Colored Usernames Now Available on SMT Discord!

Last February, we launched our official Megami Fuse Discord Server. Today, after a few suggestions to do so over the past week or so, we’ve decided to add the ability to change your username’s color on Discord!SMT Discord Colored Usernames

As well, we have changed the requirement of username changes here on Megami Fuse from 30 days down to 1 day — so you can now change your Discord nickname once every 24 hours.

You can change your nickname/username here, through the community forum’s feature. This will automatically be reflected on Discord.

To change your Discord name color, simply navigate to your profile and head to the Join User Groups section.

There you’ll be able to select the color of your choice, and it will be reflected in real time across Discord. Keep in mind that you should join just one, otherwise the color higher up on the list will take priority if you don’t leave it. This is simply how the hierarchy feature works with Discord.

If you haven’t already linked your Discord account to Megami Fuse, that’s the first thing you’ll need to do. It takes only a moment, and you can do so by heading to the External Accounts page in the forum.

And, as always, if you have any questions, suggestions, or general feedback, feel free to drop your comments down below!


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