P3P (P3P) Male vs Female Route

Discussion in 'Spin-offs & Old School Persona' started by razelia, Jan 18, 2015.
  1. razelia

    razelia Member

    I understand that this may be biased based on our own genders, but when playing P3P, which route did you enjoy more in terms of choices, social links and possibly even music?

    I've played both routes (the Male route when P3 was first released for the PS2, and the Female route when I got P3P), and I personally prefer the Female route. I'm not saying that it's better - it's more of a preference. I guess being a girl has a big impact on this, though.

    Which route did you enjoy more?
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  3. i´m biased towards the Male, he is so similiar to me it´s strange
    also theres the whole Aigis X Mc X Elizabeth thing which is awesome

    though the s.links of Femc was pretty awesome and of course the special end cutscene
  4. Yosuke

    Yosuke Member

    I'm still working on the female route, but so far I can say that I enjoy the male's route more.

    However, the female route has some interesting points, especially the fact that you can
    save Shinjiro
  5. Cemmos

    Cemmos Administrator Team Member

    Hmm, it's hard to say. I did really enjoy the female route because it felt fresh and I kinda dig female protagonists (Lara Croft is my nerd crush). I think overall I'd go with the male MC though; like you said: gender bias.

    With that said, I'd really like them to start adding female MCs in future games to gain a wider audience for the series.
  6. sorrowscall

    sorrowscall Member

    I enjoy the male route a bit more than the female route, but that's based solely on my preference to play as a male character in video games when given the chance. It's not that I don't enjoy the female character, I'm just already a female so I don't get as much of a kick out of playing one probably.
  7. Pug-ster

    Pug-ster Member

    I enjoyed the male route better, I found the relationships in the female route a bit... awkward, especially whenever Junpei hits on you. This could be because I already played the male route before doing the female's and Junpei's reactions are a bit conflicted with the whole Chidori thing. Anyways, the male MC's relationships with the female characters are more natural vs. the female MC's relationship with the men, with the exception of Ryoji of course (was cheering all the way).

    Other than that I felt the same for both stories, music and everything-wise, but holy sh*t. I didn't know I could save that lovely bastard. Now I have to go and try playing again.
  8. Jybrael

    Jybrael Member

    I have yet to try the female route...almost every single game I have played its always been the male route that I completed. Didn't think there would be much differences in the game if I went a different route but now that I have read this I might as well give the female route a try as well.
  9. Xenokitten

    Xenokitten Member

    I prefer the female route, but I have no problems playing as a male protagonist either. It's the usual case, plus its a "role" playing game, its okay to play a different race, gender, or even species sometimes. But for me, a large part of my enjoyment in the Persona Series is the after school activities and I love dating sims, visual novels and otome games, so being able to play the female, made it an "otome" game in my opinion. Still a great game either way. :)
  10. crunchy cat

    crunchy cat Member

    I've only played the male route. I had borrowed a friends PSP to play it. I intend to go and buy they game because i loved it so much. Plus i want to try doing different things and trying the other route.
  11. Jakkufurosuto

    Jakkufurosuto Member


    -I'm Male
    -Better Persona summoning Animation
    -Better Crit Animation
    -Dark Jacket Master armor

    What more do you need?
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