Colored Usernames Now Available on SMT Discord!

Last February, we launched our official Megami Fuse Discord Server. Today, after a few suggestions to do so over the past week or so, we’ve decided to add the ability to change your username’s color on Discord! As well, we have changed the requirement of username changes here on Megami Fuse from 30 days down… Read more

Megami Fuse Now Has Its Own Discord Server!

Welcome to the future, fellas. We held a poll to see if a Discord server would be appropriate for our community. After a looooong not-even-24-hours, with the Yes’s leading the way, I’ve gotten it implemented into our site. It’s not just a simple “go sign up on Discord and let’s talk there” concept. In fact, your… Read more

Push Notifications Now On Megami Fuse!

We now have push notifications on Megami Fuse, something members have been asking for due to us not having a native app or service like TapaTalk (yuck). When you visit the community forum, your browser may ask to send you notifications. If you’d like to receive them, Allow your browser to do so. Otherwise, you… Read more

SSL Activated Site-wide

As part of the ever ongoing improvements of Megami Fuse, I’ve activated SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) across the entirety of the site, including the front end and the forum side. You should now be seeing a green lock next to the URL on any page you visit. HTTPS is an important aspect of websites, particularly… Read more

New Forum Role: Contributor!

With the opening of the new SMT Games Database and Megami Fuse members’ interest in helping out with it, I thought it would be best to give some type of thank-you to those that do so! There will be more ways to earn the Contributor status on the forums than submitting to the Database Collaboration… Read more

New SMT Games Database!

Today, the Megami Fuse team and I are happy to announce that we’ve officially opened the Shin Megami Tensi Games Database. After a few days of coding and designing, we now have the template up and ready to be shown to the world. Bear in mind that since this database is brand new, there are… Read more

Username Changes Now Enabled

I’ve been looking to implement this since it was first asked, and here it is! Instead of sending me a private message to get your username changed, you can now do so through your profile settings. Your username can only be changed once every 30 days, and you must have been registered for at least… Read more

Help, Suggestions, & Feedback Forum Has Been Added

I’ve now added a Help, Suggestions & Feedback forum to the SMT forum. Here you’ll be able to make suggestions that might improve the website, such as new features, trophy ideas, forum re-arrangements, and more. If you think you have a great idea or two, please make separate topics for each suggestion to keep things… Read more