Shin Megami Tensei COMP prototype

  1. just for fun, build from crap i had lying around my room
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  3. Jakkufurosuto

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  4. Cemmos

    Cemmos Administrator Team Member

    Seems legit!
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  5. sorrowscall

    sorrowscall Member

    Seems kind of cool. Seems relatively believable too with a bit of mixed editing in there. Could be more so with maybe a bit better lighting and less grain in the pictures. However, the grain also makes it seems a bit more realistic. Like those "ghost" sighting fake pictures all over the night surfacing around places.
  6. Aladar

    Aladar Member

    Someone actually made a homebrew program that looks like the ones in the (later, mostly) games, but I can't find the link right now. I think it was for 3DS..
  7. Jakkufurosuto

    Jakkufurosuto Member

    A real COMP
  8. "it´s soo bad"
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  10. SashaBraus

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