SMT: Persona Best battle theme?

  1. BlazinBarrel

    BlazinBarrel Member

    Even though I don't really care for Persona 1 I'd have to go with Lone Prayer as the best theme. 2nd place would have to go with Time to Make History from P4 Golden along with Last Surprise from Persona 5 as 3rd place. What are your favorite themes personally?
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  3. ClicheanimeAmerican

    ClicheanimeAmerican Moderator Team Member

    Mine go

    Then of course some final boss themes as well
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  4. Carryduffp

    Carryduffp Moderator Team Member

    I don't know about best boss/special battle theme, but my favourite Persona standard battle theme is

    I actually am not a fan of Mass Destruction, but the guitar riff played alongside the rap section is great - unfortunately you then have everything else.
  5. If only Persona series is involved then these three stand out for me the most