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Discussion in 'Melting Pot' started by RionAgrias, Apr 20, 2016.
  1. The Phantom

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    With the new hot tub, everyone is doing their conversing there. @Carryduffp, @Brassy, and @Itazuki seems to be friends with everyone. The latter seems to be an effect of conversing through school itself. @Tae is closest to Carry by far.
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  3. Kyojo616

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    This post is both accurate and inaccurate about my life.

  4. The Phantom

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    Oh, and @Jakku is sculpting clay like a boss.
  5. Jakku

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  6. The Phantom

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    That and playing video games.
  7. Jakku

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  8. The Phantom

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    Everyone except Cemmos are still teens. The seven teens live in their hmwk.

    @Jakku is still playing games (video and computer) and sculpting.
    @SashaBraus is playing guitar and painting. She chills in the hot tub when not doing the former.
    @Carryduffp is our resident cook. Unfortunately, he gets up too late to cook before everyone has to go to school.
    @Itazuki works out quite a bit, but spends a lot of time in the hot tub.
  9. Jakku

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    I swear that's all she does for the past 3 bloody games
  10. The Phantom

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    @Cemmos works out and is a Toddler Sports Coach. He gets home late at night, but is the only one earning money daily. He also repairs toilets, dishwashers, and TVs.
    @The Phantom works out for a future job as an acrobat.
    @Tae is busy creating potions (increasing her logic skill), blowing herself up on occasion. When that happens, she chills in the hot tub.
    @Brassy chills in the hot tub, plays on his phone, and plays games.

    Almost everyone is friends with each other.
  11. Jakku

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    are you purposely giving her the exact same traits or something?

    I find it odd she just happens to play the guitar every time you create her