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    TLUS taking too long, tired of the same old stories from all the Megami games you have played already, well why not post some Fan Fiction, whether you feel like writing up some on your own, posting someone else you found online. Here you can let the imagination run wild and either have our fellow members be critiques.


    Here you go @RionAgrias A thread started just for you, let's see if you can kick it off.


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    My first story is a cheesy Rise x MC fic. It was written before there was a Yu. You've been forewarned.
    Rated T (sorry)

    This is Quelorie Magic
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    I'm ready.
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    Chapter 1

    There are no foggy murders here, no Shadows, no social links, and no Personas. This is about the people. At least… as far as I know.


    Souji Seta felt abandoned on a Sunday a few weeks the end of the spring session of his 2nd year. It was usually his little cousin of seven that was the one who was abandoned, but he felt rather alone today. Sitting on the couch of the second-floor room in his uncle's home; Souji was unsure of what to do today. Souji could study, he should study, but he did not really feel like studying. Souji could do some translating; he occasionally did some translating work that ended up being used in books and signs. Souji was not going to seal envelops or fold origami; he was against that sort of menial labor.

    In the end, Souji decided to watch a little TV and put off his decision on a permanent activity for a little while. He was rather indecisive, after all. If only there was something good on TV. The only thing to watch was a shopping program where a sleazy guy named Tanaka was selling overpriced and questionable merchandise.

    As Souji saw Tanaka offer a large fish and then some dubious diet food, he turned off the TV.

    Waste of my time... who buys this shit?

    Souji stood up, popped the collar on his white button-up, and opened the door of his room. Souji made his way downstairs and found his cousin, Nanako, watching a quiz show in the living room.

    His younger cousin was a girl of seven with brown pigtails and wore a pink tank-top and skirt. Souji also thought she was a little lonely, and he had a very hard time cheering her up. Nanako's father was always gone because of his job; he was a detective for Inaba's police department. Her father was also a single parent because Nanako's mother died in a drunk driver accident years ago. Souji had a feeling it had scarred the poor girl. Souji had tried to talk to Ryotarou, Nanako's father, about Nanako, but it was too hard to get through to his uncle. It seemed that no amount of conversation could get Ryoutarou to open up to Souji.

    "Hey Nanako… is Dojima out again?" Souji asked from the edge of the living room. He was asking the obvious, but he asked anyways.

    "Something came up, so dad left early," Nanako turned around briefly before turning back to the TV. Facing the TV, she said to Souji, "If you want to go out, I'll be okay here. I can do some laundry."

    He felt terrible for leaving her behind, but Souji still headed out of the home and towards the Northern Shopping District.

    If someone was wondering why a student like Souji was in Inaba with his uncle and cousin, instead of the large city where his parents lived in. His parents were going to leave for work for a year, but he was perfectly capable and living by himself. He had friends in the big city, but instead… they ship him off to Inaba.

    Souji admitted that there were a few good things about being in a small place like Inaba. Currently, Souji was headed to a small eatery named Aiya's. The food was good, oddly addictive, while being friendly on the wallet… usually.

    It was noon when Souji reached Aiya's, so the restaurant was somewhat busy. Tetsu was slow getting the orders out because of the stress of the continuous comings and goings of customers, but when the food finally came…

    This is so good…

    After paying for his meal, Souji headed away from Aiya's. He was again plagued by his indecisiveness and lack of things to do. If only his best friend was not working, Souji would call him to hang out.

    There was not much else in the Northern Shopping District to do, either. There was a textile store, but it was said to be inhabited by a biker gang member. Souji was in good shape, but he did not think he would last long against a gang member. There was a haunted shrine as well, Tatsuhime.

    "I guess… I'll just go back home," Souji muttered.

    When Souji arrived home, Nanako was in the exact same position when Souji left her before lunch time. She said that she had done laundry, but it looked like all she had partaken in today was watch TV.

    "Good afternoon, Nanako," Souji greeted her.

    She barely returned his greeting without turning around. Souji just sighed and walked towards the kitchen.

    This is such a depressing household.

    He grabbed some leftovers from two nights ago; the last time Dojima was home, and ate a quick dinner. Souji went upstairs so even if Dojima finished his work and came home today, Ryotarou would not find him. This family was just far too dysfunctional for Souji to deal with on a daily basis.

    Was it sad that he was somewhat looking forward to school on Monday, but at the same time… he had no wish to go there?

    Souji woke the next morning and ate a breakfast of sunny-side up eggs and toast prepared by Nanako. Her father had come home last night, but Dojima had already left again before Souji was even awake. It was sad, really… Nanako was basically raising herself.

    Walking down the Floodplains, Souji passed oak trees, a large covered wooden table, as well as a few of the students in his temporary high school, Yasogami High. The Samegama River and the nearby Floodplains was the path Souji took everyday to his school.

    Yasogami, a one-building school, was a typical small town high school. Souji thought it was small, only because Souji's permanent school was so much larger than Yasogami High.

    The classroom of 2-2 was where Souji was holed up in for the year. A typical boring classroom… at least his best friend was sitting behind him. Yosuke Hanamura, a boy who was never without with his headphones, became friends with Souji through the fact that they both had moved to the sticks from a bigger city. They had met the first day of term when Yosuke crashed his bike into a trash can and Souji helped him out of it.

    "Hey, partner!" Yosuke called out.

    "How are you, Yosuke?" Souji asked as he placed his bag on the hook at the side of the desk.

    "Ehh…" Yosuke shrugged, "I had to work a double shift yesterday."

    Souji nodded aimlessly… at least Yosuke had something to do.

    As the bell rang and Souji took his seat, he started to remember one of the reasons he did not like being here; the completely incompetent and biased teachers that worked here. His homeroom teacher was a bucktoothed jackass who did nothing but make a futile attempt to curb the students' hormonal inhibitions, as well as ridicule and cut down other students. He had a teacher who spent the whole time flirting with the cute girls in the classroom, and another who made a goddamn sock puppet of himself and played with it while teaching his class. He had a googly-eyed math teacher, an English teacher that did not really know English… by the way; he also was the PE teacher. The Assistant Principal was the Social Studies teacher; she also wore a headdress and tried to find hidden treasure with a dowsing rod. What Souji would have to do for a normal teacher in this school?

    Listening to teachers bored him; it was not like the subject matter was that hard. It was just that he would rather sleep than waste his time learning knowledge he already knew. It was just hard to be inspired to work when the teachers are pitiful.

    When the final class was over, Souji stood and stretched out his cramped body. The only bad part about sleeping in class was that he usually ended up sore. Looking behind him, Yosuke was stretching as well. Souji was not the only person sleeping in class today.

    Yosuke had walked around to the side of his desk and held his arms out in the air, "Hey Souji, want to try out our new steak dish? It's new on our menu. I can get you a discount."

    Souji finished a yawn and stood up to face Yosuke. He could use some food, and it was something to do for a change. Yosuke was forced to come here because his father was the manager for a major mega-mart chain company named Junes. Yosuke, as the son of the manager, was forced out here like Souji. It was time for Souji to make the best of it in a small way.
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    This isn't all of Chapter 1... the character limit is pathetically small...
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    "Don't forget about me!" a somewhat short girl with a brown bowl-cut in a very short skirt with her uniform exclaimed. She said to Yosuke, "You still owe me…"

    Chie Satonaka was more of an acquaintance of Yosuke and Souji than a real friend. I guess you could call Chie a friend to Souji. Well… Yosuke was closer of a friend to Chie than Souji was. Souji sat next to Chie in class, but they never really clicked as true friends. She was just so gung-ho about things.

    "What do you mean I still owe you?" Yosuke's attention was now focused on the shorter girl.

    "My DVD, of course," Chie explained.

    "I thought I already paid you back in steak!" Yosuke retorted.

    "One steak does not pay for the DVD!" Chie replied.

    Apparently, Yosuke had broken Chie's kung-fu DVD on accident and when he tried to return it on bent knees; Chie kicked him in the balls. Souji was present for it, but he still did not completely understand the whole thing.

    "If I'm stuck taking you along, you better be grateful," Yosuke resigned.

    "Alright!" Chie's face brightened at Yosuke's comment. She turned to a pretty girl with long black hair in a red and white blouse, yellow ribbon, and a much longer black skirt than Chie's and asked her, "Are you working again, Yukiko?"

    Yukiko shook her head, "We have a bunch of sudden new reservations at the Inn. I have to get to work."

    Yukiko's family ran the Amagi Inn, the only extravagant place in Inaba. Chie and Yukiko were the girls who sort of welcomed him to Inaba, but Yukiko seemed to have shied away after that. She was really shy, but at the same time… she was very close friends with Chie.

    As Yukiko picked up her bag and walked off, Yosuke turned back to Souji and asked, "So… should we go?"

    Having Chie in Souji and Yosuke's presence somewhat dulled the amount of conversation that would normally have passed between them. Yosuke was the kind of guy to text dirty jokes late at night; Chie gave him hell for that. Yosuke certainly could not make any sort of joke without Chie smacking him across the head while they were on the way to Junes through Samegawa.

    Of course, when they reached Junes, Chie proceeded to eat Yosuke out of house and home. This caused another argument between the two of them, and resulted in another set of broken balls for Yosuke. She was so violent.

    When Yosuke staggered back to his chair and sat back down, he looked at Souji and said to him, "That hurt…"

    "You shouldn't have yelled at her about eating your month's salary," Souji told Yosuke.

    Yosuke complained, "There was no way the DVD cost that much."

    Chie remarked, "It's your fault, Yosuke!"

    "I have to agree," Souji smirked.

    "Jerk," Yosuke joked.

    After the boys laughed and Chie sat down, Yosuke turned his head as a cute tall girl with wavy brown hair started wiping down nearby tables.

    "Saki-senpai…" Yosuke muttered. He was staring at her with a dazed, almost longing expression.

    Souji shook his head. Yosuke had a huge crush on this older girl, Saki Konishi. Her family ran a liquor store down in the Shopping District, and Junes was driving it into the ground. When Yosuke finally confronted her about his crush, she shot him down faster than Souji could blink. Saki thought Yosuke was a pain in the ass, and Souji had to admit; he could be one from time to time.

    "Get over it already, Yosuke," Chie said to Yosuke, "She does not like you."

    Yosuke turned around. His expression turned from dazed to confrontational, "Just leave me alone, Chie… Let me deal with my own problems."

    Yosuke suddenly stormed away from the table in obvious disgust. He was not having a good day. Chie just rolled her eyes as he turned towards Souji, "He needs to see the truth. Saki is not interested in him… nothing is going to change that fact."

    Souji sighed as he replied, "I know, but you should have shown a little tact with your words. Yosuke has feelings, Chie, and you hurt them."

    Chie looked frustrated, showing these feelings by standing up and saying to Souji abruptly, "I need to go."

    Souji was left alone at the circular table with only his thoughts to occupy his time. As he placed his hand on top of his silver-gray hair, he had time to think.

    Not only do I have dysfunctional family members… I have very dysfunctional friends.

    Souji eventually went home through the Southern Shopping District. He felt lazy… he would just catch the bus. As he headed south, towards the bus stop; he noticed that it was much busier than usual. It was as if people were rushing around the Shopping District at a greater rate than Souji had ever seen since he had come to Inaba.

    Oddly enough, a good majority of the people were passing by that tofu store that Souji went by when Souji was headed towards the Northern Shopping District to eat at Aiya's. Why there was a sudden influx of people around the Shopping District… Souji had no idea. He really did not care, either. Souji was just going to go home and watch Nanako sulk due to inadequate parenting.

    Dojima was home this evening and the three of them decided to watch TV after a so-so processed dinner that Souji pulled out of… who knows where.

    The TV channel had been changed to the news. Dojima had gotten his hands on the remote and he had abruptly changed the channel. Unfortunately for Dojima when he changed it, the news was currently on the entertainment section. They were doing some interview about someone famous.

    What the hell is this?

    "That concludes Rise Kujikawa's statement about her temporary leave of absence from the entertainment industry," the agency spokesman said, "We're short on time, so if anyone has any questions, we ask that you keep them brief."

    A reporter bugged this Rise, "I'm Ishioka from Lady's View. It says here you'll be recuperating, are you facing physical problems?"

    "No, my health isn't an issue," the girl said. Souji was sure he had seen her somewhere before. She was cute for sure. She had that model-like body and red hair that he was not sure was natural pulled into pigtails.

    Pssh… People who try to make someone who they aren't, just… meh.

    "Psychological problems, then?" the reporter asked

    "What?" the girl was confused.

    Reporters are always a pain in the ass. Souji rolled his eyes with his thoughts.

    "Rumor has it that you'll be staying with your relatives, but isn't Inaba a town far away and extremely small?" the reporter berated her.

    She seemed distressed, "Huh? Um…"

    He continued, "Is it true that they run a traditional tofu shop? Will you be helping out with the family business?"

    The spokesman broke it up before Rise became even more stressed, "No more questions! This press conference is over! Clear the way!"

    Chaos broke out as Rise and her agent tried to escape the throng of reporters, photographers, and other assorted paparazzi. It was kind of sad to see her struggling so much.

    Poor girl… Souji held back a chuckle. I wonder how much it cost to look like that.

    The news streamlined into sports, so Nanako turned her head and looked at Dojima, "Is Rise-chan quitting her job on TV?"
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    He seemed annoyed, "Who knows… But if this is her hometown, then we'll have to deal with everyone who is trying to get a glimpse."

    "I'm sure that'll suck for the police," Souji said. .

    "You're telling me. We have enough problems as it is," Dojima sighed.

    A Rise commercial came on TV. She was wearing a striped semi-revealing two-piece swimsuit as water rained down upon her head. She was holding a can of soda or some sort of mysterious liquid/poison. She took a drink from the poison. To Souji, it looked like something Tanaka would sell.

    "What the hell is that stuff?" Souji muttered under his breath.

    "I'm tired of diets! And enough with going to the gym! Good thing there is something easy enough that I can handle," Rise announced.

    A voice advertised, "Quelorie Magic is made for those for those worried about their calorie intake and body fat. It'll slim you down in no time!"

    Dojima muttered, "Rise Kujikawa, huh? Great…" Dojima went to make some coffee after that.

    As Souji walked upstairs, he thought he had figured out why there so many people in the Shopping District today, and why there were so many random bookings in the Amagi Inn. One thing though… he really did not know a damn thing about Rise Kujikawa. She looked pretty enough, but she could be a slut in real life for all Souji knew.

    It was a good thing that Souji did not take the alternate route to school the next day; it would have required him to go through the Shopping District. Instead, the whole Floodplains were abuzz with conversations about the arrival of Rise Kujikawa.

    A shorter girl with long black hair asked another girl with shorter hair, "Can you believe Rise Kujikawa is coming to our town?"

    "I know!" the other girl responded, "It's amazing!"

    Some boy with dyed-blond hair was muttering to himself as Souji passed him, "I wonder if I could talk to her. She's about my age, right?"

    For the love of God…. Souji shook his head.

    When he got to his classroom, it was no better… actually, it was far worse. It seemed that every freakin' person was talking about Rise. King Moron would not be able to get his class to shut up this morning.

    From chatting girls to almost giddy boys, all Souji could was roll his eyes.

    Souji heard some girl talking to some others, "Do you think I could ask her how she gets so skinny?"

    She probably starves herself.

    "SHADDUP! I don't want to hear anything about Rise Kujikawa!" Morooka had to yell to get control of his class, but… it never really worked as the students continued to gossip about Rise throughout homeroom. It never really stopped throughout the whole school day. It was driving Souji mad. It was as if every single word that came out of a student's mouth to be about Rise Kujikawa.

    Finally, one of the teachers, Mr. Hosoi, tried to gain some semblance of order with a slightly less volatile approach, "I know you are all excited by the sudden announcement of a certain person's move to our town, but… please withhold your conversations until after class."

    That did lessen the amount of conversation by the slightest amount, but not by much. The end of the day could not come fast enough.

    Souji was hoping that his friends would not be going crazy about Rise. He just could not handle endless chit-chat about something he did not really care that much about. How wrong he was.

    As Souji turned around sideways in his desk; he had not fallen asleep in class today because the endless chatter had kept him awake. Who else was waiting for him but an expectant-looking Yosuke?

    "Did you see the news last night?" Yosuke looked giddy.

    Not you too...

    "I did," Souji responded, and then asked Yosuke, "Is this about Rise Kujikawa?"

    "You mean Risette," Yosuke said, "It took me completely aback that she's leaving showbiz. I mean… she just started, but she's downright amazing."

    Souji shook his head, "But… who is Risette?"

    Yosuke looked almost affronted, "You don't know who Risette is?"

    Souji did not really pay attention to the entertainment industry, at least the girl-pop model area. What it really his fault he did not know that much about Rise Kujikawa?

    Souji shook his head, "Sorry…"

    Yosuke sighed, "Risette is right about our age, I think. She's such a cutie pie."

    "Uggh… I don't know if I should call you a dirty old man or a pervert," Chie had walked up behind Yosuke.

    You are thinking exactly what I'm thinking..

    "But… who can deny that she has a pretty face?" Yosuke questioned.

    Chie just huffed and shook her head. It looked like there were no changing Yosuke's viewpoints.

    "The interview said that Risette was coming to her family's tofu shop," Yosuke said, "Isn't there one in the Shopping District?"

    Souji nodded reluctantly, "I passed by it a few times. Marukyu Tofu… I think."

    "Do you think that is the one?" Yosuke's mood changed back to giddy.

    "It did look busier yesterday," Souji admitted, "The whole south of the Shopping District seemed busy."

    "I wonder if she here's yet?" Yosuke said to himself. He then announced, "We should go to Marukyu."

    "You really want to head down to the Shopping District?" Souji had a exasperated look on his face.

    You have to be kidding me?

    "Let's go, Souji! It'll be fun…" Yosuke smiled. He asked Chie, "You want to come?"

    She rolled her eyes, "I'll leave you to have your little fun, Yosuke. I just feel bad that you are dragging Souji into this."

    "Souji will be excited, don't worry," Yosuke told her as Chie shook her head.

    Souji ended up all but being dragged towards the Southern Shopping District by a very excited boy with headphones around his neck. Souji never knew what sort of music he was listening to, but he could not ask because his arm was being pulled off. When they arrived… it was complete pandemonium around the tofu shop. It seemed every TV station in Inaba, every idolizer, and any random passerby wanted a glimpse at Rise Kujikawa. Except… no one had any idea if she was even there.

    There were at least four or five TV stations, not all of them from Inaba… their trucks blocking half of the Shopping District. It was not just the TV trucks because random cars were stopping all the time. It was no surprise, but a surprise still the same to see Dojima's partner directing traffic.

    "Who's that?" Yosuke asked.

    "It's the ace defective, my uncle's partner," Souji answered.

    Yosuke and Souji walked past to where the detective was waving traffic by.

    Adachi muttered, "So many people here, but no one's seen her yet."

    Souji asked the detective, "Adachi-san, what are doing here?"

    Adachi looked surprised, "Well… we don't have many police officers here. I got pulled to do the traffic," He continued, "There are so many people around, but it seems that she is not even here."

    "What!" Yosuke seemed mortified, "Rise isn't here!"

    Sucks for you, Yosuke

    The people who were coming out of the tofu shop at the moment seemed to have the same thoughts as Yosuke.

    Adachi shook his head as Yosuke and Souji walked away, Yosuke looking forlorn.

    Souji tried to cheer him up, "Well… let's at least get some tofu, okay?"

    Yosuke shook his head, "Go ahead… I can't stand tofu."

    You only want to go to a tofu shop for the girl, not the tofu… obviously.

    Yosuke started walking away, but not before he told Souji, "Tell me if you see Rise or you hear anything about her… okay?"

    Souji nodded, "Whatever…"
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    That's chappie 1. Don't know how much time you want between chapters, but if you want any clarification... just tell me.
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    Doesn't seem like anyone will be posting here soon, so if you want to post all of it you can or we can discuss between chapters, it depends on what you want to do.
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    Whatever you want... It takes me a few minutes to convert the stuff over from one place. I didn't double-check the grammar this second conversion, but I fixed some of it during the first conversion about five years ago.
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