Persona 2: Innocent Sin Fans of Persona 2, assemble!

Discussion in 'Spin-offs & Old School Persona' started by Grey, Jan 18, 2015.
  1. Grey

    Grey Member

    Let's talk here about how awesome these games are.

    I, unlike many I've read, don't have a problem with how dated P2 feels. I think it's not only playable, but worth it. The story and characters are amazingly beautiful and it's interesting to play and learn about the roots of the Persona series.
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  3. Aladar

    Aladar Member

    I've actually still have to play Persona 2. How would you say it is story-wise? I've heard that it has a pretty "heavy"/intelligent and serious story, is that true? Because I'm always on a lookout for JRPGs that have a good, mature story without trying to be edgy (Persona 3, hi) or have tons of comedy relief in it that completely break the atmosphere (Final Fantasy 6, hi. :/).
  4. Jybrael

    Jybrael Member

    I love Persona 2 and have played it more than 2 times already. I still have the game disks as well as the roms for it on my laptop so if I don't take the game with me and I feel like in the mood to play the game I can play it with an emulator on my laptop itself. Its one of the best JRPG's I have played out there.
  5. Grey

    Grey Member

    I'd say that description sums up P2 nicely. Its story is seriously deep and very meaningful. I recommend P2 to every fan of this series.
  6. Aladar

    Aladar Member

    Well, the thing is, I'm definitely not a fan of the series (Persona, that is, not SMT), but the fact that I was told the story seems to be serious and deep is making me more likely to try it someday..
  7. Xenokitten

    Xenokitten Member

    I loved Persona 2. I have the playstation 1 version and the PSP remake and prequel also. I don't know how many people know this, but Persona 2 is actually a 2 part game. The one on playstation one is actually the 2nd half (or end) of Persona 2. the one on PSP is the first chapter of that story. You can also get the psone classic in the Playstation store. The one on PSP is called Innocent Sin. The one on PSOne is called Eternal Punishment. You should play the games in order: Persona 1 --> Persona 2 Innocent Sin --> Persona 2 Eternal Punishment. Personal 1 and 2 both have returning characters and storys/worlds. After that - 3 and 4, and 5, are all stand alone contained adventures with no crossover. but to get the full experience, if you like Persona 2, you should play them in the aforementioned order, start with 1, then Innocent Sin, then Eternal Punishment :)

    I loved the villain in 2, the joker. I also love playing as a female protagonist (Maya). I like also that it kind of has a moral and intellectual storyline dealing with bullying and rumors and how they can really hurt a person (career, relationships, etc). It had a lot more mystery and cliffhanger-y-ness to it too. The villain keeps his identity hidden and its really intriguing. Most the time I kept playing just trying to figure out who the joker was and what he really wanted.

    As for gameplay, I loved making contracts with the demons and recruiting them and being able to talk to them. I also loved that Persona 1 and 2 were very dark games which was very rare at the times of their initial releases. I highly recommend them. They are definitely more mature than 3 and 4. They are much more like the MegaTen series.
  8. Aladar

    Aladar Member

    Both parts came out on the PSX, the PSP versions are remakes. But yeah, you're right otherwise.
  9. Xenokitten

    Xenokitten Member

    Innocent Sin never got translated into English until the PSP version though, so for many americans (such as myself) we never got the whole story on ps1. The Persona 2 on ps1 that we got in america was the end of the story, Eternal Punishment.
  10. argilla

    argilla Member

    Persona 2, yeees! Perfect, let's talk about it! This is my favourite Persona series and I don't really feel it's dated? I mean, yes, you can tell it's an older game but it has gameplay and story mechanics that I think ages well so I don't think the older-style of the art and gameplay will be a problem.

    I also, admittedly, like the artwork of Kazuma for both the characters and persona better than Soejima. I think Persona 4 benefits from Shige's style because it's such a HAPPY! and BRIGHT! series despite the murders so Soejima's smooth character style fits it better, but for Persona 3, I think I might have preferred Kazuma. I think Kazuma's art style was unique and fit the themes of the Persona world better.

    But also, I think Persona 2: Innocent Sin has the best utilized and best developed characters in the series. One of the things I kind of dislike about Persona 4 is that individual character development is pretty much separated from the plotline. I mean, there are some development incorporated into the actual story but mostly, the social links are more for opening up new Persona than anything needed by the story. Which was something I really liked about Persona 2, that it was essentially their story except there were also these other things happening alongside them. They grow and develop and the plot mechanics show that. I also loved that everyone was pretty much a Wild Card. I understand the reasons for limiting it to one character but demon contracts was one of the most interesting and entertaining gameplay aspets in Persona and it was phased out...

    The patch was extremely popular though, right? I think casual gamers wouldn't know about it but any game who so much as looked it up online would have known about Innocent Sin and the patch about it. Tatsuya is the core of the duology after all, and he's what Innocent Sin and Eternal Punishment are pertaining to. I love that Maya became the main character in EP, that she's both an adult and a woman, but her becoming mute was the worst part of EP. She's such a bubbly, expressive person and not having to see that apart from dialogue options is probably one of the major reasons why I like IS better,
  11. Xenokitten

    Xenokitten Member

    I had actually never heard of the patch :) I'm sure there are other fans of the series who never heard of it either. I played EP back in the 90s, and then moved on / forgot largely about P2, as P3, and then P4, came along. so I had actually not googled or looked up any info about the title back in 2008 when the patch was released as I was busy with other games (I googled just now to see when it had come out). Most of the translation blogs I subscribe to for updates only focus on visual novels and otome games, so I missed the news of this one :). Guess Innocent Sin (on the Psone) is not as obscure as I had thought.