Persona 3 Minato Vs. P4 Protagonist

  1. sorrowscall

    sorrowscall Member

    This is the constant of debate among a friend of mine and I. He really likes the Persona 4 leading character as well as the Persona 3 leading character: Minato. (I call him headphones guy). The argument is who has it worse in the end: The Persona 3 lead Protagonist or the Persona 4 lead protagonist. After having it explained to me, I came to the conclusion that Minato definitely had it far worse; but my friend insists it's worse for P4's protagonist because of how relatable his problems were.
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  3. gregiorp

    gregiorp Member

    Oh yeah Minato has had a waaaaaaay rougher time than Yu. By the end of P4 everything is pretty much happy P3 ehhh not so much.
  4. sorrowscall

    sorrowscall Member

    I know right? All of these bad things happened and I don't believe the ending was all that happy for Minato to begin with. It's like someone just keeps kicking the guy until finally he just stops moving. Oh! Yu was his name for the Persona 4 lead! I wasn't sure if it was that or Yoh.
  5. Carryduffp

    Carryduffp Moderator Team Member

    Well obviously Minato - not a huge amount of terrible things happened to either MC's throughout the games, but for two obvious reasons it's Minato.
  6. Cemmos

    Cemmos Administrator Team Member

    If we're talking about hardships, then yeah, the P3 protagonist went through more. I personally prefer the P4 MC though. I prefer the way his character was designed.
  7. ArizonaPasha

    ArizonaPasha Member

    There's no argument about it, everyone Persona 3 had it worse then in P4. Dead parents, abandonment issues, constant betrayals and secrecy from your "allies", and the fact that
    the Persona 3 protagonist, in all versions, is stuck in a possibly eternal seal
    makes him (occasionally her) deserving of the "worst fate" award. The cast in Persona 4 had more relatable problems, which were more mundane and less existential, but they were nowhere near as rough.
  8. Jybrael

    Jybrael Member

    I will have to agree with Persona 3 part of the discussion. Minato does have it rougher than everyone else....Persona 4 might have problems that we can relate to but the problem is they aren't as rough as the problems Minato had to face in Persona 3.
  9. KroganCharr

    KroganCharr Member

    P4 protagonist has a pretty rough scene when
    Nanako dies and he probably blames himself at least in part. But since Nanako gets better that argument falls apart, the relief should quickly turn "I failed her." into "I saved her." He also gets a very happy ending overall (I just assumed that the best ending is canon because that obviously was the case in P3)

    P3 protagonist... well, it's hard to top his final fate.
    Salvation for everyone except for the messiah.
    I have a hard time feeling sorry for him, though.
  10. well tatsuya has it harder, but yeah yu got easy away if you look at most other Megaten protagonists >.>
  11. Carryduffp

    Carryduffp Moderator Team Member

    Why don't you feel sorry for him? If not him then why not is friends at least?