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Persona 5 ‘R’ New Project

No details regarding this new project have been shared aside from new info to be announced on March 2019 and the PlayStation as its platform, per the Sony intro. Persona 5 R website

All of the Persona Q 2 trailers so far

With the Japanese release of Persona Q 2 : New Cinema Labyrinth drawing closer,here are all the trailers so far that has been released and been put into a playlist by Atlus. Persona Q 2 : New Cinema Labyrinth will be released on November 29th,2018 in Japan. No official word yet if the game will… Read more

Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night and Persona 5 Dancing Star Night

Atlus has been releasing character focused trailers for Dancing Moon Night and Dancing Star Night,here is a compilation of all it so far! Yukari and Ryuji Junpei and Ann Aigis and Makoto Mitsuru and Yusuke Akihiko and Morgana Fuuka and Futaba Ken and Haru   Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night and Persona 5 Dancing Star… Read more

Persona 5 the Animation PV 1

Thanks to Twitter User Moetron, we get our 1st look at the P5 anime, as well as the name to our main man Joker, which is Ren Amamiya. Persona 5 the Animation PV. The protagonist in the anime is officially named Ren Amamiya. It is scheduled April 2018 (A-1 Pictures)#ペルソナ5 — moetron | pKjd… Read more