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Persona 5 Livestream here on Megamifuse

Today ATLUS USA is having a Twitch live stream of Persona 5, that you can watch here on Megami Fuse, but until then here is a game play trailer. It shows off some of the mechanics, such as fishing.     Watch live video from AtlusUSA on

Watch Persona 5 Livestream

      Watch The Persona 5 Event here on Megami Fuse. ATLUS Countdown Nico Nico Twitch WounLive: Watch live video from WounLive on More links will be added as the Livestream draws near.

SMT IV: Launch Edition

If you pre-order or grab a Day One Edition of Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse, you’ll receive three metal pins. These pins will represent peace, anarchy, and Dagda’s mark respectively. Apocalypse is set to release in Summer 2016. Original article on Gematsu

TMS #FE Limited Edition coming west

Nintendo has announced the Fortissimo Edition of TMS#FE is coming out west. In these special editions you will find the following. A copy of Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE for Wii U Special box 5×8 color art book Six-song soundtrack CD and song cards Sticker sheetDownload codes for all five sets of planned downloadable content – all will… Read more

[RUMOR] Persona 5 Release window?

According to the blog Ore-No-Web4th, a website that has accurately leaked information in the past. Using fog to mask the truth, they try to be discreet in leaking information out to the public. Here’s the list: Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End — May 10, 2016 Dragon Quest Heroes II — May 27, 2016 Super Robot… Read more

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Arrives

Hope you’re ready to put on a Perfomance! TMS#FE is coming to give a concert in the west on June 24th, so get ready for idols and icons to come this way! 

SMT IV: Final Sells 73% Of Its Initial Shipment

Earlier this week, we at Megami Fuse mentioned that Shin Megami Tensei IV: Final had sold 96,349 copies since its release. Unfortunately, Siliconera revealed that those sales represented 73.28% of the initial shipment, and that Final’s sales failed to match its prequel. Could this affect the future of Shin Megami Tensei? Comment below and let us know