Persona 4 Favorite P4 Songs?

  1. Demon_skeith

    Demon_skeith Member

    What is some of your favorite songs and OST used for the P4 series? Were they good enough to get as MP3s for your PC or player?

    I greatly enjoy the opening and ending song as well as many of the battle themes.
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  3. Jakkufurosuto

    Jakkufurosuto Member

    Reincarnation: Pursuing my True Self
    Arena:Missions Now I know
    Anime:Beauty of Destiny
  4. Brassy

    Brassy Member

    How Much?
    Sky Full of Stars
    Corner of Memories
  5. ArizonaPasha

    ArizonaPasha Member

    Heaven. One of a few game songs I have on my phone.
  6. heaven
    magatsu inaba
    i face myself 8bit