Persona 3 Monad

  1. Pug-ster

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    Did anyone else power level in Monad after unlocking it? It's that large door to the right that appears after you've reached the top of the Adamah block. I was around 60s+ when I entered that place and immediately leveled a couple of times as soon as I killed a single mob.

    I didn't try to do it on P3P, but if you have Alice or Thanatos with the skill: Die for Me!, then you've definitely got to check that place out if you're revisiting Persona 3. :D
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  3. KroganCharr

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    P3 just hates players who grind for experience- the more you do it the less you are being rewarded. But Monad ignores that rule =)

    It's a great place to visit after you beat the story. I wouldn't touch it before though because it makes the final battles a joke.
  4. yes sir, awesome place to grind. hope something like that returns in p5, it was strange that p4 got none, despite p1,2 and 3 having bonus dungeons
  5. Its called Golden hands.
  6. i rather want some strong random encounters at lv 90+
    there was some awesome enemy in the answer who resist everything lv99 and skills sharp student + black viper
    a shuffle time gave you the chance of getting some of the best armor + weapons
  7. Agreed and P4G is for casuals so eh.
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  8. i thought it was always a bit lame that monad did not get some purple shadows or those big lone shadows, that would spice up things