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Check out the newest edition of the Atlus Annual Survey: The questionnaire asks a series of demographic questions, and interestingly, about the direction you would like to see the Persona series go into. Q24: Which genres do you want the Persona series to explore in the future? 7 possible choices consisting of: RPG Rhythm game Fighting game Simulation [i.e…. Read more

Hate To Break It To You Kid – You’re Dead.

Some people have trouble waking up in the morning. Nanishi? Well, the Hero from Shin Megami Tensei: Apocalypse has trouble waking up to life. Angels vs. Demons and familiar faces. The world is flipped upside down. All you know is that you are alive… for now, but will you stay that way? Preorder to play SMT:… Read more

Are You A Retail Hero!?

Does life have you down? Well, Atlus has a solution to give yah a little boost.   Introducing: Retail Hero Armor courtesy of Best Buy. Annihilate demons in style. To become a Retail Hero, you have to preorder the upcoming SMT: Apocalypse. The game is bound to be difficult and test your strength of heart. So, how… Read more

Sega Is Publishing Persona 5!

What does this mean? What will they do to the Shin Megami Tensei franchise!? Well, nothing much. GameInformer cites that Sega guarantees that only the publishing will be changed. “Essentially, nothing from the end-user point of view is changing. The Atlus brand will remain intact and visible. Sega says that it and Atlus will still act independently.” Still,… Read more