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Check out the newest edition of the Atlus Annual Survey: The questionnaire asks a series of demographic questions, and interestingly, about the direction you would like to see the Persona series go into. Q24: Which genres do you want the Persona series to explore in the future? 7 possible choices consisting of: RPG Rhythm game Fighting game Simulation [i.e…. Read more

Persona Live Stream starts now!

The 30-hour Persona Live Stream has started in Japan, so for you night owls out here in the west: get to watching! Or maybe not just yet, the good information will come later on. To see the program schedule, check out one of the topics posted on our community forums. View the live stream here:… Read more

Persona live stream coming up on February 4th

According to the Japanese Persona Hub, we’ll be seeing plenty of Persona content in a live stream taking place on the 4th of February. The live stream will feature various content pertaining to the Persona series, aimed at both long-time fans and those new to the series alike. There are no specifics as to what… Read more