Nocturne Does anyone else feel bad about how you treat demons?

Discussion in 'Shin Megami Tensei Series' started by KroganCharr, Feb 9, 2015.

Do you feel bad about how you treat your demons in Nocturne?

  1. Yes, but it doesn't affect how I play the game.

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  2. Yes, and that sometimes affects how I play the game.

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  3. No, because there is no reason to feel compassion for demons.

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  4. No, but there are some demons that I treat better because I like them.

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  5. No, because I don't care about roleplaying.

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  6. I'm not sure.

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  7. Krogan, stop worrying about pixels!

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  1. Jakkufurosuto

    Jakkufurosuto Member

    Aren't pixels only in sprites, not models?
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  3. KroganCharr

    KroganCharr Member

  4. Androu1

    Androu1 Member

    I don't. Fuck 'em. Most of them are dicks. Except Jack Frost, he's alright.
  5. Damien Lee

    Damien Lee Member

    Yes, especially if it's a demon that has positive attributes. I believe the SMT & Persona series are deeply steeped into occult and mythological lore of our real and metaphysical worlds. Demons, as well as angelic beings can be either good or evil. We often think that demons are evil and angels are good but that's not necessarily true. Ask any spiritualist or occultist, or read books on the matter and you'll see what I mean.

    Anyway, I use my common sense of how I treat demons within any of the SMT's or Personas. I'm glad that the games are designed with this in mind. :)
  6. mrkapow

    mrkapow Member

    I haven't played nocturne however as long as your not hurting real creatures. ...

    its just a game

    but the fact that you feel this ways leads me to believe that you are a good person.
  7. DeremKorgan

    DeremKorgan Member

    In pokemon you take cute magical creatures from their natural habitat, seperating them from their family and homes, and make them battle their own kind for your own pleasure. when they are not battling you put them inside a small prison that you carry around everyday.

    so yeah. lol.
  8. Morgana

    Morgana Member

    If I were to worry about everything I do in game, good grief... I don't think I'd play any game. Maybe animal crossing.. wait no maybe not that either. lol. I think sometimes its best to just not think too much about it. For the best.. right?
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  9. ClicheanimeAmerican

    ClicheanimeAmerican Moderator Team Member

    No, because some of those guys are real jerks
  10. The Phantom

    The Phantom Member

    Depends on the demon...
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  11. ClicheanimeAmerican

    ClicheanimeAmerican Moderator Team Member

    Naw, they are mostly all evil jerks of injustice and deserve to sacrificed or fused.