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Discussion in 'MegaTen General' started by Fernaorök, Aug 25, 2019.
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    I'm thinking of starting the MegaTen series after I'm done with Fire Emblem, and I'm the kind of person who wants to know absolutely all the games that a series has, which are relevant and which aren't (for example, remade games, etc.), what's the best point to start, etc. I haven't found any beginner guide like this. I know MegaTen is less known than some other series, and it's longer and more complex, but even so I guess there must be some post somewhere explaining the series for a beginner.
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    It depends on how you want to get into the series.
    Since the series is very old there are games going back to the 80s - if you want to play chronologically you'd obviously start there. In saying that, not evey game has been translated into English (and not all have fan-translations) so if you don't speak Japanese you'll have to skip some games.

    Which consoles do you have? That could help for us to decide where you should start the series. The games are spread across many different platforms so there's no point telling you to start with a game when you don't have a console to run it.

    It also depends what you're interested in. If you want a story focused game I'd start with the Persona series; if you want a game more focused on gameplay I'd start with the SMT series.
    Those are the 2 main series. However, other games in the series have different genres which you may prefer - Strategy RPG = Devil Survivor series; Action RPG = the PS2 Devil Summoner games.

    For Persona, you should start with Persona 3 FES (PS2). It's not as refined as Persona 4, so if you ever decided to play Persona 4 you'll appreciate the changes made for player quality of life. If you want to jump into Persona 4 first, the best version is on PS Vita/TV; if you don't have either of those, the PS2 version is still good.

    For SMT, I'd recommend SMT: Nocturne (PS2). It marked a drastic change in direction for the series (for example, it is no longer a traditional RPG battle system and it's not a first-person dungeon crawler) that should appear to modern gamers whilst having fairly entertaining gameplay. The alternative game I'd recommend would be SMT: 4 (3DS) which has a similiar battle system but is a much more forgiving game - which should stop the difficulty putting you off the series. In saying that, I think Nocturne is a significantly better game.

    There's a series called Digital Devil Saga (PS2) - they have a similar battle system to SMT, except it also has a much greater focus on story/characters/etc. It could also help you get more familiar with the names of skills etc which should help ease you into playing Nocturne.
    The reason I don't have it at the top of the list is 1. I haven't beaten them myself yet; 2. They're much more obscure. In theory, they're the best of both worlds for priorities.

    Playing 1 or 2 of those Persona games should help you get familiar with the demons and skills of the series; this will help you get used to SMT: Nocturne which may be a difficult game to get into if it's your first one.

    I hope that's of some help.

    You can also check out this guide (from the /smtg/ general on 4channel's /vg/ board):

    I was pleased to see it says pretty much exactly what I was saying. A shame I didn't just look for it sooner :Seagal:
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    I should also say - welcome to our site!

    If you're planning on staying longer I'll be happy to check back to see if you've made any new threads etc.

    However, this site is otherwise pretty quiet because everyone else moved to the discord server. You'll be more likely to get a response from a variety of people if you post in there so I'd recommend joining if you have more questions.
    Here's a link (it expires in 24 hours, so if you miss it just let me know and I'll send another)