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    Please follow these rules when posting on our community forum and in comments around the site. We're fairly lenient here at Megami Fuse, but keep in mind that this document can be changed at any time, just as with our Terms of Use.
    • English is the only language we speak around Megami Fuse. Using your native tongue in the Private Message system is totally up to you, but anywhere your messages are public, English it is.
    • Be respectful. Not just to those that run the site, but to any member of Megami Fuse. Disagreements are fine, we're all people (we hope) and we all have differing opinions. Just don't resort to disrespectful behavior should you disagree with someone.
    • Swearing can be alright, so long as it's tasteful (I know, I know, is it ever tasteful?). Don't curse at people or use words in a derogatory manner, however. When in doubt, don't be a potty mouth.
    • Trolling. Eheheheh, don't do this, man. Come on. You know who you are. Stahp.
    • Advertising can sometimes be okay. Use your best judgement here. Don't register on the site, drop a link, and then bam, go away. Your post will be deleted and you might be banned. Instead, be a good guy and try to generate some sort of discussion if you're link-dropping your own website. If you're posting referral URLs or products... don't. 'Kay?
    • Politics and religion are a pretty big no-no around here. Unless it's in the context of a MegaTen game, get that ish out of here. Ain't nobody got time fo dat.
    • Spoilers. If you're going to post spoilers around here, we have spoiler tags for that. They don't always have to be used, especially if you post a new topic and it clearly states that it's a spoiler discussion. But if you're going to post spoilers in what's otherwise a spoiler-free area, use them tags, girl.
    Here's a link to the BBCode that can be used on the forum: cookies here. Otherwise, the toolbar you see while typing should suffice for just about everything. Spoilers are under the + button.

    Other stuff:
    No warez, pornography, or anything otherwise illegal or generally frowned upon.
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