P4 Golden How many hours did you spend on your first playthrough?

Discussion in 'Spin-offs & Old School Persona' started by Cemmos, Jan 16, 2015.
  1. bahamut920

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    60 or 70-ish on P4G, but I didn't get the true ending. Got that a year later on an NG+ run, which took... significantly longer than the first one. I think 100 hours. It had been a while since my last playthrough, so I didn't skip any cutscenes or Social Link dialogue so I could keep up with what I was supposed to do. I'm also really bad at playing games in any semblance of fast. I'll never speedrun anything. :P

    I remember playing Colecovision and Atari games with my father; Pitfall and Donkey Kong were personal favorites.
    My first computer was an 80286; it couldn't even run the One Must Fall demo or Warcraft 2 at full framerate, although Warcraft and Blake Stone (a Doom clone) worked fine.
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  3. The Phantom

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    I remember the Atari. I went over after school with a friend to play it.
    Our first computer... oh boy...
  4. SashaBraus

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    Ya old geezers.
  5. NeonOctopus

    NeonOctopus Member

    On Golden, about 82 hours with the Golden Epilogue
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