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    Yay for old time bs...
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    VERY SORRY about being late on this, but I have finally caught up, but...haha, the kiss was pretty good, there is the swagtastic protagonist.
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    Chapter 8


    Souji's thoughts were clear, yet in the same time… they were in complete disarray. His 'girlfriend' tried to prove the validity of the faux-relationship, as well as get rid of Yosuke by kissing him in front of Marukyu.

    Wasn't there any other way that we could have accomplished this? It's just so… abrupt and out of place.

    Rise got the reaction she wanted out of Yosuke; he looked completely dumbfounded and lost for words, even after she had left Souji's side and entered the tofu shop. Souji approved too, if was really paying attention to Yosuke at the moment. He was mainly focusing on the lack of sanity in Inaba.

    "Risette…," Yosuke muttered to no one in particular.

    "I should probably see if I can escape now," Souji said quietly.

    Souji decided to try and sneak by Yosuke and head towards the bus station. He just needed to travel past that weird Daidara's and the Yomenaido Bookstore and he could make his way to the bus stop… well, once he passed Moei. He could get home in a different fashion than usual.

    "Souji!" Souji had only gotten halfway past Yomenaido's when Yosuke was able to find his voice.


    Souji pivoted around and saw Yosuke, not fully recovered, but arms crossed and staring the silver-haired young man down, "I want to talk to you!"

    "Don't you have anything else to do?" Souji muttered, "I'm tired of you chastising me about this shit."

    Yosuke's face suddenly softened, "You really are going out with her, aren't you?"

    "I am…," Souji looked exasperated.

    Yosuke shook his head, "Why you? You don't deserve her…"

    Where is he coming up with this shit?

    "I don't deserve her!" Souji responded, "And you do!"

    "Maybe… I think I do!" Yosuke countered… He huffed, "Why would she come here and then a few days afterwards, suddenly start going out with you?


    "Maybe, she just saw something in me that she felt was important to her," Souji answered.

    "I know you…," Yosuke all but sneered, "You didn't give a shit about this place, about anyone in this town… and now you suddenly feel like everything is important to you, including Risette!"

    I can't believe this guy! Who the hell does he think is?

    Souji raised his voice. He had had enough of Yosuke, "I don't care if you think I deserve her or not… She… chose… me! Deal with it!"

    "I'm going to prove to her that she made the wrong choice," Yosuke told Souji.

    Souji shook his head, "You can try, but in the end… I will still be with her."

    "Bastard…," Yosuke muttered.

    After turning, Yosuke walked away towards Shiroku Store and the Northern Shopping District. However, as the fluffy brown-haired young man walked away, his head was facing slightly towards Souji, glaring at him.

    Talk about melodramatic…

    Souji was sick and tired of people on his case about Rise. This last argument was probably the personification of everything that he dealt with. It used to be so calm before Rise moved her, but…

    At least she makes the days livelier.

    Souji's bus ride back to the Residential District was, thankfully, uneventful. He spent his time on the bus wondering if he would be playing basketball again tomorrow or… if he would be something else. He could be doing something with Rise for all he knew. Making plans well in advance did not seem to be their style.

    "Welcome back!" Nanako greeted Souji when he entered the residence.

    "Good evening, Nanako-chan," Souji nodded.

    Nanako looked really bored and somewhat depressed today. That's why she did not say anything after those first few words. She was just sitting alone, idly watching the news. She was probably so excited to greet him because it was something to break through the monotony.

    That was the reason why Souji grabbed a juice drink from the kitchen and knelt down across from Nanako. Nanako looked rather surprised by his actions.

    "What's wrong?" Souji asked his cousin, "Do you want to talk about it?"

    Nanako looked rather reluctant, "Umm… umm…"

    "You don't have to tell me if you don't want to," Souji said to her.

    "Well… Why… Why do people die?" Nanako finally asked Souji.

    Wow… What a question…

    "…," Souji had to think about what to say to his cousin. He knew Nanako had lost his mother to an accident when she was young, but… what should he say?

    What's the proper thing to say to such a young girl?

    Souji finally figured out what to say, "I believe people die because it is time for that person to go to a better place."

    "So… mom left me to go to a better place?" Nanako's eyes were glistening, and Souji could understand why.

    Souji had to figure out what to say again, "It's a beautiful place… where she's watching over you right now."

    "She's watching over me?" Nanako asked.

    "Watching over you, protecting you; it is because she loves you," Souji smiled.

    Souji knew Nanako felt terrible and that it took a lot of courage to ask him those questions. Why she suddenly gained the nerve to ask him this, Souji did not know. What was confusing was that Nanako seemed to have more to say, and Souji had no idea what was next.

    Nanako was still in bad shape when she asked, "Umm… do you have any siblings?"

    I'm an only child, but what should I say?

    Souji smiled, "I have one now…"

    Through the tears, a smile formed on Nanako's face. It seemed the act of kindness that Souji showed with his words brought a smile to her face.

    "Are you my Big bro?" Nanako asked.

    Souji nodded and managed to widen her smile when he added, "Only if you're my Little sis."

    Dojima never came home that night, but Souji let Nanako stay up well past her bedtime. The sadness Nanako felt from asking those questions disappeared as time went on. Souji probably should have went to bed earlier and tried to put together his jumble of thoughts, but his time with Nanako may have been better for him in the long run; it was a soothing experience. He slept well that night.

    The sunny-side-up eggs and toast tasted especially good the next morning, even though they were probably as good as they always were. It was probably because of the time he and his cousin spent together bonding as a real family. Souji needed to connect with someone in this house, only if because the two of them were so distant until last night.

    Class went so slowly because P.E. was about exercises and even when Souji gave the correct answer to lessen the amount of wind sprints… he still ended up tiring himself out. It was fun to see Yosuke collapse and fall on his ass halfway through the running. Of course, running was not the only thing the class did; he also had to do hundreds of jumping jacks and other anaerobic exercises. Yosuke collapsed again through some of the other exercises because he did not hydrate probably.

    The only other bothersome thing Souji dealt with was the death glare being given to him by Yosuke throughout the whole day. That was why he was glad when he collapsed because of improper hydration.


    Souji was thinking of going to basketball practice again; they usually met on Tuesday, so the unorthodox meeting on Monday would not matter. He was still on the fence about going, so he decided to meet up with Kou before practice to make his decision. Unfortunately, as he walked near the Practice Building stairs, Kou was not standing with Daisuke and his friends. It was just Daisuke and the others chatting away.

    "Daisuke, do you know where Kou is?" Souji asked, interrupting someone who was calling him 'stupid'. He continued, "I'm trying to decide if I should go to basketball today."

    "I'm not stupid!" Daisuke yelled. He noticed the silver-haired student, "Oh, sorry Souji! Can you repeat the question?"

    "I'm trying to decide if I should go to basketball today. Do you know where Kou is?" Souji asked.

    "Kou?" Daisuke folded his arms, "He's on the roof, trying to decide if he should ask Chie out. I think he's too chicken-shit to do it though."

    Souji had to let out a laugh. It certainly cheered him up, "Thanks, Daisuke."

    He turned around, ready to go the roof when Daisuke pulled on his arm, "Oh… I don't think there is basketball today. But, do you want to go to Aiya's today?"

    Souji was not sure if he should go to Aiya's two days in a row. It was not only Rise who could get fat.

    Uhh… I don't know if Rise would continue this charade if I become a balloon. She certainly won't kiss me again.

    "What do you think, Souji?" Daisuke asked.

    "Souji-kun, do you want to hang out?" the girl Souji knew only as Rise-chan asked behind her.

    "Of course," Souji turned around and answered, "I'll see you, Daisuke."

    Souji turned to see his girlfriend, the girl in his school uniform that consisted of a white blouse and gray skirt with the yellow ribbon around the blouse, standing by him with a smile on her face. Grabbing Rise's hand, they headed downstairs together. What they did not see was Daisuke's face as they walked downstairs.

    As they exited the school and passed the gates, Souji looked to the girl that kissed him yesterday. She had a bit of makeup on today. He wondered what had influenced her into putting on a bit of blush, a bit of eyeliner, and a small amount of lipstick on her face.

    I wonder if it was what I said yesterday. If I had said she was pretty right away yesterday, would she have stayed 'au natural'?

    Souji and Rise were walking idly, and Souji was unsure of where they were going. He had to ask Rise, "Umm… Rise-chan, where are we headed?"

    "I want to overlook the town, Souji-kun," Rise replied.

    "Oh… okay," Souji nodded.

    "Is that alright with you?" Rise asked.

    Souji smiled at Rise, "Of course it is."

    What the hell are we going to be doing here?

    The two reached the Southern Shopping District after a bit of walking. If he never met Rise, he probably would never visit the Shopping District almost every day. The two waited for the next bus that would take them to the edge of the town. The ride was slow and it would take a bit to get there. Eventually, a conversation broke out between the boy and girl.

    "Souji-kun, I have a question for you," Rise said to him as they sat in the second row of the bus.

    Souji looked at her, "I'm ready to answer."

    "Did it bother you? Did it bother you that I kissed you yesterday?" Rise asked, "You know… It might have been weird for you because we are not really together, but I was not really sure how to get rid of that guy.

    That's what she wanted to ask?

    "Actually… it didn't get rid of Yosuke," Souji smiled.

    "It didn't?" Rise responded.

    "Eventually, I had to yell at him to get away," Souji nodded.

    Rise looked despondent for a moment, "I'm sorry, Souji-kun."

    "It is okay," Souji told her.

    Rise shook her head before saying, "What about the rest of what I said?"

    "Oh… well…," Souji had to think about it for a second, "Not really, I guess. Yosuke did believe we were going out afterwards."

    "I see," Rise said, but she looked a little uncomfortable. Souji thought the look was that she might have done something wrong and that she hurt their friendship.

    The second half of their bus ride was a trip in about complete silence. It was a bit of a bus ride, considering it was farthest trip from any other destination in Inaba. Souji was feeling a little sleepy from the late night conversations with Nanako last night when he felt Rise's head on his shoulder and her arm wrapped around his own.

    A little awkward considering this relationship is not real.

    Souji had to wake Rise up when they reached the end of the line. She looked a bit embarrassed to see her arm around Souji's arm and her head on his shoulder when Souji woke her up. They walked away from the bus and towards the outlook. From the outlook that was protected only by a wooden fence, so Souji had no worries about flying towards the city because they leaned over… unless the fence broke.

    Souji and Rise stood next to each other, while staring out upon Inaba and taking in the sights.

    Rise spoke first, "If you asked me a year ago, I never thought I would be here."

    "Me either," Souji smiled.

    "That's right," Rise said, "You moved because of your parents."

    "I think… I'm starting to like being here," Souji said, "Well… most of the things about Inaba."

    "I think I know what you don't like," Rise winked in Souji's direction, "Hopefully, what you don't like is me."

    "Would I have helped you, otherwise?" Souji asked.

    Rise shook her head. She was silent for a second before saying, "I can see Marukyu from here, and I think… I can see your place."

    "Really?" Souji responded, stretching his head to try and see where Rise was looking.

    "Yeah…," Rise pointed to where she saw his residence.

    "I like how you can see everything from here," Souji said.

    Rise asked, "Can I go back to your place sometime soon? You know, to visit your cousin? I like her…"

    Souji smiled, "Of course… Little sis will be really excited."

    "Little sis?" Rise raised an eyebrow, "You two must have gotten really close."

    "My nickname is Big bro," Souji admitted.

    Rise laughed. It didn't last, though. She turned towards her faux-boyfriend and put on a serious face. She asked, "Souji-kun… if I really do quit my career for good… would it be okay with you?"

    Why do I get all of these questions?

    "You know that it is your decision and that I will not judge you for that," Souji said, "I want you to do what your heart tells you to do."

    "You just have to be indecisive," Rise smirked, but she was being joking, "You just want me to be happy, right?"

    "Yeah," Souji said.

    A camera flash made the two of them turned around. There were at least three photographers and one man waiting to interview them. Rise's face went from a smile to horror to rage.

    "What are you doing here?" Rise asked, obviously angry.

    The reporter held out his microphone as pictures were taken of both Rise and Souji, "We want an interview with you and your boyfriend. What is it like to be going out with Risette? How is your hiatus going? Is having a boyfriend helping you recover? Are you coming back soon?"

    Rise looked distressed, "I… I… Leave me alone."

    "Please… your fans want to hear all about you. They miss you and want you back, Risette."

    "I told you that I'm on hiatus," Rise said, her voice was becoming weak and shallow, "I don't want to be bothered."

    They need to leave her alone.

    "Just leave her alone, dammit!" Souji had lost it and yelled at the four of them.

    Rise turned towards Souji and said softly, "Souji-kun…"

    "So, your name is Souji, is it?" the reporter seemed unfazed by his outburst as the cameras kept flashing, "What is it like going out with Rise Kujikawa? Is she everything you expected?"

    Souji snapped, "What the hell! Do you think she is some kind of slut! Leave her alone! She wants to be alone, and if you don't leave her alone… I'll make you, dammit!"

    The reporter and photographers were definitely affected by this outburst. They were affected enough to leave in a hurry. Souji knew they would run the story and that his outburst would probably be aired. Right now, Souji did not care… he was sick and tired of it all.

    What did I just do?

    Rise had tears in her eyes as she turned to him, "Souji-kun…"
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    Chapter 9


    Souji was gazing upon a crying Rise on the edge of Inaba. He did not believe it was his fault after all. There were three photographers that kept taking pictures and one reporter that would not shut up. This was exactly what Rise was trying to avoid.

    I think she asked me to come here because it was secluded and we could discuss things like her possible "quitting for good" in peace. Why did they have to come out there and bother us today of all days? She just wanted to be left alone and you had to bring her tears. What's wrong with them?

    Souji had lost control of his emotions. Really, he did not like yelling at people too much, but the paparazzi pushed him over the edge. He promised to help her… and if he needed to protect her, god help them.

    The tears were streaming down Rise's face… Souji was not really sure what to say to the ponytailed girl standing across from her. His indecisiveness was solved when she suddenly closed the distance between them and wrapped her arms around Souji's neck.

    "Why do you have to keep protecting me… keep saving me?" Rise whispered. The tears were dripping onto Souji's button-up shirt.

    At least she's not kissing me.

    "Does it really matter?" Souji responded, knowing that he did not really have a great response to give.

    Rise sniffled, trying to shake her head to clear the tears while still keeping her arms around Souji, "I'm not doing a very good job making this a faux-relationship while no one is around, am I?"

    No, not really…

    Rise answered her own question, "I guess I should stop doing things that require a knight in shining armor."

    "Maybe," Souji said.

    "You're too chivalrous," Rise muttered.

    "What else was I supposed to do? Let them interview us?" Souji whispered.

    Rise pursed her lips before saying, "That's the last thing I wanted them to do."

    For a minute, Souji and Rise just stood there on the outlook, but Rise never detached her arms from Souji. The sun was disappearing behind dark clouds.


    "Rise… the bus is here," Souji finally broke the silence as the bus pulled up for the return trip to the Shopping District.

    Rise nodded, blushing a little, "Sorry… I didn't notice."

    The two boarded the bus, which was empty, and took seats in the back. Whether the bus driver recognized either Souji or Rise, he did not know. Souji took a deep breath as the bus departed down from the outskirts of Inaba. The day's events would hopefully be over, but Souji knew… they were not.

    "Souji-kun…," Rise said to Souji, "I don't know, but that reporter will probably be unkind to you tonight."

    "I don't really care," Souji said, "It doesn't matter to me."

    "You should," Rise explained, "They can turn you into some freak that bewitched me into going out with you."

    Souji sighed, "Bewitched you?"

    "Who knows what they will say about you?" Rise shrugged, "Those people are evil."

    "If they want to say I'm crazy for 'pretending' to be your boyfriend… then let them," Souji replied, considering no one knew that they were pretending.

    "We'll see if you still think that after they try and tear you apart because of what you said… what you did," Rise warned him.

    I should not have to tell her anymore that I don't care. If I did, I would not have said those things to them.

    "Souji-kun?" Rise's tone changed completely and caught Souji's attention.

    "Hmm?" Souji responded.

    Rise's first response was to place her head back on Souji's shoulder like she did on the trip there. Souji had to feel a little jealous about her position; he was a bit tired, but he was a guy and was unable to do so.

    "Thank you, Souji-kun," she said as she closed her eyes and linked fingers with Souji.

    She's making full use of our 'relationship'. Sometimes I wonder if she wants to go out with me for real. I'm probably just over thinking about it, but jeez…

    Souji walked Rise back to Marukyu Tofu after the bus reached the Shopping District. It was just about dark by that point, and it made Souji wonder if Rise originally wanted to watch the sunset together. That would have been a real event for couples if that happened. It was tense when the two parted because Rise looked like she did not want him to leave. Eventually, Souji made an excuse and dumped her off so he could go back to his residence and see his family. Though Souji was hungry, he was too tired to really converse or interact with his uncle or his cousin. That was why Souji headed straight for his room after having a quick dinner without spending time speaking to Nanako. He did promise to her have Rise Kujikawa over at some point, but hopefully Nanako's presence would lighten anything Rise might try.

    Souji did turn on the TV before he went to bed. It was just as Rise predicted. He was a victim of the paparazzi and their imagination.

    "Earlier, we found out that Risette, or Rise Kujikawa has a found herself a boyfriend. We now have a name of that illusive boyfriend, Souji Seta," the paparazzi announced, "We also found out that man is no loving and caring knight for our Risette."

    I don't remember giving my last name.

    The paparazzi continued, "According to a brave man who told us of Souji's hateful actions, we learned many things from this former friend of Souji Seta."

    "Souji is a spiteful man and threatens anyone who comes near his girlfriend," their witness said, "He's controlling and forces her to do whatever he says. Risette has no say in her life anymore. The worst part is that she will not leave his side."

    God damn it! Yosuke… I am going to kick your ass, you lying bastard!

    The reporter asked, "The idol goes to your school, right? How do the students feel about having the couple in the school?"

    Yosuke continued with his interview, "They all hate Souji… Many just wanted a chance to see Risette, but they never get a chance to because she's apparently all his and no one else's."

    "Thank you for your time," the reporter bowed.

    Back at the present, the paparazzi continued, "We have come to believe that Souji is a terrible boyfriend for our Risette here and we have prime footage of one of his angry outbursts."

    The screen cut to the outlook where Souji was yelling at the paparazzi to "Leave Rise alone or he'll make them leave her alone…" Apparently, at least one of the photographers actually had a video camera that Souji had failed to see and was now displaying it for everyone to see.

    Shit… At Mooroka would put it, I'm going to be the number 1 on the shit list when I get to school tomorrow.

    He did not realize just how much of an effect that stupid entertainment report would have until the next couple of school days. When Souji walked to the Southern Shopping District on Wednesday, Rise was not waiting for him. Her grandmother told Souji that she had already left for school; that fact did not bother Souji that much… at first.

    Souji at least wanted to see her after school, though. Souji could not find her within the school no matter where he looked. Instead of his 'girlfriend', all Souji had in school waiting for him… the renewed glares and gossiping from people who believed he was a bastard to the public and to Rise. The self-satisfying smirk that Yosuke had on his face when Souji walked into the room was disgusting. It made Souji want to punch his lights out, but only Souji's steely restraint kept him from doing so. Even teachers were being biased towards him… mainly Mooroka. He suffered through the teachers' reviews and practice exams, too. They were all against him.

    "Look, there's that guy who treats Risette like she's his toy," some boy was muttering to another before class.

    "He's why we can never talk to her or ask for her autograph," the other boy said.

    Souji's annoyances continued all the way through Saturday; it did not help that he could not find Rise through that time either. Her grandma was no help at all either. It was a complete disaster, and as much as he wanted to blame the whole thing on that stupid entertainment report, he would not. About the report, there was only one person he could blame. That person pissed him off so much made Souji snap after he went to basketball club and passed on a trip to Aiya's after making an excuse of looking for Rise.

    Souji was walking past the front gate of the school after basketball club on Thursday when he saw Yosuke standing around with a few other schoolmates. When Yosuke spotted Souji, the other boys left, leaving Yosuke alone with the silver-haired young man.

    Souji tried to ignore Yosuke. He just wanted to try and let everything smooth over, but… Yosuke said as he passed, "Hey! Abuse your girlfriend lately?"

    Oh hell no…

    Souji stopped in his tracks and turned towards Yosuke. Souji replied, "Been a lying bastard lately?"

    Yosuke smirked, "The people just need to know the truth, Souji."

    "Fabricated lies are not the truth," Souji told Yosuke.

    "Everything that has been said is open to people's interpretation," Yosuke's smirk did not disappear, "It's not my fault if they took my words the wrong way."

    "You knew what was going to happen!" Souji exclaimed, "You did this just to get back at me and to make me look bad."

    Yosuke's smirk disappeared and in its place was a face of rage. He sneered, "So what! I told you that you don't deserve Risette. If I have to help the reporters and paparazzi turn all of Inaba… all of Japan against you to get rid of you, I will"

    Souji only shook his head, "You poor boy… Did your mother not hold you enough when you were little?" He raised his head and said to Yosuke, "I don't know why you think acting like is so beneficial. If you think it will help you in the long run with Rise-chan, then you are a dumbass."

    Yosuke yelled, "What the hell do you know!? You are just some kid that tricked Risette into going out with you! I'm proving what we all already know and because of this… Risette will come back to us!"

    Souji sighed, "This stupid shit you are pulling is hurting Rise-chan as much as you are trying to hurt me. Only you would be this stupid, Yosuke."

    "Don't call me stupid, dumbass!" Yosuke yelled, advancing on him.

    Souji had had enough. Yosuke had pushed him too far for too long. If Yosuke came any closer…

    I dare you…

    Yosuke tried to close the distance to Souji to around six inches, apparently to get into his face. Souji replied by raising his right fist and planting it squarely in Yosuke's face. After Yosuke fell to the ground, Souji walked past, not even checking to see the damage inflicted upon the fluffy brown-haired jackass. Souji was going to look for Rise because that was more important than listening to that dumbass. Unfortunately, finding her was proving impossible.

    The only enjoyable thing for Souji the rest of this school week was walking into 2-2 before class started on Friday and seeing a large bandage plastered across Yosuke's nose. It seemed that he was not the only one who thought seeing Yosuke's face smashed in was funny because the student next to Souji had a smirk on her face. That's why Souji spoke to Chie after school was over on Friday.

    Chie turned her head to the left to speak with Souji after school, "I heard you beat up Yosuke yesterday."

    Souji replied, "He had it coming."

    "He probably did," Chie admitted.

    "Yosuke's a jackass," Souji said, "He just wouldn't shut up."

    "That sounds like Yosuke," Chie nodded, "Doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut."

    "He paid for his big mouth," Souji said, "Hopefully he won't open it again."

    "I guess if I ever feel like he's being too much of a pain, I can call on you now?" Chie asked.

    What am I, a hired merc…?

    "I guess, but you've been more than able to deal with him before," Souji smiled, remembering all the times Souji saw Chie beat up Yosuke. He wished Chie would smack around Yosuke again.

    That little conversation was the only amusement Souji had through Saturday. When Souji got home from school after his classes on the last day of class before the weekend, it was raining and he was feeling drained. Rise was nowhere to be found and Souji did not want to deal with his family either, so his room was his place of solace. He kept the television off, just in case the reporters tried to slander his 'good' name more than they already had.

    "Are you going out, Big bro?" Nanako asked when he came down the next morning.

    "I guess, Little sis," Souji replied, "Are you going to be okay by yourself?"

    Nanako nodded, "I'll be okay…"

    "If you say so, I'll be back this evening," Souji said.

    I feel bad for leaving Nanako alone again, but… I should spend one more day looking for Rise.

    Souji's previous searches for Rise around the city were completely fruitless. Why he was making one most likely futile trip around Inaba, Souji had no clue. Souji was not going to search for long… searching in asinine places like Junes would be pointless. With school closed, and places like the outlook and Okina City too far to be useful searches early in the morning… Souji decided to head to the Shopping District and Marukyu.

    Rise… I can only help you if you're here.

    Souji saw no paparazzi or useless ex-friends around the Southern Shopping District when he arrived. Souji took a deep breath before he entered the quaint-looking tofu shop. When he entered he heard a voice he recognized…

    "We're not open yet, please leave!" Souji saw a girl in red ponytails wearing a orange sleeveless blouse and white Capri pants, but holding her work clothes for working in the tofu shop standing behind the wooden counter.

    Souji sighed, "Rise-chan…"

    I found her…

    Rise seemed startled when she heard Souji's voice, and she dropped the clothes she was about to change into. When Rise turned around, Souji looked confused for a good reason. She had glasses with slender pink frames on.

    "Souji-kun…?" Rise walked around the counter and right to the silver-haired young man, "What are you doing here?"

    "I've been looking for you," Souji explained, "You haven't been to school, have you?"

    Rise lowered her head as she answered, "I was trying to stay away from you. I told you that the paparazzi would try and make use of what you said to that reporter."

    "And I told you that it does not matter to me," Souji replied, lying through his teeth.

    "Souji-kun," Rise said, "You don't have to lie for me."

    "It's okay," Souji said. He told Rise with his right arm outstretched, "Let's just ignore those fools."

    Rise gave a small smile, "I think I want to skip work today."

    Usually… this turns out for the worse.

    Rise went back around the counter to fold up the clothes she dropped. As soon as she put away the clothes, she hurried towards Souji. She grabbed Souji's right hand and together they walked through the door of Marukyu.

    Souji looked at Rise as she gently led him towards the right and the bus stop. He asked, "Where are we going today?"

    "I want to go shopping with you in Okina City," Rise answered, "I never found a new swimsuit for this summer."

    Oh god… more shopping. I'm going to be so bored.

    Rise seemed to sense Souji's apprehension, so Rise said, "I was planning on asking your opinion on my choices, Souji-kun."

    This is her peace offering?

    Souji had to ask as they sat down on the bus's back seats, "Do you normally wear glasses?" Souji gestured towards Rise's pink frames.

    Rise smiled, "Do you like them? They are my reading glasses, but I'm wearing them because I thought they might draw people's eyes away from the fact that I'm not wearing makeup today."

    "I had no idea you wore reading glasses," Souji admitted.

    Rise said, "If you don't like them, I can take them off…"

    "No… you don't have to…," Souji shook his head, "You look cute."

    Rise smiled mischievously as she asked, "Do you have a glasses fetish, Souji-kun?"

    Souji answered, "No… I don't."

    "Then, should I have put on makeup?" Rise asked.

    "It's completely unnecessary," Souji said.

    "Okay, if you say so," Rise didn't sound completely convinced.

    After a minute of riding the bus in silence, Souji said to Rise, "They've been reviewing for exams in my classes; I am sure they have been doing the same in yours."

    Rise sighed, "I told you that I didn't want to cause you anymore trouble. Exams aren't worth causing pain for the person who is trying to make my life better.

    There was an uneasy silence for the rest of the trip, but Rise never let go of Souji's hand till they had to separate to get off the bus.

    Rise said to Souji that she was only going to look for a swimsuit. Of course, it was a lie that Souji should have seen coming. There were only three stores that they had not visited, and one they were planning to visit later. She was searching for new summer dresses, skirts, and blouses. It drove Souji insane. Souji spent his time sitting in the chair so his legs would still work when Rise was finished. Watching Rise try on those dresses was not very exciting. He could really care less about seeing her try on all of these clotehs.

    I guess I should be excited about Rise… her basically modeling for me in swimsuits, but I don't know if I will even be alive by the time she's far enough along shopping for that.

    Unlike the last time the two were together in Okina City, Souji was carrying a couple of bags of clothes Rise bought. As the two were walking to one last store, Souji guessed it was towards a shop were she would be trying on the supposed swimsuits, she suddenly stopped in front of a signboard.

    She looked at Souji and said, "I'm surprised no one recognized me today."

    Souji shrugged, "Maybe it was the glasses?"

    Rise smiled and grabbed Souji's hand. She looked up and seemed slightly surprised. When Souji asked about her reaction, she responded, "It's another model that my agency was promoting… Kanami. She's a little younger than me."

    "Are you happy for her, or…?" Souji asked.

    Rise shrugged, "I guess so… it's weird. That's how I got burned out, and now that someone else is successful…"

    Does she regret her decision to quit?

    "Rise-chan…," Souji did something he knew Rise was going to do in a second anyways. He squeezed her hand. It brought a smile to Rise's face.

    They entered the last store and started browsing around the shop. Thankfully for Souji, Rise did not spend too much time idly looking around before moving towards the back left of the store.

    "Here we go," Rise said, grabbing Souji's hand and pulling him with her.

    The two ended up in front of a rack of swimsuits of all colors. Rise wasted no time at all looking through the various suits, holding them up. Rise soon had a white, red and yellow, and a pink suit in her hands.

    "I'm going to try them on, okay, Souji-kun?" Rise smiled as she held up the two-piece suits in her hands.

    "Okay, sure…," Souji nodded.

    Before Rise could reach the dressing room, another boy and girl entered the store. They were holding hands and when the boy saw of the back of Rise's head, the boy turned to his girlfriend. He said to her, "Look… its Risette."

    "Risette, huh?" the girl remarked, "What she's doing here? Doesn't she shop at fancier places?"

    Why does it matter where she shops?

    "She's washed up, you know?" the boy said to the girl, "That's why she left show business."

    "What do you mean?" the girl asked.

    The boy explained, "There's a new model that's a lot better than Rise ever was."

    "A new model?" the girl looked at him askance.

    "Her name is Kanamin, and she's cuter… she's this girl who you would want to protect. She's no slut or sellout like Risette."

    The boy's girlfriend did not seem very happy to hear about the new model. She probably believed that he was spending more time staring at the model than with her. One slap later, the girlfriend left the store.

    "Hey!" the boy looked back at the retreating girl and followed her out.

    That jerk…

    He felt another person brush by him. Rise had run past him in a flustered state. Those brazen and spiteful words struck a nerve with her and she had fled both the store… and was she fleeing Okina as well?

    Souji had to apologize to the shopkeeper for the dropped swimsuits and then chase after Rise with her bags in his hands. Souji was not really sure where she had gone, but after leaving the store… he was sure she had left Okina City. That was why he boarded the bus and went straight back to the Shopping District.

    If I was Rise… where would I have gone? I just don't think she would have gone back to Marukyu. I don't think she went somewhere too far away. I bet she's hiding from me again. Where did she go?

    Souji started walking from the Shopping District. He had a bit of walk ahead of where he was going to look for Rise. Souji was headed for Samegawa and its Floodplains. He was still carrying Rise's bags when he heard the flowing Samegawa River and saw the girl he was looking for sitting on the covered table and benches. A man was walking away from Rise that Souji somewhat recognized.

    When Souji walked past a couple of trees and up to the benches, Rise had her head down and it looked like the last thing she was going to do was smile. Souji took a seat next to her. She did not take his hand or anything of the sort.

    "Rise-chan," Souji said softly.

    "Souji-kun, you shouldn't have come," Rise said.

    "Why not?" Souji asked.

    Rise explained, "That was my ex-manager, Inoue-san. Remember him?"

    Yeah, the guy you yelled at. But… that didn't answer my question.

    "He explained he's managing Kanamin now," Rise shook her head; "She's even been given that role in the movie they were going to cast me in."

    "Are you jealous of her success?" Souji asked.

    Rise looked straight into Souji's eyes, "I know I shouldn't care… but when he says that she'll be better than I will ever be. When the fans say it too…"

    "Rise-chan…," Souji said softly.

    "I just can't keep up this charade anymore, Souji-kun," Rise muttered.

    Which part…?

    "I can't pretend to be your girlfriend anymore," Rise sighed, "It's too painful if every time we try to do something we get hurt by paparazzi or jealous people…"

    That's not the real reason, is it?

    "You're contemplating returning to being an idol, aren't you?" Souji asked.

    Rise put her head down, "I'm sorry, Souji-kun."

    She brushed her hand lightly over Souji's before she stood up and walked away. Souji was not going to chase after her this time. He was only going to say one thing to her as she left.

    "Don't forget your purchases," Souji said.

    Rise stopped and turned around so she could grab the clothes at Souji's feet. As much as she wanted to smile for him, she could not. As she walked away from the benches, Souji could not find the energy to stand up. It was as if Rise stole it all away from him.

    If she leaves… is my life finally going to return to one where I can be free from ridicule? Will it be one of boredom and monotony? I hope she finds what she's looking for… happiness and satisfaction.

    "Take care… Rise-chan."
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    Chapter 10


    Souji's walk home was one of trepidation and a little depressing. The whole experience of having Rise around… it changed the way his time in Inaba felt. It was painful at times, strenuous at times, and very difficult as well; he still enjoyed his time helping Rise try and find herself. Souji did not think he would ever have talked to Nanako casually if it was not for her personally asking to meet his family. Now, she was leaving… and it looked like it was harder than it thought for her. He should have expected it... her going back to modeling, acting, and being an idol.

    Opening the door to his temporary home, Souji did not know what he was going to say to his cousin, his Little sis. What could he say to the person he promised to bring Rise Kujikawa back to visit?

    "Welcome home, Big bro!" Nanako greeted.

    "Hey, Little sis…," Souji was a little less enthusiastic with his own greeting.

    Nanako seemed to sense his listless nature and asked, "What's wrong?"

    There has to be an announcement coming… It'll come soon if she decides to speak out tonight.

    "Are you sad?" Nanako asked innocently.

    Souji smiled, or at least tried to, "I don't think I'm sad… it's just that something happened that is kind of depressing."

    "Hmm…," Nanako was not sure what to say to her cousin, but she looked like wanted him to sit down across from her.

    As Souji sat across from Nanako, he asked her, "Is your dad coming home tonight?"

    "He said he was going to be late again," Nanako said. Souji knew that under that face was one of sadness and annoyance. She was wondering why her father was not going to be there for her daughter.

    Is his work is so important that he can never spend time with her? It's like I am a blessing for him because he now has someone to watch over Nanako while he's gone, no matter how well she can take care of herself.

    "Hey, Little sis... I think the next time you buy groceries, I'll make dinner," Souji said.

    A smile broke on Nanako's face, "Really? Yay!"

    His subtle gesture to cheer up Nanako slightly seemed to have worked and Souji now had something to do again… something to look forward to.

    The two living in the Dojima family were eating what Souji hoped was one of the last processed dinners for a while when Nanako turned on the news. The reporters talked about the various sports teams, all of which in their region sucked. They talked about the weather and about the crime.

    There is surprisingly a small amount of crime considering Nanako's dad never spends time in this house. He's running away from his own daughter.

    When the entertainment portion of the news came on, Souji's ears perked up and his head focused towards the screen. The reporter that focused completely on the entertainment portion of the news; it was in fact, the same reporter that harassed them at the outlook, was standing outside of Marukyu Tofu.

    Nanako looked at Souji, "Isn't that where Rise-chan lives?"

    Souji nodded, "It looks like she has something to say to the reporters."

    The reporter had entered Marukyu Tofu while a cameraman followed. He was talking as he walked, "Apparently, Rise Kujikawa, has called us for an interview. This comes as a great shock after the reaction that her boyfriend, Souji Seta, had the last time we attempted to interview her. Our station was the only one she invited and we are giving you the exclusive story."

    Rise was standing behind the counter of her tofu store, and the cameras immediately focused on her as she came into view. Souji was amazed… she looked nothing like she did only a few hours ago when she left Souji's side. Her hair was down and her makeup was applied in a fashion that reminded Souji of one of the sitcoms she was in. Rise's clothes… she was wearing one of those summer dresses she had picked out earlier today. It was a yellow and orange ensemble. Souji also saw her wearing a thin bracelet that she bought that afternoon as well.

    Was she planning to do this the whole time? Is this the real reason she asked me to go shopping together? Was that little thing with that boy nothing to her? She had already decided to leave.

    Souji put his hand to forehead, which Nanako noticed and she asked him, "Big bro…? Are you okay?"

    "Yeah… It's nothing," Souji replied.

    "Is it about Rise-chan?" Nanako asked.

    Souji shook his head. He just focused his attention on the TV screen to see how she would announce her return to being an idol.

    The reporter had set up an extra microphone set for Rise to use; it was placed on the counter of the tofu shop. The reporter and two cameramen looked very anxious to see what Rise had to say, but Souji already knew.

    The reporter finally got the courage to start the interview, only because Rise did not speak right away, "Kujikawa-san, why did you call this interview? You have been very reticent about allowing yourself in the limelight since you decided on a hiatus."

    Souji could tell by the serious face Rise was showing that though she was not perky, she was not going to be lethargic like the last time she held an interview. Rise took a deep breath before saying, "I have an announcement for everyone. I would like to announce the end of my hiatus and my return to show business."

    Nanako looked away from the TV and to Souji, "Rise-chan is going back?"

    "Looks like it," Souji said.

    The cameras flashed repeatedly and the video cameras focused and zoomed in on Rise's face as the reporter asked, "This is quite a different view from your previous statements. What caused you to suddenly change your mind?"

    "The reasoning is my own," Rise responded succinctly.

    "Okay…," the reporter had to regain his focus after her abrupt comment. He followed up that question with, "What did your boyfriend have to say about this?"

    "My boyfriend?" Rise looked straight into the reporter's eyes.

    "Yes… what does your boyfriend, Souji Seta, think about this decision?" he asked. He continued, "Considering the actions he has taken before and the eyewitness accounts from others, we can assume that he did not take this news well, am I correct?"

    "What are they talking about, Big bro?" Nanako looked at Souji.

    "It's nothing to worry about," Souji said.

    Stupid paparazzi… She'll probably tell them the truth about the whole thing. It doesn't matter.

    "First of all, I want you to know that Souji Seta is the sweetest, kindest person you could ever meet, and that meeting him has changed my life. The things said about him were completely false and you were completely misled by people who do not understand him." Rise started.

    "Well… thank you for clearing that up with us, Kujikawa-san," the reporter said.

    "I'm not done!" Rise cut in, "The things you said about him… they hurt him… and he doesn't even show it. Even more so, they hurt me."

    What are you doing, Rise-chan?

    "We are sorry if we hurt you, but you have to believe that we were only trying to report the truth," the reporter apologized.

    "Rise-chan must really like you, Big bro," Nanako said to Souji.

    "I guess so…," Souji shrugged.

    Souji's head turned when Rise started speaking again, "I want you to know that Souji Seta was not my real boyfriend while I was on hiatus."

    The news that the silver-haired young man was not Rise's real boyfriend certainly surprised the reporter and cameramen.

    Nanako looked at Souji with a surprised look on her face as well. Souji just nodded in agreement with the statement.

    It had to come out eventually.

    "Then… why the charade…?" the reporter started to say.

    "Souji-kun… he was somebody who would never take advantage of me; he helped me look for my true self," Rise explained, "I needed the solitude and for someone to listen to me. He was the one person I trusted."

    Great… Now that everyone knows, can we get on with it all?

    Souji was still thinking when Nanako brought him out of his reverie, "You weren't going out with Rise-chan?"

    Souji shook his head, "No… we were just pretending to."

    "You told me that you were," Nanako pouted.

    "Sorry, Little sis…," Souji shook his head.

    Souji's head turned when the final words were spoken.

    Rise's words rang through Souji's ears, "Souji-kun has allowed me to find myself again and it was difficult to decide to leave Inaba again. I want him to know… if he's listening, thank you… and… and…. I can't say it."

    Rise had lost her composure and was not able to finish her final statement. The cameras flashed as she suddenly left the room and the view of the reporter. He did not even have time to ask anymore probing questions before she disappeared.

    Rise-chan… what were you trying to say? You weren't trying to say what I thought you were going to say, were you? Don't do this now…

    Souji excused himself from Nanako's company before she could ask anymore questions about his tenuous relationship with Rise. He did not want to watch the entertainment newscasters' analysis of the interview, either. All Souji wanted to do was to read before going to sleep…

    Reading proved fruitless for Souji; he got absolutely nowhere in his novel. When he tried to sleep, he shifted around in his futon for hours. The little sleep he did get was filled with nightmares. Dreams did not come easily for Souji that night.

    Why did my nightmare involve Rise leaving in such an angry fashion? She doesn't hate me…

    Souji's trip to school the next day… he tried to take an inconspicuous route to school. Souji had a feeling that he would get a lot of interesting looks during the next couple of hours at Yasogami. His secret life was exposed by Rise last night; the fact that they were not really going out. It was necessary for everyone to know, but it was still damaging to him.

    Souji knew that he was going to get a lot of weird looks, but he did not expect the disgusted looks. They were looks of disgust from people who thought that Souji had led them on by pretending to go out with Rise. Souji had no response to their leers, to their gossiping.

    "There's that guy," a second-year girl smirked, "He thought he was going out with Rise Kujikawa."

    "I almost feel sorry for him," another girl, who Souji recognized as one of his classmates said, "He must have felt so foolish when she left."

    Souji would have felt foolish if he thought that people would treat him better after Rise left. He had lost faith in the people of Inaba, at least those in Yasogami High. He found one place of solace… and two real friends. He found refuge in basketball club this week, playing pickup games with Kou and then later on with Daisuke. They said nothing about Rise leaving or his faux-relationship with her. Souji could just forget about what happened.

    It was on Thursday after basketball practice when he once again confronted by Yosuke. The bandages on his face were removed by Sunday. The reason why he Yosuke had bandages on his face was Souji pounding on him for giving an interview with false information. There was no telling smirk on Yosuke's face this time. He actually looked a little sad as Souji rested his back near the gates.

    Yosuke walked up to Souji and said, "Man, I'm sorry… I shouldn't have done all of that. I didn't know that you and Rise were… I still don't really know what you two were doing."

    Souji sighed, "It doesn't matter. She came to me because she thought I was reliable and that I would be able to help her find herself."

    "You don't seem very reliable, man," Yosuke muttered, "But… I can see why she might trust you. You are usually… level-headed."

    "Usually?" Souji shook his head.

    Yosuke patted Souji on the shoulder and they walking for a ways.

    At least we're not fighting.

    As the two headed towards Junes, Yosuke smiled, "I heard Kanamin is coming to Inaba for filming a movie. No one knows where and when in Inaba, though."

    Great, another god damn idol…

    "I can't deal with another idol," Souji said.

    "I don't think this one is on hiatus, Souji. You better watch yourself," Yosuke smirked.

    The two ended up eating at Junes and they actually improved their friendship a little.

    The rest of the week went a little better with Yosuke telling people to cool down. But, school was still unbearable.

    Sunday was a day that Souji was more than happy to see come. He had a little breakfast with Nanako by himself; Dojima was not home when he came down. Even though he did not have school, Souji had no idea what to do. The past couple of weeks, Souji would have gone to Marukyu Tofu and done something with Rise. Now, he was completely unsure of what to do. That was Souji started wandering around till he headed towards where he last met with Rise Kujikawa before she left.

    He could not just hear the Samegawa River flowing past, he could feel it… even if he was nowhere by it. The closer Souji walked towards the covered benches, the more props and people he encountered. Yosuke said there was an idol filming a movie, the same idol that was becoming more popular than Rise; the idol was here right now, Souji had ascertained.

    "Okay, that's a wrap!" Souji heard a loud male voice call out, "Take a break! I'll see you after lunch!"

    I should leave them alone.

    Souji started walking away. It was not his business, after all. He got about ten steps from the site when a male voice called out for him.

    "Souji Seta, right?" a male voice that Souji recognized called out.

    Souji turned around and saw the former manager of Rise Kujikawa standing before him, Inoue. He looked extremely busy and a bit flustered. If he was the new manager of Kanami, she was working him hard.

    "It's a surprise to see you here," Inoue said, "I guess you are not marrying Rise-san, right?"

    Souji nodded, "I guess not."

    "I hope you don't feel too bad about everything that's happened," Inoue said.

    "No… it's okay," Souji shook his head.

    A higher-pitched female voice rang out, "Inoue-san, who are you talking to?"

    "An acquaintance of Rise-san, Kanami-san," Inoue turned his head and called out.

    "Let me talk to him, Inoue-san," Kanami said.

    Inoue nodded and backed away. From behind came a girl with long brown hair wearing a short white skirt and a skinny white shirt. She seemed to recognize Souji and walked up to him.

    "You're Souji Seta, right?" Kanami asked.

    Souji nodded, "Kanamin…"

    "I'm excited to meet the guy who 'supposedly' dated Risette," Kanami responded with a bubbly smile.

    "She doesn't like to be called that," Souji told her.

    "Really?" Kanami looked a little confused, "She used to love it."

    "I learned a lot about her," Souji said.

    "Anyways, you sure looked like a real couple from what little I saw," Kanami smiled, "I think she really liked it when you stuck up for her. I would fall for you, if I was her."

    Souji shook his head, "She just wanted it to look real…"

    "To look real, or be real?" Kanami asked.

    "Look real…," Souji answered.

    "Well… if you really believe that," Kanami's smile brightened, "I like bad boys…"

    Souji closed his eyes. He did not want to hear another word. If she was getting started with this, he could not handle it…

    I need to leave…

    "I'll get back to you, Kanami-chan," Souji said, with no intention of ever speaking to her seriously.

    Souji shook his head. As soon as he could get rid of her, Souji was going to head home and find someone sane.

    I'm missing Rise already…
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