Persona 3 Minato Vs. P4 Protagonist

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    I just find him unlikeable for 99% of the game. He just seems to excel at whatever he chooses to do which would be fine, but there is no reason for him to be good at some things. His appearance implies a typical "Whatever."- attitude which is unsurprisingly a rather common dialogue option to choose. Every even slightly attractive female character around him falls in love with him (Maya even twice if you know what I mean) for mostly no reason. He also has no problem with having mutliple girlfriends at once without letting any of them know (I realize that social links are kind of experimental in this game but in one scene his multiple relationships are reflected meaning that they are canon). At sports, he excels with his "own technique" despite that he rarely even shows up for practice due to his tight schedule to develop a successful technique. Oh, by the way he's so good he only needs a week or so of training to not only beat the rest of the team but also be a serious rival to Mamoru who is being portrayed as exceptionally talented and is likely to practice a lot more than the MC.
    Yes, what he chooses to do at the end is commendable, but it came so out of nowhere for me that it confused me rather than redeeming the character. Yes he is competent and I generally respect that, but other than his exceptional persona skill (which is at least explained) he has already mastered everything else, including proficiency with any weapon for no reason (every other SEES member has been practicing the use of their weapon for years, little fella maybe excluded- and MC can use them all just as well immediatly) for, again, no reason- it's hard to respect something that the person does not seem to put any effort in. P3's MC seems to be like the protagonist of some rather bad fanfic, but somehow he is canon.

    The others are a good point, of course. If it weren't for the back alley scene which destroyed Yukari for me, I'd actually like them all more or less. But for the MC himself, I can't really care too much.
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  3. @KroganCharr
    in the original and in p3p he only used 1h swords, it was just an added feature for FES
    on this point it also is implied that his "canon" club is Kendo, makes sense if you think of the line "...I had special training"
    fighting shadows all day helps developing some skill with the sword, for the other clubs you could say stamina, but i think both manga and movie put him into Kendo.

    s,links reversing when you date multiple females, unless you use a guide or know what to do.
    also what did you mean with falling in love with him fast? yukari don´t care for you half the game, and every other has a friendship curve upwards, like Yuko, first you ask to walk home >declines, then she agrees> you start hanging out> you train the kids> and so forth

    i found that a bit lackluster in p4, where it felt like Yu is everybodys BFF from the moment they meet
  4. KroganCharr

    KroganCharr Member

    Maybe you are correct and I'm just so upset about how the MC cheats on his girlfriends with a straight face that I just want to hate him. I find that kind of behaviour revolting. It's not a very big deal in the game but it just bothers me.
  5. Carryduffp

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    @KroganCharr I think I remember you saying this on GameFAQS. I personally don't have a problem with him being good at everything - it really didn't bother me but I guess that just comes down to preference. It's not like he's the only protagonist ever who seems to be great at anything they do.

    He does the right thing in the end because of how his character changes during the game. People can claim all they want about the MC's of Persona not having personalities but that's rubbish - they may not be detailed ro put into the spotlight but they do have a subtle personality. At the beginning of Persona 3 Makoto is somewhat of a loner/hermit who tends to be cold and aloof to people he meets. He doesn't care about his own life (e.g picking up Yukari's evoker and shooting himself with no idea of what it actually does) but he does care about the lives of others (after experiencing the death of his parents) so he takes whatever steps he can to prevent the death of others. As the year passes he begins to warm up to the people he knows and appreciates the value of the bonds he has formed with others. When he was left with no other choice he sacrificed himself to save humanity - with the bonds he forged reassuring him that he is making the right decision.

    His actions fitted with his personality very well - and his lack of fear made him perfectly suited to the theme of the game.

    @MasterOfTartarus I've explained on GameFAQS countless times about why people (in Persona) love Yu. I agree that the fact it sometimes seems like they 'worship' him is annoying (and unwarranted) but their love for Yu is justified.
  6. Jakkufurosuto

    Jakkufurosuto Member

    There's nothing really to like in one over the other in their respective games besides their designs, in which case I like Minato more.