Welcome to Megami Fuse!

Hey everyone, Cemmos here. Welcome to the first official opening day of Megami Fuse, a fan site dedicated to the Shin Megami Tensei series of video games and its spin-offs. Megami Fuse was created when I noticed that after several years of wanting a dedicated fan site, there are very few in existence today; just as it was years ago. While we do have some awesome fan communities out there, I don’t believe I’ve ever personally seen a website built specifically for this series — with custom design, features, and passion to boot.

Some of our goals here are:

  • to provide a mature and active, community-focused website for the MegaTen series
  • to keep MegaTen fans up-to-date on the latest news of their favorite games
  • to build a bigger and progressive SMT fan base; MegaTen games are great. While they’re fairly popular in the west, we’d like to be able to get these games in the hands of more unknowing gamers.

Some of our site’s features:

Megami Fuse will be constantly upgraded to suit the needs of its awesome community. Most of our features reside on our community forums, which are powered by the XenForo forum software. Some of the features of this software include,

  • An alert system, keeping you in-the-know with what’s happening around the community
  • An activity streams and personal profile, where your account’s information resides
  • Privacy settings. Don’t want outsiders seeing certain aspects of your profile or even your entire profile altogether? Hit up your account settings and select your privacy settings to suit your needs
  • A buddy/follower system, which works great with privacy settings. Let your friends see your information — lock out everyone else
  • The ability to upload your own avatar and profile cover. Profile covers are similar to those you may have seen on Facebook or Twitter

And the most important aspect: discussion forums. Talk about the latest and greatest MegaTen rumors, or take a nostalgia trip and post about older titles.

Like to help?

At Megami Fuse, we’re completely open to suggestions. Are there things you’d like to see added to the site? No honest suggestion will be frowned upon, so just hit up the forum and suggest away. Particularly for those that join early, you’ll be a major part of what molds Megami Fuse and how it heads into the future!

As it is at the time of this writing, I’m the only staff member of Megami Fuse. I maintain and update the server it’s hosted on, I designed its website and will maintain its upgrades, and I handle any costs related to running the site. Because of this, I’m always actively looking out for potential help via the forums. If you’re an active member and really enjoy the website, I’d really like if you joined the team to help out with either moderating the forum or posting new articles on the website. Please note, however, that this is a not-for-profit website and as such, all staff members, now and in the future, are volunteers.

Let’s get you signed up!

To move forward, we need your help. Megami Fuse will needs active community members that are willing to participate in discussions. To sign up, either press a log in / sign up button you see anywhere around the site, or click here to register. Once you’ve signed up, please feel free to introduce yourself and start posting around.

See you on the forum!



Hope this site will do great and attracts a large amount SMT and Persona fans.


Finally a fab smt site.

I will be here often.

thank you.

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