Persona 3 Best Girl (P3)

Discussion in 'Spin-offs & Old School Persona' started by Rise, Feb 15, 2016.

Who is Best Girl?

  1. Aigis

  2. Elizabeth

  3. FeMc

  4. Fuuka

  5. Mitsuru

  6. Toriumi

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  7. Yukari

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  1. Brassy

    Brassy Member

    It's wierd how FeMC is first place.

    It's like fucking yourself, you know?
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  3. Jakku

    Jakku Member

    did @SilverHiiragi not vote?
    I expected at least one vote for the teacher
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  4. Kyojo616

    Kyojo616 Member

    I mean, when you masturbate you are essentially fucking yourself.
  5. Brassy

    Brassy Member

    I'm glad you're into roleplay.
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  6. Jakku

    Jakku Member

    I'll join if its erotic
  7. Brassy

    Brassy Member

    He's (female) minato.

    It's about as erotic as you can get.
  8. Kyojo616

    Kyojo616 Member

  9. Ayanami

    Ayanami Member

    F(MC) Junpei is so much better than MC Junpei. Too bad for everyone.
  10. SashaBraus

    SashaBraus Moderator Team Member

    FeMC is tied with Elizabeth, not in 1st