P4 Golden How did you handle your character's Persona?

  1. joshua minaya

    joshua minaya Member

    I've been playing for a while now, and one thing that I've noticed is that I've pretty much kept the same Persona for a good chunk of time...So yeah... I'm just wondering how other people approach their Person
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  3. Cemmos

    Cemmos Administrator Team Member

    I have virtually no strategy when it comes to which persona my MCs uses (not to be confused with no in-battle strategy). I just fuse, fuse, fuse, see what has good skills/stats, and stick with those for a while. Repeat the process as I start leveling and unlocking more persona. I would like to use a couple favorites, but they usually end up getting too weak to keep using, so I fuse 'em out.

    I tend to keep Social Links in mind more than which persona I'm using for battles. I like to get those S. Link bonuses to save time.
  4. usual i try to pass on the most usefull skills, though in golden shuffle time is so broken that i ended up with a jack frost that had medidolaon, mind charge and a magic stat of 40+ and that in the second or third dungeon
  5. Ridge

    Ridge Member

    I usually just bred so that I could have any elemental move available at anytime through Yu. This would usually require at least 2, but quite often 3 different Personas on call. So I just kept the strongest Personas of different elements handy.
  6. sorrowscall

    sorrowscall Member

    Unfortunately, I'm going to have to agree completely with you. I can't say I really focus as much on the persona as I do on fusing or social links. However, and this is probably since I'm newer, I do obsessively use a few favorites whenever I can for as long as I can; but usually it doesn't work out and I have to fuse them soon after.
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  7. Pug-ster

    Pug-ster Member

    Not much for the first few levels. I tend to try and look for a common weakness on the enemies at a certain floor, then stick with a couple of personas that have that ability. Later in the game though, I try to fuse the coolest looking personas (not the best choice, I know, but who can blame me?:oops:) and get them the best set of skills, making sure that I have the most attribute and spells available, made the game a bit easier for me, even though I was under-leveled a whole chunk of the time.
  8. KroganCharr

    KroganCharr Member

    Jack Frost lasted for quite a while. He has Mind Charge, Ice Boost, Bufula, respectable magic and no weaknesses (I fused him at his dedicated forecast so he would get Resist Fire). After I dropped him, I pretty much used whatever good I could get with my current ingredients- I do try to pass useful skills around, though. I also made sure to always have every element at hand.

    When I could get my hands on Tam Lin, that pretty much settled it for a while.
  9. Jybrael

    Jybrael Member

    For the beginning few levels I don't do much but focus on matching the weaknesses of my enemies by using something that is strong against them...as I get higher leveled I fuse together different personas to cover all the weaknesses I might have and to get the abilities that I want. I don't really have a proper strategy, just try to do what I can in order to win every stage..
  10. Jakkufurosuto

    Jakkufurosuto Member

    Talking about Golden

    How I use to play was fuse a persona with 4 elements, Sarsvati with multi-target, and then keep that persona for most of the game and use the other 11 spaces to fuse personas for the compendium and then when I get close to the boss, make one that's really good for that boss, Rakasha, Black Frost, etc.

    Then Hassou Tobi from Heaven to end game.

    What I found more enjoyable though was just fusing anything and everything while passing all the good skills possible and using whatever I had left or whatever was best at the moment as my main until I was full in my stock again.

    Being in Rise's dungeon with a persona with Mediarama, Divine Grace, and Megidolaon was fun.
  11. In Golden,I stuck to Black frost for the entirety of the game.
    Switched around frequently in P3P.