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    This is where the story gets crazy... and ridiculous.
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    Okay a few things, I see strict Dojima "Don't get involved in with this case has turned into" Don't get involved with Rise, which of course a swagtastic protagonist like Souji is going to ignore and do anyway.

    The drama club deal, I wonder if that's actually going to go anywhere, as I'm interested, but you said this is where it gets crazy, so it may not be predictable as I am assuming, but if so, I'm guessing this fake dating of Rise, is eventually going to turn into a real romance.
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    It's pretty predictable... as in I don't remember what I wrote.
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    Chapter 5



    Had Souji heard Rise correctly? She wanted him to pretend to be her boyfriend while she tried to find herself? What was this all about, anyways? She was basically two different people, according to what she said. It made sense… Rise and then Risette. But… wanting Souji to become her boyfriend to avoid attention from others was so different from what Rise was…

    Maybe that is how Rise really is.

    What was he supposed to do though? If he accepted and basically became Rise's de facto boyfriend for the time being, all of Japan would probably asphyxiate and hound him. He was not sure if people would get jealous if did accept, but Souji had a good idea of who would be the most resentful if they found out. A good part of him wanted to stay away from this because it was not worth the possible external problems that would come with it, but the other part of him felt really bad for her… even if he did not really know Rise that well. It was just… would he really be willing to commit that much to someone like her?

    I have no idea what to do…

    Rise did not seem to wait for his answer, as her eyes never wavered from Souji's face as she said to him with almost a saddened glow, "If you do decide to 'go out with me', please pick me up at my house before school."

    Her house? She probably means the tofu shop… I think someone was trying to climb up a telephone pole when I came to visit that first day. Creepy ass pedophile bastard… But, still… What the hell…? What should I do?

    It was still pouring all around both of them, and now… the only thing Souji could hear now was the flowing Samegawa River. Rise stood and looked as if she was about to walk away. It bothered Souji, however, because she was leaving like this, and it was still raining.

    "…Rise," Souji attempted to get her attention.

    Rise looked at Souji again. Her face was back to that expressionless look that had permeated her mind since Souji had met her. "Yes?" she asked.

    "It's still raining," Souji held out his closed umbrella, "I don't want you to get wet."

    Rise closed her eyes and then gave Souji a small smile, "Thank you, Souji-kun."

    Rise took the umbrella and opened it before turning back around. She moved away from the covered table and benches, leaving Souji to go home in the pouring rain.

    You know… I wonder why she left her umbrella. Was it on purpose because she knew it was going to rain and expected me to share mine with her? What if I was actually a jerk? I still don't know what I am going to do… this was just being nice. Now, I have to go home in the rain without any cover.

    Souji steeled himself before starting his walk home at a quick clip. The faster he got home, the sooner he could dry off. The Dojima household could not have come into view soon enough. As soon as Souji could see it, he started running towards the home. The only person home was Nanako, and she did not appreciate a soaking wet Souji inside the home.

    "Why are you all wet?" Nanako questioned, "Don't you have an umbrella?"

    "Umm… I gave it away," Souji told the truth, but then said, "Actually, more like I let someone borrow it."

    "Who?" Nanako looked at Souji inquisitively.

    "A girl," Souji decided not to tell Nanako that he gave it to Rise.

    "Ooh...," Nanako looked excited, but her look changed back to a commanding one, "But you are still all wet. You have to do something about that."

    "If you get me some extra clothes from my room, I can change," Souji explained.

    Nanako nodded, "I can go in your room?"

    "Yes, go…," Souji nodded back.

    As Nanako headed up the stairs, Souji was glad that he had not gone to the bookstore to buy one of those pin-up books. He was planning to buy one tomorrow, but he did not know if he could do that now. Besides, it would definitely be ironic if he ended up buying a Rise one.

    "I got you some fresh clothes," Nanako handed him a fresh shirt and pants when she came down.

    The two sat down quietly by the TV after Souji put on some dry clothes. Souji would attempt to make something in a bit. Nanako did not seem depressed, if not happy. The mood of the Dojima household changed when the door opened again and Souji's uncle came through.

    "Who's that?" Nanako asked as another person came through the door behind Dojima.

    Ohh… the ace defective is here, too?

    Tohru Adachi, Dojima's partner, had come along with him. As he took off his shoes, he waved at Nanako, "Hi, my name is Tohru Adachi… I'm Dojima's gofer, no, I mean partner…"

    Nanako looked a little taken aback, a little scared.

    I'd be a little scared if I was a little kid, too

    "Its okay, Nanako," Dojima smiled at her before turning at Adachi and putting on an angry face, "Don't scare my daughter, Adachi!"

    "Okay…," Nanako said tentatively, while nodding in her direction. Adachi, however, said, "Sorry, Dojima-san!"

    From behind his back, Dojima brought out a sack of food, "I brought Adachi along with me because I was taking him home after dealing with a big case. I brought food because… I want to make up for not being here all the time, Nanako…"

    Nanako looked delighted at the prospect of real food and stood up to go wash her hands.

    Trying to make peace and fix all of your problems by offering food. I see right through you. Well… at least I will not have to try and cook tonight.

    As the four of them sat down to eat food that was not processed for once, the conversation became rather lively.

    "Finally, the crowd around the city is starting to die down," Adachi said, "I've been so tired waving these cars through and telling people to get out of the way."

    "The issue was that it took up over half of our police force to make sure nothing happened," Dojima shook his head.

    Souji asked, "Are you talking about Rise Kujikawa?"

    "Rise-chan!" Nanako's eyebrows rose as she lowered her chopsticks.

    Dojima stared at Souji, "I thought we talked about this, Souji."

    "I understood what you said," Souji nodded.

    I don't think he would be happy if he found out that Rise has been talking to me, not me approaching Rise.

    Nanako looked at Dojima, "Don't fight, dad…"

    Dojima frowned, "We're not fighting…"

    "I can understand why it has been so crazy out there," Adachi kept the conversation going; it was getting tense. He continued, "Rise is pretty cute, and she has so many admirers."

    Don't tell me that… Adachi is a pedo too…

    "Adachi!" Dojima yelled.

    "Oh… sorry," Adachi shook his head.

    Dojima scowled first at Adachi, and then at Souji, "Don't worry about Rise, just focus on your job and at school."

    The mood of dinner was still a little tense, but Nanako lightened the mood. Everyone else had to lighten the mood around her.

    An hour later, Adachi stood up, "I have to go. Thanks for dinner, Dojima-san."

    Souji ended up studying instead of reading that night. Souji… studying; it was a miracle. Why he was studying… he did not really know. He probably just felt like it. It was probably because of all of the tumultuous events that had occurred today.

    I don't know what I'm doing. What the hell should I be doing?

    Even sleep came in spurts for Souji that night. The REM sleep was not a dream; it was a total nightmare that would have scarred him for life it was for real. When Souji woke, he was still completely exhausted besides being scared.

    Nanako made him breakfast again as Souji groggily stumbled down the stairs, buttoning his shirt the wrong way twice.

    Damn buttons… Why can't we just Velcro our shirts?

    The worst part was, as he ate part of a sunny-side up egg, was that he still was not sure of what he was going to do. Maybe, his body had already decided… because he had gotten up early subconsciously.

    "Bye, Nanako," Souji waved before he left Nanako for school.

    I'm even leaving for school early.

    "Say hi to Rise-chan!" Nanako exclaimed.

    Does she know… or think that I'm going to see her?

    It was not as if he was leaving Nanako behind; she would be leaving a few minutes later, anyways. Even by leaving a very small amount of time before he normally did, Souji found that there were very few people around the Floodplains. Souji was not going straight through the Floodplains to school, however.

    His side trip through the Shopping District had him making a beeline for Marukyu Tofu. Souji went past Daidara's to Marukyu where a girl with red ponytails stood, legs spread apart and back leaning very slightly against the building.

    I'm only doing this… because I am a nice person. I am not doing this because I am infatuated with her and I am not doing this to be a sick person and take advantage of her. When she finds herself… whoever she is really is, this whole thing will be over.

    "Souji-kun," Rise gave a small smile before it disappeared into her usual state of dreariness, "I didn't expect you to come. If I asked someone else, though…"

    "Don't get me wrong…," Souji shook his head, "I didn't come for that reason."

    "I understand," Rise nodded, "That's why I thought you might come."

    Souji covered a yawn before looking straight at Rise, implying that they should start heading towards to school. Rise pushed herself off the building with her shoulders and they began to walk, side-by-side, towards Yasogami High.

    It had never felt more awkward walking with Rise. Before, it was as if they were just acquaintances that were just walking along the city. Now, Souji was pretending to go out with Rise Kujikawa. If that it was not awkward enough, wait till the rest of the school found out… wait until the rest of the city found out.

    The two of them were silent, like it was awkward to be together. Finally, Rise decided to talk to Souji, "Souji-kun, I want to explain something."

    Souji looked at her, "I'm listening."

    "We need to make this relationship look real, right?" Rise asked.

    Souji shrugged, "I guess so."

    What is she getting at?

    "Hand holding, linking arms, hell… I'll kiss you if I need to," Rise explained, but she continued, "But… I am not sleeping with you to try and prove a point."

    Well… wasn't expecting that.

    "I wasn't planning on sleeping with you, Rise-chan," Souji replied, trying to contain the small amount of surprise coming from her words.

    Rise nodded, but her eyes said differently. It was as if she still did not completely Souji. Even if Souji acted calm, caring, and friendly; he would try and take advantage of her.

    Souji reiterated, "I am doing this for one reason, Rise-chan. I'm doing this to help you."

    Rise gave that small smile she had shared with him a few times before. Souji enjoyed seeing her smile, only because it was weird to see Rise being so depressed.

    Maybe being so depressed is Rise's… her true self? But who… she still seems so melancholy.

    They were nearing the Yasogami High, the school that bored Souji and was a place where Rise was overwhelmed. As the two neared one-hundred meters from the metal fences and they were approaching more students as well, Rise interlocked the fingers from her left hand with Souji's right hand.


    Rise whispered to Souji as they were walking, "It has to be believable. We can worry about everything else after school."

    They had no problem making it believable, at least the others' opinion of whether if it was real or not. Passing people and making jaws drop was the norm as Souji and Rise neared the school. No one seemed to believe they were real.

    As the two passed the metal gate, a girl with short black hair whispered to another, "Is that Souji Seta and Rise Kujikawa holding hands? Are they going out or something?"

    "What! Risette has a boylfriend! She just came here," a boy with dyed shoulder-length blond hair lamented.

    They continued on through to the school. Souji was hoping that the charade would continue without a hitch, but he still felt… he felt ill at ease with the whole situation.

    "Souji Seta has a girlfriend," a girl walking up the stairs that had a crush on Souji and was not happy, "It's with Rise Kujikawa!"

    At the edge of the stairs, Rise stopped and let go of Souji's hand. She gave one of those small smiles and said to him, "I have to go to class before I am late. You should too…"

    Souji nodded, "See you after school, Rise-chan. I don't have any sort of clubs, so…"

    Rise just nodded in return.

    As Rise headed towards her first-year class, Souji headed up to classroom 2-2. He knew that it be foolish of him to hope that the word about his "relationship" had not spread to his own classroom. It was as if every eye was staring straight at Souji as he entered the room.

    The girl closest to the room, another girl with shoulder length black hair and a yellow headband, "Are you really dating Rise Kujikawa?"

    Oh… Shit… Umm…

    "Yes, I guess I am," Souji responded.

    "Wow… I don't believe it," the girl replied.

    The girl's boyfriend, a boy with short black hair said, "How could you be dating Risette?"

    "Aww… man," another boy muttered, "Now I can't ask her out…"

    If a few stares and a couple of muttering fools were the only problems Souji had to face, he would have no problems putting up with this. It was when Yosuke came into the room that he had a bit of an issue.

    As Yosuke came up to Souji's desk, he looked almost in shock and nearly tripped over Souji's bag. He asked Souji, "What's this about you going out with Risette?"

    Souji explained, "Well… I am going out with Rise."

    "But how?" Yosuke continued, "I asked her yesterday and she shot me down like it was nothing. When did you ask her?"

    Souji had to keep up this game, so he said, "I did not ask her… she asked me after school, yesterday."

    Yosuke had turned from being in shock to indignant, "She asked you! Why would she ask you?"

    "She wanted to, I guess," Souji replied, "I don't know why."

    I am not telling you the truth, Yosuke.

    Souji wondered if King Moron had found out about their relationship because Morooka was being a complete bastard today, especially to him. Maybe, the teacher thought it fun to make Souji suffer because he was trying to help someone else.

    Souji knew he probably should go to Rise as soon as class got out. No clubs that he was involved in met today, so there was no problem with going straight there. That's why as he went straight towards the stairs after the end of class all he had were his thoughts.

    Ignore their stares… But man… Yukiko looking at me like that is weird. Does she know?

    As his thoughts said, Yukiko stared at him in-between each class. He had an inkling that Yukiko had a slight crush on him; Chie only fueled that idea.

    The girl waiting for Souji almost had an aura around her that made others wait for her commands. That was his "girlfriend"… and he walked straight to her.

    "So… do you have anything you really need to do, anywhere you need to go?" Souji asked as he walked to her side.

    "Not really," Rise responded, "Let's just go for a walk, okay?"

    "Let's go," Souji smiled.

    Rise and Souji walked through the gathering crowd and out of the school while holding hands at that.

    This is weird.

    As the two cleared the school, Souji looked at Rise. He was tired of the silence that permeated between the two of them. "So… how did you become a model/idol?"

    "An idol?" Rise looked at Souji. She explained, "Souji-kun… I used to be really quiet and… I used to have no self-confidence. People could pick on me… and I would do nothing about it."

    "Do you mean quiet, like now?" Souji questioned.

    Rise nodded… She continued, "One day… my aunt sent in an audition form without my knowledge and I before I knew it, I got a call back."

    "That must have been unexpected," Souji said before asking, "Do you regret it now?"

    "I don't know," Rise answered. She said, "They said I was the next big thing and a few days later I was modeling and singing."

    "Is that something you really wanted to do?" Souji asked, "Sing… act… and have pictures taken of you?"

    Rise looked at him, "I… I don't know. I wanted to become more social, but not to make myself a ditzy girl named Risette."

    "This is not what you wanted, right?" Souji questioned.

    Rise did not answer, but Souji knew her answer. This was the last thing she wanted… to be a little dumb girl; this was not her.

    As they passed the Yomenaido Bookstore, Souji felt Rise holding onto his right arm and clench. Her head was resting against Souji's right shoulder.

    "Huh?" Souji whispered. He was confused.

    Rise whispered back, "Someone is coming."

    Souji thought it was someone important, like Yosuke or someone else that mattered, but instead it was just some old couple.

    False alarm…

    Rise let go of both Souji's arm and his hand as the old couple passed.

    "Sorry about that," Rise said to him, "I know it is a little silly that we have to play this game."

    "It's okay," Souji responded.

    "Thank you, by the way," Rise smiled, "For helping me…" She continued, "You are staying with your uncle, right?"

    "You're welcome," Souji responded and then said, "And yes, I am staying with my uncle and cousin Nanako."

    "I think I have something we can do," Rise said to him.

    "Hmm?" Souji looked a bit confused.

    "I want to say hi to them," Rise gave something that Souji thought might be a genuine smile.

    Dojima won't like this…
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    Yay for "BS"!
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    Chapter 6


    Can this get any more awkward? I swear, if I had a middle name… that is what it would be.

    Walking towards the Dojima household, Souji was praying that he did not pass anymore people that would force his faux-girlfriend to grab hold of his arm. It was all spurious; he did not really care, but it was annoying all the same.

    Souji also felt he finally knew Rise a little better now. She was tired of living a lie, a fake life as some manufactured creation known as Risette. Souji was sad to see her as a shell of what Rise said she was before she became a model; a girl depressed, tired, and melancholy. Even if it was not a goal of Souji to actually date Rise… he just wanted to help her out.

    As the white home of the Dojima household came into view, Souji said to her, "Well… here it is."

    Souji walked ahead of Rise to open the door, and the one waiting in the living room was his cousin, Nanako. "Nanako, we're home!" Souji proclaimed.

    "We're home?" Nanako looked confused as Souji took his first step into the home.

    Rise took a step from behind to the side of Souji. Her voice was actually somewhat cheerful as she greeted, "Hi, Nanako-chan!"

    Nanako seemed to recognize the voice, even if it was not completely natural, "Rise-chan!"

    Souji walked to the kitchen to grab drinks, Rise made her way into the living room. Nanako had walked up right to her and seemed really excited. If they shared one thing, it was ponytails. The two had no problem chatting to each other about various things; Souji had never seen her this lively since she had come to Inaba about recovering and resting from being an idol.

    As Souji went over to hand a drink to both Rise and Nanako, Nanako asked the ex-idol, "Rise-chan, why are you here?"

    "I wanted to meet you," Rise responded, "Souji's cousin."

    "How do you know him?" Nanako asked.

    Rise looked at Souji, and then back at Souji. Rise answered Nanako with one of those smiles, "Well… I'm Souji's girlfriend."

    Nanako looked in shock upon hearing that her cousin was going out with Rise Kujikawa. It did not seem real to her.

    "You're going out with Rise-chan?" Nanako asked Souji.

    You know… I didn't think about this earlier, but… We've been 'going out' for a day and now she's at my house. Great…

    Souji nodded, "It's true…"

    "That's amazing," Nanako said to both of them, "I think it's cute."

    Rise smiled at Souji; it was about the fact that he was keeping up this faux-relationship… even around his own family.

    Souji looked at Nanako and asked, "Do you know if your dad is coming home today?"

    "Umm… I think he is," Nanako replied, "He said he was coming home later tonight."

    I guess I am not getting out of introducing Rise to Dojima.

    Nanako suddenly stood up from her sitting position at the table and asked Rise, "Uhh… Can I go get something for you to sign?"

    Rise looked to Souji and then back at Nanako, "Sure!"

    As Nanako ran upstairs to find something for Rise to sign, Souji had to talk to her. It was about Rise's sharp change in personality. Souji looked into her brown-ish eyes and asked, "Rise-chan, why are you so cheerful around little kids?"

    Rise's smile was not quite as vibrant as before when Nanako left, but her answer was cheerful, "I love little kids. I'm just more comfortable around them because they are so nice and friendly." Her smile vanished and her cheery tone died, "There's another reason… but please… wait till later."

    It's just something else I have to wait for her let down her guard…

    It's to be expected as Nanako came down with one of those idol photos that you could buy at the bookstore and Souji said, "Okay, I'll wait…" that Dojima walked into the home.

    "I'm home, Nanako," Dojima greeted, "I'm sorry I'm late… Another guy called in sick tod…"

    Dojima's words were cut short as he spotted Nanako walking over to Rise with the photo and pen in hand.

    Dojima's eyes darted from Rise, to Souji, and then back to Rise… He said, "I did not know we were having company today."

    Rise smiled at Nanako and quickly signed the picture 'Risette' that displayed her in an orange and yellow blouse with white skirt displaying a peace sign with her right hand. She stood up and walked over to the detective, who was slightly surprised at the fact that Rise Kujikawa was in his home, and bowed. "You are Souji's uncle, right? I'm Rise Kujikawa… his girlfriend."

    The slight surprise that Dojima was feeling had been replaced by greater surprise. It seemed that Souji had ignored his warnings about not bothering Rise; Souji had asked her out and she was now at his home. What had Souji done?

    I knew this was a bad idea…

    "Ryotarou Dojima," Dojima responded, "I was unaware that Souji had a girlfriend."

    "It's only been for a day," Rise smiled.

    "And he's already brought you to our home," Dojima commented.

    Rise knew that this was a possible attack on Souji, so she defended, "I asked him to… so I could meet his cousin and you, of course." Rise added, "I think Nanako is adorable."

    Dojima wanted to smile at her compliment, but still… Souji did something, interfered somehow…

    "Did you want to stay for dinner?" Dojima asked Rise, asking out of kindness.

    Rise looked at Souji for the shortest time possible before answering, "Ohh… I should really head back. I should help my grandmother, and I don't want to inconvenience you."

    Dojima questioned, "Are you sure?"

    Rise nodded, "I need to help close the shop."

    "If you're sure," Dojima said. The detective looked at Souji, "If you are her boyfriend, you should walk her home."

    He's right… I should walk her home.

    Rise turned around, "You don't have to walk me all the way back. It looks like it's going to start raining soon."

    That's just another reason to walk you back… If I don't, Dojima will be pissed.

    Souji shook his head, "I should walk you back… let's go."

    Dojima frowned, but Rise smiled at Souji. As Souji walked up and past Rise, she turned around to Nanako and waved, "Bye Nanako!"

    Nanako exclaimed cheerfully, "Bye Rise-chan!"

    Souji opened the door for Rise as the two left the Dojima household. Dojima muttered as went through, "What is going on here?"

    The pair of 'boyfriend and girlfriend' walked side-by-side away from Dojima's home and towards the Shopping District. Souji hoped that this was enough to convince Rise, his cousin, and his uncle. He thought Rise put on a good show; it was not like she was not used to it, though.

    She looked at Souji, "Thanks… for not telling the truth to your family."

    "Did you really think I would share your secret?" Souji responded, walking besides her.

    She frowned, "I'm sorry… that I doubted you that first day, and that… I yelled at you that second day."

    Souji shook his head, "Let's just worry about the present, not the past."

    Well, forgive and forget… right?

    "Thanks," Rise nodded.

    They were always a 'couple' that all but stayed silent during these walks. As they neared the Northern Shopping District, there was no conversation between the two. This time, it did not bother Souji. If they were a real couple, he would be enjoying a pretty girl's company. In this case, Souji was able to collect his thoughts as he walked a girl home.

    How am I going to explain myself to Dojima without him yelling at me for 'going' out with Rise when he asked me not to interfere with her life so she could rest?

    "A word please!" A man was running towards Rise and Souji.

    The man was dressed in black slacks and black button-up and had a camera around his neck; he was a paparazzi. Souji saw Rise's face as he looked back. The look on Rise's face was one of panic and fear. He could tell that she did not want to speak with the man, and speaking with the paparazzi would be a flashback to her life as an idol.

    Souji grabbed hold of Rise's hand, linking his fingers with hers, and started running away with her towards the Southern Shopping District. The paparazzi, seeing this, started running and yelled, "This man… is he your boyfriend!"

    It seems like we're always running from somebody.

    They kept running as fast as they could, but the paparazzi member could run fast for someone who was obviously not an athlete. As he ran past Aiya's, he inquired, "Are you planning on returning to modeling in the near future!"

    Leave us alone already…

    Souji did not let go of Rise's hand until they reached Marukyu Tofu. By running to the tofu shop, they escaped the photographer and possible invasive questions. At the edge of the tofu store, Souji faced Rise and nodded. He smiled, "I think we're okay… for now."

    "For now…," Rise smiled. She wiped a little sweat off her brow, "I'm just glad you're quick thinker."

    Souji was glad to see that smile, but he had to say, "I should probably get back or my uncle will get suspicious."

    "Goodbye, Souji-kun," Rise turned away to walk into the tofu shop.

    "Goodbye, Rise-chan."

    "Oh…," Rise cut in as Souji started his walk back, "Don't worry about picking me up tomorrow, or waiting for me after school!"

    I want to make this walk back a slow one, but I can't. If I take too long, who knows what my uncle will accuse me of?

    It took a little longer to get back to the household than it did to walk to Marukyu; that was mainly because they were being chased by nosy photographer/paparazzi that wanted to interview them.

    As soon as he entered the two-floor white home, Nanako was already upstairs, and the only one waiting for Souji was Ryotarou Dojima. The stern-looking man was waiting for him, sitting at the wooden table by the kitchen. Souji knew Dojima had questions for him, so he sat down across from him, and waited for the interrogation.

    "I have dinner waiting for you," Dojima told Souji, "Though… I'd like to ask you a few questions first."

    Here we go…

    "Okay…," Souji responded.

    "Did you really ask out Rise Kujikawa?" Dojima asked. He reprimanded his nephew, "I thought I told you not to bother her."

    Souji sighed, "She asked me out, not the other way around."

    "She could not have asked you out if you did not introduce yourself to her," Dojima explained.

    "It's not as complicated as you think," Souji lied through his teeth.

    "I don't really believe you," Dojima said.

    Souji shrugged, "That's how it worked."

    "Don't you think you going out with her is going to cause more trouble with the paparazzi with her than ever before?" Dojima questioned.

    "I don't think that's her biggest worry right now," Souji was telling the truth this time.

    "Can you deal with the added pressure of going out with someone like a Rise Kujikawa?" Dojima inquired.

    I don't know if I am dealing with it very well right now.

    "I'm doing my best," Souji tried to smile.

    "Are you going to take advantage of her?" Dojima asked, "She's a model, after all… You might be able to take advantage of her."

    Souji expected that question; he was waiting for it. He responded, "I would never do something like that. I told her that straight out."

    "I don't want you to say that to her and then go back on your word later on," Dojima said.

    That would be terrible of me. I would never think of doing that.

    "That thought has not even crossed my mind," Souji nodded.

    Dojima nodded as well and picked up the newspaper, "Okay… treat her well. If you don't…"

    When Souji finally went upstairs, he was too tired from the interrogation by Dojima and the late dinner to even watch TV. He fell asleep before a certain TV program came on the air. It was a TV program that the paparazzi/photographer put together with the TV crew he was with.

    "It seems that Rise Kujikawa, otherwise known as Risette, on a hiatus in the small town of Inaba now has gotten herself a boyfriend already. The boy has silver hair and seems to be older than her. The pair ran away before we had a chance to interview them, which means who knows what Risette and her new boy toy are up to? Are they doing all sorts of interesting things?"

    In the big city, an adult with short brown hair and blue clothes stood up from where he was sitting. "I need to bring her back into show business."

    It seemed that a day without worrying about picking up Rise should be easier, right? Souji found out that though it was an easier walk to school with fewer eyes on him. As soon as he reached his classroom, there was still Yosuke staring at him. He still seemed a little spiteful that Rise was going out with him. Mooroka was being a jack-ass too…

    Descartes, my ass

    Every other teacher had questions for him… questions that he did not have time to study for. He looked like an ass because he was being interrogated last night and could not answer the questions the teachers asked today.

    Since Souji had leeway after school; he decided to go to basketball practice. There was a little teasing as he got changed, but not many people seemed to care that he was 'going out' with Rise Kujikawa.

    They were doing lay-up lines when Kou started joking around with Souji, "So… is Rise a good kisser?"

    "Wouldn't you like to know?" Souji asked as he put up a lay-up. He mainly said that… because he didn't know.

    The guy behind Souji said, "I'd like to find out."

    Kou laughed at that, but Souji continued, "Are you trying to distract me?"

    "Really?" Kou questioned, "How'd you figure that out?"

    Souji smirked as Kou was getting ready to start to put up a shot, "Next time, I'll ask Chie to come to practice. She is my friend, you know?"

    Kou sputtered and tripped over his own feet. That caused everyone to laugh, including Kou.

    A fourth guy said to Souji, "I bet Risette gets really jealous. I doubt she'll even let you talk to Chie anymore."

    You know… I bet he's right.

    Kou went with Souji to Aiya's after practice. Daisuke was busy cleaning up after the soccer team because they were even lazier than the other team, if possible.

    It is kind of nice… to do something like we used to, every once in a while.

    That thought was weird, as he ate his noodles, because Rise had only been here for less than a week.

    Souji decided to take a slight detour after eating at Aiya's. He wandered aimlessly past Shiroku to Marukyu. He found Rise working inside the store with all of the varieties of tofu.

    "Rise-chan," Souji greeted.

    "Souji-kun," Rise waved, but she was not smiling. She asked, "Are you free tomorrow?"

    I think so…

    "I believe I am," Souji nodded.

    "Can we go shopping?" Rise asked.

    I don't wanna go shopping! I don't have a choice, do I…?


    "Yay!" Rise smiled for the first time today.

    He was now stuck shopping on his day off. There was no getting out of it either. Souji did not bother studying, working, or anything of the sort when he got back. All he did was chat with Nanako, who was so much more cheerful since talking to Rise. Souji had a feeling this was not the last time Rise would be talking with Nanako.

    Unless… this faux-relationship ends sooner than later.

    Rise was picked up on Sunday by Souji early before noon. She was wearing an orange blouse and Capri pants. They started walking towards the bus station as soon as they walked away from the tofu shop.

    Yosuke would be so jealous if she saw her with me.

    The pair's Sunday escapade took them to Okina City. Souji did not like shopping at all. At least he did not have to carry fifteen bags around. All Rise did was try things on and shake her head.

    "I'm sorry, Souji," Rise shook her head as they reached the Southern Shopping District, "I wanted to find some new summer clothes, a new swimsuit, but they did not have anything."

    "It's okay," Souji was being nice.

    "Next time, I'll ask your opinion," Rise smiled. She had been smiling a lot recently.

    As they were walking together, they came upon a man in brown hair and blue clothes. The sight from the far distance scared Rise a little. "Do you think it's a reporter… you know, like before?"

    "Do you want me to do something about it?" Souji asked.

    "No, no…," Rise shook her head.

    At that, Rise walked forward and Souji followed. Rise immediately recognized the man as she closed the distance. "Inoue-san!" she exclaimed, "Why are you here? I have nothing to do with the agency anymore."

    "Rise-chan," the man named Inoue said, "I just can't accept that... that's why I am here."

    Really now?

    "I've watched over you this entire time as your manager," Inoue continued.

    Souji could see Rise's eyes glistening as she yelled, "I'm not Risette anymore! I can do what I want now! If you don't leave, I'll call the police!"

    "Huh?" Inoue looked confused. He tried to regain his confidence, "Just… no one can play the role in that movie like an actress named Rise Kujikawa. They were all looking forward to that movie... your fans were."

    "I'm not acting anymore," Rise shook her head.

    Pushy bastard…

    Inoue looked confused as Rise exclaimed, "I'm done with showbiz! I have nothing to do with that stuff anymore!"

    "Huh?" Inoue looked around.

    Rise's eyes started glistening again as she looked at Souji, "I… I am marrying this man once we graduate high school!" Rise grabbed hold of Souji's arm as both of Inoue and Souji looked slightly confused by Rise's actions. She continued, "I said it was a hiatus, but I'm not coming back! I'm never coming back!" Rise explained, "Souji's kind, caring, and understanding."

    Damn… how'd it come to this? I hope she doesn't really expect me to faux-marry her.

    She whispered, "Please… just go along with this for now. I'm just saying it to him. I'll do anything for you if you do this… anything. I'll make out with you… kiss you silly, please…"

    She is desperate… What do I do?

    "What can I say? I am in love with her," Souji said. He continued, "We will marry after she finishes high school."

    "I told you, Inoue-san," Rise nodded.

    Inoue looked defeated, "I'll go home, today…"

    "Go!" Rise yelled, seeing that Inoue did not leave immediately.

    Inoue left in a hurry and Rise turned to Souji and wiped away any of the tears that had accumulated on her face, "That was my manager, Inoue-san. He's not my manager now, obviously. I don't want anything to do with them anymore."

    That's a good thing.

    Rise clutched Souji's arm again, for no apparent reason this time. She said to him with a real smile, "Thank you… I have to keep thanking you because you do so much for me. You lied for me, even about marrying me."

    You said you wanted to find yourself, but you can't do that if you are interrupted by outside distractions. Just… find something that makes you happy.

    Souji smiled back, "You're welcome."
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    I finished Chapter 5 and I will give my thoughts later and read Chapter 6 as for now, I'm out. All them haters on Souji and her wanting to say hi to Dojima...Uh-oh
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    Chapter 7


    Souji was a bit worn out after his little… event this past afternoon. Souji went shopping all over Okina City, but they did not buy a single thing. He then lied to Rise's manager, saying that he was going to marry the ex-idol after they graduated from high school. It was so god damn pointless in Souji's eyes. It was all for her though…

    Heh… She promised to make out with me if I said to that guy that I was going to marry him. Imagine if Yosuke was in my position. He probably would have thrown his tongue in her mouth before she had a chance to open it.

    That was why when he returned to his temporary home in Inaba… he was not so sure he wanted to do anything but go to sleep, even when his younger cousin greeted him fondly.

    "Welcome back!" Nanako said.

    "Hey…," Souji returned.

    Souji sighed as he made his way to the fridge and pulled out a soda. Nanako told him as he turned around, "You look tired…"

    No kidding…

    "I am pretty tired," Souji said, "It was an eventful day."

    "Did you see Rise-chan today?" Nanako asked.

    Souji answered, "I did."

    "I liked meeting her; she nice," Nanako said. She continued, "All of my friends were so jealous that I met her."

    "So, you like her, right?" Souji asked and got a nod out of Nanako. He continued, "Are you disappointed… I mean are you disappointed that she's not singing or acting anymore?"

    Nanako was thinking for a second, but she finally answered, "I do, but I'm happy to see her here. I'm happy to see her with you."

    Souji did not know what to say. How would anyone know what to say to something like that? How would she react if she found out that he was not really going out with Rise; that it was all just a ploy to rebuild her life? "Thanks, Nanako-chan," Souji replied.

    Nanako smiled, "I hope I can see her again soon."

    Souji smiled, "I think she would like to come back, too."

    That seemed to make Nanako extremely happy and Souji was able to slip away after a few more minutes up to his room and into bed. He was did not study, did not watch TV, and did not bother translating. His futon is the only thing that he enjoyed when he entered his room.

    I hope there are not many more crazy days like this one. Rise might drive me insane.

    Souji did not meet Rise on the way to school on the first day of this week. He passed quite a few students on the way to Yasogami while walking along the Samegawa Floodplains. The students did not seem as interested in Souji's relationship with Rise by this day.

    Class, however, was as tense as ever. It was a matter of dealing with Yosuke, the boys who all knew he was going out with Rise, and Yukiko. He was not sure, but Yukiko might go and try and start a catfight with Rise somehow. Souji had heard from Chie that Yukiko had a hidden mean streak. He also knew that he could not interfere by trying and stopping Yukiko because if Rise saw him… his "girlfriend" could always misinterpret it and cut off both Yukiko's and his head.

    Standing up after Hosoi drilled him about literature and the bells rang, Souji stretched his sore limbs. He was not sure what he was going to do today after class. Monday's were usually devoid of activities like basketball, but if he felt like returning to the drama club…

    That Yumi girl will be there… maybe I shouldn't bother. I'm not even sure if Rise is around.

    "Souji!" a sharp male voice that Souji immediately recognized called out to him.

    Souji sighed. He knew that whatever Yosuke wanted was going to be confrontational. Souji turned slightly to see the boy with headphones around his neck looking impatient with his arms crossed. His slight smirk had been absent for days now, "What is it, Yosuke?"

    "I want to talk to you about Risette," Yosuke said.

    Souji responded, "I don't know anyone named Risette."

    Souji turned around at that. He really did not know anyone named Risette. She was Rise Kujikawa, at least that was what she was now.

    Before he could leave, Yosuke retorted, "Don't leave, Souji! You know what I'm talking about! You don't deserve your girlfriend!"

    Souji tried to ignore him, tried to exit 2-2 with his bag over his shoulder, but before he could leave the classroom… he was bombarded by Kou Ichijo from 2-1.

    "Souji!" Kou greeted him, drowning out Yosuke, "Guess what!"

    Have I been rescued… or is this only the next angle of my hell?

    "Yes?" Souji asked, trying to talk to only Kou.

    "The gym is open today," Kou explained, "We can go to basketball if you want."

    Basketball… it's a lot better than dealing with Yosuke.

    "Sounds good, Kou," Souji smiled.

    Souji left Yosuke behind with Kou, and he was more than happy to. He never thought an outlet away from the craziness would be basketball; it was something that he used to be so bored with.

    When they started a pick-up game between six members, only six people showed up, Souji was a bit more excited and upbeat than usual. His shots would not miss and his passes were spot-on.

    "Souji! I'm open!" Kou yelled.

    "One second," Souji bounce-passed the ball behind his back and allowed Kou to put in the winning lay-up.

    After a high-five, Souji felt his adrenaline wear off. He started to breathe heavily and wanted to sit down, but it would have been a bad idea. He was not staggering, but he was not walking very quickly.

    "Hey Souji, you alright?" Kou asked, holding the ball in his arm.

    "Just tired…," Souji answered, "I'm fine."

    "Daisuke and I are going to Aiya's afterwards, are you coming?" Kou bounced the ball idly.

    He was not exactly of what he should do, but it was getting pretty late and he had to make a decision pretty soon.

    Should I try getting a hold of Rise and seeing if she wants to talk to me? If she had come to me earlier I would have tried already. I should probably just go to Aiya's.

    A young man in a light blue track suit walked up behind the pair. He must have known what Souji was thinking because he said, "Invite your girlfriend, man."

    "Daisuke, bro…," Kou said, "You know Rise-chan can't eat at Aiya's. It's like eating lard."

    I don't think she cares at this point.

    "We don't gain any weight from eating there," Daisuke retorted, "Rise-chan won't either."

    "That's because the three of us are always exercising at club," Kou explained.

    I know how to deal with this.

    "If I can get a hold of her, I'll ask," Souji said.

    "Really?" Daisuke actually looked a bit excited, "Okay then."

    Daisuke walked away and Kou looked back at Souji, "I didn't know Daisuke was that excited about Rise-chan."

    Souji just shrugged, "I'm going to see if I can find her. I'll meet you two at Aiya's, regardless of the outcome."

    Should I check Marukyu's for her?

    Souji ended up heading towards the Southern Shopping District after changing out of his sweaty basketball clothes. He left only a little later after Kou, but his detour towards the tofu shop would force him to arrive after the members of the soccer and basketball club.

    When Souji entered Marukyu, the only one inside was Rise's grandmother. He was left wondering where his 'girlfriend' was.

    "Excuse me; have you seen Rise-chan?" Souji tried to get Rise's grandmother's attention.

    The wizened old lady shook her head, "I'm sorry, she has not shown up today."

    "Oh… thanks," Souji said slowly.

    Before Souji could go look for Rise somewhere else, and he was thinking about giving up; Rise's grandmother stopped him by saying, "Are you that Souji-kun that Rise-chan talks about all the time?"

    She talks about me? Why?

    "Uhh… I guess so," Souji shrugged.

    "She thinks so highly of you," she explained. Rise's grandmother was about to say more when…

    "Souji-kun!" Souji was crushed from behind by a pair of slender arms.

    "Rise-chan… you're home from school," the owner of the tofu shop smiled.

    "What are you doing here, Souji-kun!" Rise asked. She added, "Sorry, I'm late, grandma!"

    "It is okay, Rise-chan," Rise's grandmother said.

    "So, Souji-kun," Rise had still not removed her arms from around Souji, "Why are you here?"

    "My friends wanted to know if you wanted to go to Aiya's with me, but one of them didn't think you would be able to," Souji choked out. He was suffocating out of the strain from Rise's arms.

    "I can eat at Aiya's! I'm not an idol anymore!" Rise exclaimed, taking her arms away from Souji.

    "I never said you couldn't," Souji answered.

    Souji turned towards Rise… and saw that she was smiling, "Let's go, Souji-kun!" She grabbed hold of his hand and tugged him away from Marukyu's. "Bye, Grandma!"

    "Goodbye, Rise-chan!" the grandmother responded as she waved her granddaughter away.

    I guess that answer's that, but I'm being dragged away!

    Souji ended up in walking in a fast pace towards the Northern Shopping District holding Rise's hand. She had stopped dragging him; she must have decided there was no need to after pulling him away from Marukyu's. They passed not only Shiroku, but multiple run-down stores because of Junes's influence on Inaba's economy.

    Rise seemed to notice that Souji's neck was sore because she asked, "Are you okay, Souji-kun? I didn't hurt you, did I?"

    Souji shook his head, "I'm okay; I can still talk."

    "Souji-kun…," Rise smiled.

    "How are you feeling today? Better?" Souji asked, nearly at the entrance of Aiya's.

    Rise stopped, forcing Souji to stop as well. She looked straight at Souji, "I feel a lot better today. I wouldn't if you were not there yesterday."

    Souji couldn't think of anything to say, at least anything smart to say. Rise seemed to realize that, just smiled at him and continued onward towards Aiya's with Souji's fingers interlocked with hers.

    This faux-relationship is getting weird.

    Souji found Kou and Daisuke waiting for them outside of Aiya's. He was a bit unsure of what their reactions would be of meeting Rise. Would they use this opportunity to tease him, try and get information out of Rise, or in fact, accidently blow his cover?

    "Souji!" Kou called out, "I see you found her!"

    "You doubted me?" Souji responded.

    Rise cut in, "You guys were second-guessing each other on whether you could find me?"

    Souji turned to his 'girlfriend', "Of course not."

    "Rise-chan!" the other person besides Kou had run up to Rise and Souji, "I'm so happy to finally meet you!"

    Souji decided to introduce the basketball-playing fool, "This is my friend, Daisuke Nagase."

    Rise waved with the hand that was not linked with Souji, "Hello, Daisuke-senpai."

    Daisuke looked happy that Rise acknowledged his presence, but Souji just shook his head regarding the whole matter.

    "So… are we going to eat?" Kou asked.

    "Alright! Let's go!" Rise squeezed Souji's hand rather hard.

    The four entered Aiya's and oddly enough, ordered the same thing. When their noodles with beef and vegetables arrived, Souji was starving. He was not the only one that must have been very hungry because the other three were already attacking their own dishes.

    Kou looked up. He must have noticed something interesting as he asked Rise, "No one has come up and asked you for an autograph or anything like that. Do you think that is weird?"

    Rise answered, "You didn't notice? I'm not wearing makeup today."

    "Really?" Daisuke looked up at Rise, shocked, "I couldn't tell. You must always look that pretty."

    Rise smiled at Daisuke, "Why thank you, Daisuke-senpai."

    I couldn't tell either. I'm probably just used to seeing her everyday.

    "So… would you mind if I never came back to being Risette?" Rise suddenly asked Kou and Daisuke.

    "Huh?" Kou looked confused.

    "What!" Daisuke looked shocked, "You're going to quit being an idol for good!"

    I knew they would react like this. Was it too soon to ask them? Probably too soon…

    "It's just a question," Rise said innocently.

    "You probably shouldn't say things like that," Kou said, "My sister would be crushed to hear you quit permanently."

    "It's scary enough to know there's nothing new coming on with you in it for the time being," Daisuke shook his head, "Now… maybe forever?"

    "Don't be stupid, Daisuke," Souji told him, but his statement was meant for both of them in actuality, "It was only a hypothetical question."

    Kou sighed, "Yeah… you're right. I don't know what Rise-chan should do."

    "Me either," Rise shook her head, but she gave a small smile.

    The four continued their meal without a lot of speech. Rise thought about speaking to the person on the left of her; the man who was her 'boyfriend', but she decided against it. Souji also had thoughts of speaking to Rise about his ideas about future plans, but he would not want to discuss it in front of Kou and Daisuke.

    "That was good," Daisuke finished his bowl, "I'm thinking about seconds. How about you guys?" He looked and motioned at the other three, but his focus was mainly at the two boys who were in-between them.

    It took one look between Souji and Rise to know that they were done here. There was no way they were going to have another bite. Rise decided to have the last word, "Thank you Kou-senpai, Daisuke-senpai, for inviting us here."

    Kou hit Daisuke over the head, "Geez… you just had to ask Rise-chan if she wanted to have more food! She ate a bowl of noodles with us, isn't that enough?"

    Souji nodded and paid the bill for both Rise and himself. Of course, it was the right thing to do. When Rise and Souji stood up, Rise grabbed hold of his hand again so they could walk out of Aiya's together. Souji guessed he was going to take Rise back to Marukyu now, back for the day.

    As they headed back toward the Southern Shopping District, Souji said, "I hope that wasn't too uncomfortable for you."

    "It was fun," Rise smiled at Souji, "It was nice meeting your friends."

    Souji sighed, "This sounds more and more like a real relationship by every day, Rise-chan."

    Rise stopped, "Souji-kun… I want to make this look like a real relationship. I want everyone believe that we are together. Okay?"

    "Okay…," Souji nodded.

    It is just getting… I don't know why she's doing half of this stuff anymore.

    As Rise started walking with Souji, she asked, "Do you think it was okay… asking your friends if it was okay… about quitting and all?"

    "I don't know," Souji had no idea himself, "They seemed surprised by the question."

    "Yeah… probably I had just met them," Rise nodded. She suddenly squeezed Souji's hand, "They don't know me as well as you do."

    "Probably not," Souji agreed.

    "Do you agree with your friend, Daisuke-senpai?" Rise questioned.

    "About what?" Souji responded.

    "That I'm still pretty without my makeup on?" Rise answered.

    Put me on the spot, why don't you? This is not supposed to be about my opinions.

    When Souji did not answer right away, Rise's smile disappeared. She had figured out that the question was unfair. Her hand tightened around Souji's fingers again. "I'm sorry, Souji-kun."

    "It's alright," Souji said, "I think you're cute."

    Rise's usual small smile gave way to a mischievous one. "You think I'm cute, huh?" Rise said to Souji, "I see how it is."

    "I don't know how to respond to that," Souji shook his head.

    They had arrived back at Marukyu's and the two of them had stopped in front of the tofu shop. Souji had let go of Rise's hand and had closed his eyes for the moment. He could feel a slight headache coming on. It was probably the last five days all rushing on top of him at the same time.

    "Souji-kun," Rise's sly smile had not yet disappeared, "If I decide to quit being a model and actress; it will all be thanks to you. I think I'm finally finding myself because of you… a much happier self that is free to choose to do what she wants."

    "Rise-chan," Souji said, "I'm just glad I can help."

    This is why I decided to help you.

    "Souji!" a voice rang out, "I want to talk to you! I want to talk to you about Risette!"

    Souji didn't need to turn towards the Shiroku Store to figure out who was speaking to him. He could recognize that confrontational voice anywhere. It was the same voice that confronted him earlier about Rise and he could see her too.

    "Souji! I see Risette, and I want to talk to both of you!" Yosuke exclaimed.

    Shit… Not now…

    Souji was about to do something about it. He didn't really want to bring Rise into this argument, but if he had to…

    Just go into Marukyu's…

    Souji's eyes were still closed in frustration when he felt a female's lips against his own. The shock made Souji open his gray-ish eyes and connect with Rise's dark brown eyes. Her right arm was placed on his left shoulder and Souji's left arm instinctively went to her side. It was a little under seven seconds before their lips disconnected, but it felt like an hour to Souji. Rise turned away and left Souji in shock and awe as she turned to go to the tofu shop.

    Well… no one will second-guess our faux-relationship now. It will probably shut up Yosuke, too. But, damn… give a little warning next time.

    Souji had to admit the kiss was pretty good.