Nocturne Level 99 Before Forneus Run

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    I'm new to this site, so my introduction to this forum will be through this thread. I was watching the extremely recent cybershell video on a guy who got to level 99 in Final Fantasy 7's Mako reactor, so I decided I wanted to do that myself but with Nocturne and Shinjuku medical center before beating forneus instead. I hope you all will cheer me on as I make this run.

    Q:Are you doing this on a legit PS2 or Emulator?
    A:Emulator, I unfortunately don't have a PS2 on me but I do have a PC, naturally savestates and speedups are banned since they go against the spirit of the run.

    Q:Why nocturne specifically and not IV Apocalypse or Strange Journey?
    A:I thought Nocturne would be the most ridiculous of them, and its the one I'm extremely attached to.

    Q:Will you be doing Demifiend only or will every party member be level 99?
    A:Most likely only demifiend, but I might do the other party members if demand is high enough

    I will be posting screenshots and start either today or tomorrow, hope you enjoy seeing this!