SSL Activated Site-wide

As part of the ever ongoing improvements of Megami Fuse, I’ve activated SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) across the entirety of the site, including the front end and the forum side. You should now be seeing a green lock next to the URL on any page you visit.

green-lock-sslHTTPS is an important aspect of websites, particularly when they allow user registration or downloads. And while it’s not the most important aspect, it does also give a very slight increase of site visibility through search engines like Google; one company which stresses that every website should be running securely on the world wide web.

Because we’re gamers, we like getting the best scores, right? Megami Fuse strives for that, while gaming or not:


SSL Labs A+ Rating

Nothing on your end should change, other than possibly the peace of mind that comes with being part of a more secure website.

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