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Discussion in 'MegaTen General' started by Hatredboy, Apr 8, 2020.
  1. Hatredboy

    Hatredboy Member

    Yo, everyone! Nice to meet you all! I'm new around here! My favourite Persona is Tohru Adachi! I also am an artist. What topic I should share my artwork on there? Let me know.

    This world is shit as always


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  3. ClicheanimeAmerican

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    Oh wow, did not expect any new users, let alone an artist, welcome @Hatredboy. Feel free to post your art here if you so please or join the Discord possibly it is up to you lad.

    What do you like to draw?
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  4. Hatredboy

    Hatredboy Member

    Actually, what I do as the artist is a 3D Modelling program called XPS. Xnalara Posing Studio, to be specific. Perhaps, you can visit my Devinarat( DA) Page and have a look at my artworks.
  5. Hatredboy

    Hatredboy Member