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Welcome to the velvet room

This place exist between dream and reality, mind and matter.   ATLUS has released some Persona 5 artwork of the Velvet Room attendants and of course The Mighty Long Nose himself, Igor. Justine and Caroline Twin prison guards that accompany Igor. They both look the same, and each wears a solemn eye patch on one… Read more

Persona 5 European Release Date Revealed

Persona 5 will release in Europe for the Play Station 3 and PlayStation 4 on the same date as it’s American counterpart, 14 February 2017. According to Gematsu, there will be 3 editions of Persona 5 available to pre-order. “Take Your Heart” Premium Edition (€89.99 / £79.99) Persona 5 for PlayStation 4. Soundtrack: A selection… Read more

Persona 5 Premium Event Countdown

A countdown to a Persona 5 premium even run by Atlus has appeared on the Persona 5 website. A ‘takeover advertising campaign’ is being run by Niconico in support of the event, scheduled for July 19. According to Gematsu: The left side of the takeover, which features the protagonist, reads “Take the treasure from the Tokyo… Read more

Atlus partners with Deep Silver to publish for European gamers

With Atlus being acquired by Sega, we knew that Sega would be publishing Atlus’ games in North America, but that left out Europe. Deep Silver today announced that it would be publishing Atlus titles such as Persona and Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse in Europe. Physical copies will be part of Deep Silver’s publishing duties,… Read more

Persona 5 May Get Japanese Audio as DLC

Atlus USA’s Public Relations Manager John Hardin, has announced on Twitter that they are “looking into the possibility of JPN vo as DLC”. Persona 5 has been confirmed to only be shipped with an English voice over in the West, however it appears fan requests have made Atlus consider the possibility of giving players the… Read more

E3 Persona 5

Ah, here is what the hero anticipated, some sweet Persona 5 info at E3 and here we got our 1st douse through twitter, I will update this article as more info arrives citizens. Thank you LIVE on #Periscope: Persona 5 demo — Douglas (@DouglasSenpai) June 14, 2016 3 minute off screen demo courtesy of… Read more

New Persona 5 Story Information Released

Atlus has released story and character information, as well as dungeon details and screenshots. Gematsu has provided a translated version of this Japanese press release. ■ Story “If I protect the woman from the man harassing her, the man will get hurt and press charges.” Whether it was for a small sense of justice, or… Read more

<3 Gimmie your hearts~ <3 (Persona 5 Release Date)

Because Valentines Day, the day for love, is also the day the Persona 5 crew will have to deal with the Heart Thief. Yes, you read right: on February 14th 2017, Persona 5 comes to North America at the cost of $49.99 on PS3 and $59.99 on PS4.  Hey, are steelbook cases your thing? If so,… Read more