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Check out the newest edition of the Atlus Annual Survey: The questionnaire asks a series of demographic questions, and interestingly, about the direction you would like to see the Persona series go into. Q24: Which genres do you want the Persona series to explore in the future? 7 possible choices consisting of: RPG Rhythm game Fighting game Simulation [i.e…. Read more

TMS #FE Limited Edition coming west

Nintendo has announced the Fortissimo Edition of TMS#FE is coming out west. In these special editions you will find the following. A copy of Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE for Wii U Special box 5×8 color art book Six-song soundtrack CD and song cards Sticker sheetDownload codes for all five sets of planned downloadable content – all will… Read more

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Arrives

Hope you’re ready to put on a Perfomance! TMS#FE is coming to give a concert in the west on June 24th, so get ready for idols and icons to come this way!