Can we discuss, and post, fanfiction?

  1. ArizonaPasha

    ArizonaPasha Member

    Since this is a fan site, I was wondering about the site rules for fanfiction. Can we post them, can we link them or discuss them?
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  3. Cemmos

    Cemmos Administrator Team Member

    Oh, for sure! Just post 'em where it seems most appropriate. As there become more posts and topics about fanfics, it's entirely possible I'll open up a section for it specifically.
  4. crunchy cat

    crunchy cat Member

    o.0 For some reason I have never thought of looking up SMT fanfictions until this post. Where has my brain been all my life. Now im off to pursue the web for reads. Peace. :)
  5. sorrowscall

    sorrowscall Member

    You know, I don't there'd be a problem with that. I'm sure there's probably an appropriate place for it around here somewhere. It's definitely worth looking into and then posting if you do find a place to post it. Good luck with finding the correct area and I bet it's a really gripping story to say the least! Crunchy Cat is right,, never did think to look up SMT fanfictions.
  6. The Phantom

    The Phantom Member

    I'm kind of jumping in on the old topics. Probably best if there was a section if you want to see stories (depending on the length allotted per post). I could probably just move my awful works there (I don't try as hard on my grammar as I do in real life). Well, I do have one or two finished works, and about six unfinished ones I was side-tracked from finishing. Depends on what you want to see.
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