Megami Fuse in Need of Foot Soldiers

Hey everyone!

Most of you awesome people already know — I’m currently the only person running Megami Fuse, and while I do keep an eye on it, I haven’t been the best at keeping the SMT articles rolling.

With an entire year under our belt, it’s about time to make this place the go-to source for all things Shin Megami Tensei-related. What this means, is that I can no longer continue doing things just on my own. I need your help to make this place flourish the way that it should, the way that we all know it can.

We’re some of the biggest nerds fans of the series and its spin-offs, so it’s about time to show it.

Here’s what we’re looking to do in the very near future:

  • Bust out articles on the front page
  • Generate more activity outside of the awesome Spam is Delicious topic
  • Add to the History of SMT page, which I’ve severely slacked on
  • Get members from within the community promoted to writers/moderators
  • Eat the hearts of our enemies, because we’re clearly on the side of chaos
  • Tiny design changes
  • Spread the word about Megami Fuse with more rigorous, and tasteful, advertising
  • More, as thoughts come to mind and suggestions are added

To be able to do most of this, I really can’t do it on my own. The website currently generates negative income (lel), so all of us would need to be volunteers. Whatever free time you may have to spare, if you’re willing to help out, would be highly appreciated. Maybe it’d be rewarding on some level, knowing you’re a top voice in one of the most awesome video game series made. You’ll have a forum “badge” noting your modship.

Don’t worry, you wouldn’t need to learn how to code or do any of that nonsense. I run the server, I set up the site, I designed it, and I plan on continuing that for years to come. I’ll, of course, not drop out of writing articles; in fact, I’ll try and get more put out myself because it only really sets a good example.

What I will need help with is some of the other things listed in the bullet points above. Articles, I believe, will be the most important aspect to getting the site more active and more people joining, so that will be the #1 priority.

For potential writers/mods: You know the forum system we use, the fantastic XenForo software. If you didn’t know, we run WordPress as the home page and its tools make writing simple and straight-forward.

Without keeping this announcement too long, here’s a few things we’ll need from our volunteers:

  1. By now you’ve realized this place is relaxed. I hate banning people, I don’t like drama, and sometimes it’s a bit of a free-for-all in the Spam is Delicious topic. While everyone should follow the rules, moderators need to be diplomatic and not power-hungry. Nobody wants posts being deleted randomly, nor do we want a hostile environment for members. ‘Cause it doesn’t help anyone. Be chill, make jokes (or don’t), and be respectful of differing opinions.
  2. I’d like writers to be able to put out at least one article a week. This won’t be a strict rule, we only have so much time to volunteer and it’s understandable that life happens. Articles by no means have to be lengthy, but they can be, if you so choose. Most of what we want on the front page is news (new SMT game coming out, some exciting event happening (most likely in Japan), new patch or DLC for a game, and so on). Editorials/opinion pieces are highly welcomed, but we’ll have to see if those are best off in their own section of the site, or maybe the forum itself.
  3. Activity is important. Showing people that you’re around and not dead in a ditch is great.

If you believe you can fit this role, awesome! Please express your interest either here or via private message with me. Keep in mind that expressing interest does not guarantee a spot on the Megami Fuse Team, it’ll essentially come down to those that can get the job done. I also can’t promote everyone, as a site full of Team Members just looks bad while the membership count is low. The more people we start seeing, the more team members we can get on board.

Time to get things rollin’!



I’d like to write articles about SMTIV Final once it comes out since I’ll definitely be grabbing it once it releases in NA and I’ll be playing it extensively as long as the map isn’t horrendous. I’m free during weekends usually and I’ll try my best to garner more members for this forum.


I was the first ‘most popular content’ around, of course I’m interested in helping out my adoring fans.

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