and wife. During the month of december Yukari is deciding wheatger or not she wants to kill Ryoji or keep him alive. Her deciding wheather or not she wants to kill Ryoji is metaphorical for a parent who thinks they're not capable of raising a child, which is represented by Nyx, a creature Ryuji says is impossible to kill. So they question whether or not they should keep the child or kill them. In the end Yukari decides not to kill Ryoji, instead determined to face the challenge that is Nyx. This represents Yukari finding the confidence and motivation in herself to raise the child. Once Nyx is born Minato dies shortly afterwards. This is a metaphor for a pregnant woman dieing after she undergoes childbirth. Yukari is devastated, and can't find the motivation to live in the present, choosing to live in the past. Only with the help of her friends does Yukari move on. Not only that Yukari has the newfound motivation to make the world a better place. This represents Yukari finding the motivation to raise her child and to make the world around him a better place."
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    The hell is this?
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    Filtering out the "crack", this theory is kind of interesting and might have some basis in reality.
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    So deep
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